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Episode #63 - Wednesday, March 8th:



Episode #63 - Wednesday, March 8th:

- Bonnie arranges it so Maggie thinks she is meeting Caroline and Alice for lunch at the Penthouse Grill.

- Shawn and Belle scream and Jan and demand that she leave immediately.

- Jack and Stefano meet. Stefano orders Jack to tell him what is happening in Tony's murder investigation.

- Lucas and Carrie are both disturbed when it looks like Austin and Sami will get back together, eventually.

- Bonnie dresses up in a waiter/bartender disguise and locks the real bartender in the janitor's closet.

- Jennifer breaks into the Dimera Mansion. One of Stefano's goons sees her on the surveillance camera.

- Sami brainstorms to try and come up with a way to get Anna back out of town.

- Shawn, Belle, and Phillip temporarily come together to try and force Jan out of the loft and out of their lives - knowing Jan is nothing but a threat to them and will be to baby Claire.

- Jack tells Stefano that either Kate or Bonnie killed Tony. He intentionally asks about Abby. Jack is shocked and commands Stefano to tell him if he knows the real killer. Jack asks Stefano if his daughter is the one who killed Tony!

- Bonnie sneaks behind the bar and replaces Maggie's water with a glass of straight vodka when she isn't looking.

- Anna shocks everyone, including Roman, Carrie, and especially Sami, when she reveals that she has sold her designs to Victor and Titan and will be staying her for some time to work with him.

- Stefano confesses that he genuinely does not know who murdered his son, but he hopes for Jack's sake and the sake of his family that it is not Abby.

- Bonnie escapes the bar as Maggie takes a sip of the drink and drops the glass in horror. She is shocked and appauled when she realizes that she has broken her sobriety after over twenty years.

- Shawn tells Jan he's reconsidered and he wants her to stay....because he's calling Roman and Abe and wants her arrested for his kidnapping and Victor's attempted murder.

- Once Jack leaves, Stefano recalls how he has Marlena and John captive at the estate in Maine and how Tek, Celeste, Cassie, and Jack are all working for him, some unwillingly, in his quest to ruin the Brady's.

- Stefano's goon sneaks behind Jennifer and knocks her unconcscious.

- Sami and Austin finally check their messages and receive word that Basic Black has gone under when they lost numerous accounts and investors to Kate, Victor, and Titan. They try, in vain, to contact John.

- Jan tells Shawn to go ahead and call the police. Jan tells Shawn that he CAN'T have her arrested. Confused, Shawn and Belle demand to know what she's talking about. Jan hands over a folder of documents. Shawn and Belle read it over and look up, horrified.


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