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February 28, 2007




At Salem University Hospital, Carrie sees Alan walk on to the hospital floor through her window. As he looks into her room, he sees her wave him in. After he slowly makes his way in, she starts getting upset, begging him to bring her baby to her. Alan tries to calm her down, reminding her that for one, CPS may have him by now. And two, her mental state isn’t the greatest, so he is doubtful that they would give her back custody after everything she has been through. He also tells her that with his history, there is no way anyone will give him temporary custody of any baby, much less hers. He probably can't even obtain information on the child from CPS because of his past so she needs to just let go of that thought entirely.

Carrie, through her medication, tells Alan that all she was trying to do was protect everyone. But a voice from the doorway tells her that it was not her call. When Alan turns around and Carrie looks up, they come face to face with Austin, who wants to know what Alan is doing there. He then asks him if he still remembers him telling Alan to stay the hell away from not only her but all the Bradys. Carrie tells Austin to leave Alan alone. She is convinced that he has changed for the better. Austin tells her if that is true, where is her child? That's right. Their child is gone.

She needs to stop being so damn trusting all the time. He doesn’t mean to say that to make her upset. Just to open her eyes. She knows that and Austin says he knows that too. Now, it’s time for Alan to leave. Austin stands up and faces off with Alan, with their noses not even an inch away from each other's. Carrie sees where this is headed and tells Alan that she is ok. He can leave. Alan gives Austin a once over, chuckles, and leaves silently as Austin watches him walk out, seething.

She then tells Austin she can’t believe he did that. Austin is trying to hold it in, telling Carrie that he has not changed one bit. And he can’t understand why she doesn’t see that. Carrie says he didn’t see what type of man he was in that cabin, taking care of her. He wouldn’t be asking that if he had. Austin responds by saying that she always demands that her family show her the utmost trust and loyalty but she apparently has no problem giving it to the man who raped her sister. She does realize that and says that he has to trust her.

Austin then says like he trusted her to be honest when she was carrying the baby. She grows silent as Austin sees what he has said has hurt her deeply. He bends down towards her once again, saying that all he is trying to do is get through to her. That man is dangerous and he still doesn’t trust the fact that he was working alone during that whole episode. Maybe, he tells her, if she was really with her mother, Anna, none of this would have happened. She silently agrees and then after a few moments, speaks up. She says that the last time she spoke with her was last August and that she has been on the run ever since then. She gets the occasional message but that’s it. She would really like to speak with her right now.

When Austin says he’ll call her, Carrie gives him the number and he dials. When he reaches someone at the hotel that she is supposed to be staying at, that person tells Austin that she hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Austin thanks the person and then hangs up. He relays the news to Carrie, who tells him how weird that is, but they both hope that she is ok.

-Back at the McCluer crime scene, half of the city is now standing outside the crime scene, and it's becoming harder and harder for the S.P.D. to keep order. Frankie and Greta now join everyone else and start talking about how they are going to pool their resources to find out who did this. Abe was walking back towards the house when he overheard this statement and pulls them over to the side. He then reminds them in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t need any John Steeds, Mrs. Peels, or any other super spies on this case. An entire family has been slaughtered and he and the department will find out who did it, why they did it.......and bring them to justice. Period. He then quickly walks off in anger as he leaves the group standing there looking at each other in silence.

As they watch Shane walk back into the house behind Abe, Jack turns back around and tells them that they are not dropping one damn thing. Two of the kids who came to him for help are now lying on gurneys........dead. Their lives will not have ended in vain. Billie, Greta, and Frankie shake their heads in agreement and then stand back and watch everything unfold.

Nearby, Celeste sees Alexandra slowly pacing back and forth, waiting for her father to say it's time to leave. When Celeste takes a step towards her to go up to Lexie, she spots her mother, turns, and walks right past her, not even acknowledging her. Celeste then has another feeling of dread and tragedy coming to Salem.

-Victor is stunned that Philip is not all that happy to see him. He thought he would be so grateful to know that his father is alive......unless he started getting drunk with power before he thought what was left of his body was cold. Philip says that he is so very happy that his father is well but he must understand that all that money and power is quite tempting. Victor tells him that one of his old mentors told him the same thing that he taught his two sons about being in any business.....

Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take.

Philip says that no matter what, he’ll remember that in the future. Victor tells him good. The name he has still wields scaring influence around the world and that is something that he should be grateful for. When Philip tells him that he can’t feel that way with Victor belittling him every chance he gets, Victor says he only does that because he doesn’t think he’s ready for this right now. The men in his family have lost so very, very much to be made men. His face is different and he lost a leg. That is a deep, personal loss that none of them can feel. But, in the context of a mafia family.....

What does it mean? So far, all Philip has shown is that it means treating the household staff and his wife like garbage. How does that garner respect from the men he hopes to lead one day? Philip says nothing. Victor tells him that in order for a man to kill.....or die for you, in this world, they must first give you total control of their lives. And they gladly will....when he has earned. But, not now. Victor walks away, leaving Philip standing there to say to himself, that he needs that kind of power, and he’ll have it........

No matter how he has to get it.

On the other side of the house, Roman slowly walks back over to Stefano and a now returning Victor. They both ask him what his decision is and, he says, for the safety of the people in this city, he’ll do what he has to do. And if that means making a pack with them....

Then so be it. Both men smile at each other and now no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

-A few miles away, James has slowly picked himself up off of the ground. He wipes his face of the tears but knows his life is over, no matter how anything turns out. He holds himself responsible for the deaths of his entire family, even though he had nothing to do with it directly. He also holds two other people at fault.....

Marlena.....and the MCF, who watches Marlena walk up to James and observes the angry exchange between them. James grabs her and asks if she is the one who killed his people and she says no. He tells her to wake up but she doesn’t know why he is referring to her by the name Marlena. Her name......

Is Samantha. Marlena is dead.

James can’t believe what he’s hearing but then notices the MCF has suddenly vanished. He asks Marlena where their boss went to, to which she can’t reply. James grabs her and starts shaking her, demanding to know what the hell is going on. Before he shakes her out of skin, Alan shows up and pulls James off of Marlena, asking where their boss is. James says ask her. She has all the answers, even if she can’t tell him what they are. Alan says he has issues that need to be dealt with and asks Marlena again where the boss is.

Marlena: I'm not Marlena. Marlena is gone. She isn't coming back.

James: What the hell? Marlena? What is...why are you saying that? Why did you say your name was Sam and...

Marlena: I'm not Sam. My name is Marcy. That is my name. Use it.

James (looking at Alan): What the hell? Why is she...

Alan: I think I know. I noticed her clutching her head when I got here. I also saw the look in her eyes shift. Before she said call her Sam and then, again, after that, right before she said her name is Marcy.

James: What are you saying?

Alan: I think it could be multiple personality disorder.

James look at Alan and then at a confused Marlena, wondering if what Alan is suggesting could be the case.

-Back at the crime scene, Stefano is about go get Lexie so they can leave when he notices something strange in the wooded area nearby. He slowly approaches it. The MCF is hiding. He then hears someone approaching but it's too late as Stefano has grabbed him. The MCF breaks free and pulls a gun on Stefano.

MCF (through a voice changer): It's not that easy. I should say you came closer then anyone else has to catching me.

Stefano: Returning to the scene of the crime I see. Not too smart. I like the voice changer. Clever. Theatrical, as well.

MCF: Thank you.

Stefano: So...did you kill those 4 people in there. I mean, they were on to you and it seems the family patriarch is involved in your scheme.

MCF: Well, you already know so much. What do you think?

Stefano: Haha...I don't know. It's possible you had one of your minions do it since you clearly can't be carrying all this out in your own. I don't think James McCluer Sr would do this so, maybe, Marlena. I hear she is in league with you. Did you take advantage of her poor mental state?

MCF: Enough. I don't have time to waste playing 20 questions. I can't be seen so it looks like the great Stefano Dimera will have to die. And, this time, I mean actually die.

Stefano: Oh, but don't you know, I don't die. So, tell me, why are you doing this? You first known act was blowing up Sami Brady's apartment. Then, you infiltrated by operation, as well as Kiriakis's. I also hear that you tipped the SPD, Hope Brady, and Caroline Brady off to Bo Brady and Victor Kiriakis's whereabouts when they were in hiding. Were you hoping for a massacre? Who are you targeting? The Brady's?

MCF: Too many questions. That is all for me to know and, sadly, for you not to find out. But, since you are so interested in my plans, I suppose I can give you a little hint of what I am up to. Just a small one that you can think about as you go to your grave.

Stefano: What's that?

MCF: I have something you want.

Stefano: What could you possible have that I...

MCF: I have something that you have been searching for...for quite some time.

Stefano: What...

MCF: Think, Mr. Dimera.

Stefano: I...have everything I want so...oh my...you have one of my children?

Stefano looks at the MCF and his face turns to one of terror.

Stefano: Tell me!!! Do you have one of my children?

MCF: I really must be going but you can think about my words on your way to hell!!

The MCF then pulls the trigger and fires two shots. Stefano is hit and falls to the ground. Everyone at the crime scene nearby hears the gunshots and races for the wooded area. The MCF goes over to Stefano, who is still conscious:

Stefano (whispering): Why....are you...for what purpose are you doing all...this?

MCF: I believe it's called a VENDETTA, Mr. Dimera. Something I would think you know all too well.

The MCF then races off after hearing people approaching. Victor, Roman, Abe, and Shane arrive first and are shocked to see Stefano lying there, bleeding. The MCF watches nearby, saying:

MCF: May you burn in hell, Stefano Dimera. One less problem for me to deal with.

The MCF snickers quietly as the screen fades out on a split screen of the MCF and Stefano lying on the ground.

On the Next Salem Lives...



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I am not liking Alan at all...he's a smarmy little something....

As always I see Victor always finding some sort of way to manipulate those he loves; and I somehow can sense that with his discussion with Philip...

The Marlena stuff gets tricky each time I read it...Marcy? I'm going to have to focus on this storyline a bit more.

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Don't forget Sam, Venus ;) .

The Marlena story and now Vendetta can be hard to follow but there are great payoffs and much drama ahead.

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I was just getting caught up and OH MY LORD I ABOUT DIED WHEN MARLENA SAID HER NAME IS SAMANTHA AND MARLENA IS DEAD! And then to find out she has DID and there is another personality named Marcy. I wonder if this Sam personality is like how Viki on OLTL had the Victor personality.....

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