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Episode #62 - Tuesday, March 7:



Episode #62 - Tuesday, March 7:

- Kate advises Phillip to use Shawn's badboy past against him in court.

- Bonnie vows to get Mickey back at any cost.

- Jennifer scoffs at her idea that Jack could be having an affair. But she decides to find out exactly what he is doing.

- Cassie and Max share a picnic in the park courtesy of Caroline, who thinks Cassie is getting Max better aquainted with Salem and helping him grieve the loss of Chelsea in a non-romantic way.

- Austin reveals to Lucas, Carrie, Sami, Roman, and Anna that Nicole confirmed Sami and Jan's story that Sami was NOT involved in blackmailing Nicole out of Austin's life, and it was all Carrie. Everyone is shocked, including Sami!

- Cassie and Max's picnic gets hot and steamy as they begin to have sex!

- Lucas tries to come up with a way to keep Sami and Austin apart.

- A devastated Carrie finds comfort in the arms of her parents when Austin tells him that they are over forever.

- Abby stumbles upon Max and Cassie. Max is horrified, as is, Abby. Cassie is pleasantly surprised to see that Abby has seen them getting hot and heavy.

- Bonnie calls Maggie and asks her to meet her for lunch.

- Sami breathes a sigh of relief as she correctly assumes that Nicole must have covered for her and realized what was going on back in Salem and why Austin was there.

- Bonnie sets forth a truce to Maggie, and Maggie falls for it.

- Jennifer follows Jack and is shocked to see him drive to the Dimera Mansion. Jennifer recalls how she found the number to the Dimera Mansion in Jack's pants a few weeks earlier.

- Austin tells Carrie that he wants her out of his life for good.

- Anna listens to Carrie's side of the story once again, and she is convinced now more than ever that Sami is lying. When Anna and Sami are alone together, they wage war against each other.

- Maggie quickly realizes that Bonnie is up to something. And she plans to get to the bottom of it!

- Phillip, Belle, and Shawn all end up in Shawn's apartment fighting over Claire. They all quickly come to a dead silence when there is a knock at the door, and the door flies open.....revealing JAN SPEARS!


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