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Episode #61 - Monday, March 6:



Episode #61 - Monday, March 6:

- Sami continues to be worried about Anna and Roman's growing closeness.

- Abe is more sure now than ever that Tony's murderer is either Abby, Bonnie, or Kate.

- Basic Black's downfall begins to hit all of the papers and the media.

- Celeste worries what Stefano will have her do as part of his blackmail towards her.

- Phillip and Belle awaken and are devastated by the previous day's events. They recall how it was revealed Shawn is Claire's father by Laura Horton at their renewal ceremony.

- Jan mysteriously lurks in Shawn and Belle's apartment complex.

- Bonnie hatches a new plan that will change Maggie's life forever.

- Jack continues secretly communicating with Stefano.

- Lucas gets a message from Austin, asking him to gather Sami and Carrie.

- Belle and Phillip go across the hall and demand that Shawn give them Claire back. Shawn refuses, recalling how Mickey showed them the proper paperwork that proved Shawn could have temporary custody until the trial.

- Celeste gets a strange vibe from Maggie and predicts a terrible, terrible turn of events is about to affect her life. But she keeps this from Maggie.

- Jennifer begins to realize that Jack is most definitely keeping something from her.

- Lucas gathers Sami and Carrie into Carrie's apartment. Roman and Anna also join.

- Phillip is outraged and gets physical with Shawn. And Bonnie sees it!

- Sami realizes that she must break up Anna and Roman.

- Shawn tells Phillip that he will have Bonnie testify in court on his behalf and proof that Shawn's a better father if her has to.

- Sami panics when Anna grabs her and threatens to ruin her life is Sami is responsible for Carrie's unhappiness.

- Celeste predicts that many Salem citizens, including herself, are keeping secrets that will all be revealed in due time, and they will change lives in unforeseen ways and change them forever.

- Jennifer wonders if Jack could be having an affair.

- Phillip looks to his mother, Kate, for advice when he decides that he wants to play dirty to win custody of Claire.

- Austin arrives, and everyone eagerly awaits the truth.


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