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Episode #60 - Friday, March 3:



Episode #60 - Friday, March 3:

- Celeste pushes Stefano away from her and says that she will not stand by and let Stefano ruin her daughter's marriage to Abe no matter what he threatens!

- Kate and Victor receive word that Basic Black has gone belly-up thanks to their latest coups - pushing Mimi and Austin to leave town and snagging three of their investors.

- Abe and Jack wonder why Caroline is so secretive about where she was the night of Tony’s murder.

- Bonnie snoops and try to figure out what Abe and Jack know about her as a suspect.

- Abby has a terrible nightmare involving Tony.

- Kate and Victor share a passionate kiss as they have a champagne toast to Basic Black’s downfall.

- Abe and Jack officially remove Mimi from the suspect list.

- Stefano mentions the name "Caprice." Celeste panics.

- Caroline witnesses the kiss between Kate and Victor and sets off for Shawn’s hospital room.

- Rex arrives at the Green Mountain Lodge, hoping he’s found Mimi!

- Jack worries more and more that Abby might be guilty.

- Sami wonders what Austin could be doing in Chicago and if he found Nicole yet.

- Roman and Anna bond over Carrie and what she is going through.

- Stefano demands that Celeste once again join him in his work against the Brady’s. She refuses. He reminds her what would happen if Lexie knew her secret. Celeste reluctantly agrees.

- Kate worries that her connection to Tony may ruin her chances with Victor.

- Sami realizes that she needs to stop the growing closeness between her father and Carrie’s mother.

- Abe and Jack inadvertently overhear Caroline’s conversation with an unconscious Shawn and learn that Caroline had nothing to do with Tony’s murder.

- Austin boards a flight from Chicago to Salem ready to tell everyone what he has learned from Nicole.


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