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February 20, 2007




-At Billie's PI office, Jack and Billie are awaiting JJ and Angel's arrival for their meeting. They hope nothing has happened to them. JJ and Angel soon arrive and say they had a hard time finding the place. Billie tells them she thought it would be safer meeting at her office since it's new and not public. They all sit down.

Meanwhile, James has followed them to the office and is eavesdropping through a small crack in the door. He tells himself he needs to find out how much they know so he can protect them. He needs to protect his family at all costs and make sure that none of the people he is involved with learns that they are on to them.

Meanwhile, at the McClure house, Renee gets up to get a drink of water and runs into Jonathan. She asks why he is up. Jonathan says that JJ and Angel are gone and he wonders where they could possibly be at this hour on a school night. Renee isn't sure but given their behavior of late, she knows they are up to something and worries that it may have something to do with their father. Jonathan asks if dad has come home. Renee shakes her head and says she knows he came home breifly earlier but she never saw him and he left yet again. Jonathan comforts her and says it will all be ok. He tells her they need to fidn out what is going on with dad, JJ, and Angel as soon as they come home. It's time that the truth came out. Renee agrees.

-At the Brady Pub, Hope asks Roman and Kim what made Bo so upset. Roman, Kim, and Caroline all look at each other. Roman says that he doesn't think he should tell her. Kim agrees and says that it may be best for Hope to find out from Bo himself when he is ready. Hope looks at Caroline, who agrees, remembering how Bo was afraid of how all this would affect Hope and their relationship. A frustrated Hope tells them that she will just go out and find Bo but warns that if he doesn't give her anything, she will let up and will be back to ask them again. She will find out what is going on. Hope leaves.

Meanwhile, Bo is on the pier. With tears in his eyes and his rage apparent, he recalls what he remembered tonight and how Roman and Kim knew all along. He then throws a crate and breaks down in tears, looking up to the heavens and asking "Why??!!" repeatedly.

Back at the Pub, Roman and Kim ask Caroline if she can ever forgive them. Caroline tells them both that she loves them and they are her children but there have been so many lies. From Roman and Bo's ruse to this, it's too much. It's going to be hard but, in time, she can forgive them. She can't say the same for Bo and everyone else and, even if they forgive, they may never forget, just like she might never. Caroline points out that it is understandable they wanted to protect their brother but it was bound to come out someday. Bo was going to remember. They also could've told her, Shawn Sr, or even Kayla. Someone could've helped.

Roman explains they didn't want to put the whole ordeal on the family. Bo repressed the memory so they thought it best to leave it buried and give everyone one less thing to stress over. As time went on, it became easy because they both even forgot they were keeping the truth. Caroline looks down in shame and says she has had enough for the night. She hopes Bo will be ok and that they can get through this, together as a family. She is going upstairs to pray it all works out and that Bo comes home tonight safe. She tells them both to lock up when they leave and tells them to consider going out to look for Bo and bring him back to the Pub.. It's the least they can do. Caroline goes upstairs.

Roman then gets up as Kim asks where he is going. Roman says he is going to send some men out to look for Bo and bring him home before he does something stupid. Roman also says he needs to check up on the search for Marlena. Kim asks if there is anything she can do for Bo or Marlena to help. Roman shakes his head and says thanks. He apologizes to her for what they are going through. Kim says it was her idea and most of the blame falls on her. She is sorry she brought him into it. Roman walks back and takes her hand, saying they will get through this together. They both smile as he leaves.

Kim then looks at a Brady family photo of Shawn Sr, Caroline, herself, Roman, Bo, and Kayla. She breaks down in tears and repeatedly says she is sorry. She is then touched on the shoulder by someone and turns to see Shane looking at her. They then embrace as he tries to comfort her, telling her repeatedly that it's ok and that he is here for her.

-At Lucas's apartment, Sami hangs up the phone after just calling the SPD to see if there was an update on Will. She is really worried now and a hysterical mess, asking Lucas what could have happened to him. She tells Lucas she has had this awful feeling all night and is now frightened that Victor, Stefano, or even Alan did something. Lucas comforts her.

Meanwhile, outside, Will slowly walks up to the door. He wipes the tears from his face and eyes and tries to compose himself but can't help recalling all he has learned about the man he thought of as "Ace" and what he did to him on this night. Will remembers Alan's warning to stay silent or him and his family would suffer greatly. Will begins to tremble and cry but realizes he must compose himself before going inside.

After a few moments, he feels ready enough to enter and knocks on the door. Lucas answers it and is shocked to see Will there. Lucas yells out his name, causing Sami to jump up. Lucas embraces his son, asking if he is ok. Will silently nods and says he is fine. Will then comes face to face with Sami and, remembering what Alan put her through and what he has now done to him, then breaks down in tears while running into his mother's arms. Sami begins to cry too as Lucas embraces the both of them and they reunite as a family.

-Back at the Pub, Shane asks Kim what happened. Kim says she isn't sure she should tell him. Shane laughs and reminds her of all the years they have spent together and known each other. He promises her she can trust him. He admits to being worried about her lately as she has been lashing out alot and worried about something, like when Bo was at the hospital and she lashed out at him. He asks Kim if that has something to do with this and Kim nods. She makes Shane promise to keep what she is going to tell him a secret. He promises and she explains to him all about what Eric did to Bo and how Roman and her kept it a secret for years, with help from Bo repressing the memory. She explains how she and Roman were worried lately about Bo remembering with the memories and nightmares he was having and that is why she acted as she did.

Kim explains that Bo remembered tonight and Roman and her told her mother. Now they all hate her and, once more family and friends learn the truth, they will hate her too. Shane doesn't think that is true. She was trying to protect her brother. Kim isn't so sure people will sympathize. She should know better but going through what she did with Eric added to her motivation for keeping the secret. Eric hurt her real bad and she was ashamed. She didn't want Bo to go through that or to have to deal with it publicly, especially with him being a guy. She knows that pain so that was a contributing factor to her motivation, in addition to protecting Bo. She feels like she will become the black sheep of the family now.

Shane jokes and says that Sami or Chelsea may be that black sleep. Kim sarcastically laughs and says neither will be anymore. Shane says he has similar troubles and isn't sure if he will be forgiven. Kim asks him what he is talking about. Figuring she will know sooner or later as it's public knowledge, he fills her in on how he helped Carrie remain in hiding. He explains he knew Alan was with her but she claimed he changed and she wanted to do this because she had no idea who the father of her baby was. She did it to avoid huring Sami, Lucas, Austin, and others and she did it for her child. She didn't want her child to have all that tension around him or her when it was born. He fills her in on everything that has transpired with Carrie and how Roman, Caroline, Kate, Sami, Lucas, Austin, and Abe are all angry with him and probably will never forgive him. His job may even be on the line as a result as there is still no telling if Alan has really changed or if he is dangerous.

Kim conforts him and says she is sure he will be fine, job-wise and with everyone else. He did it to help Carrie because she asked for his help. People will understand in time. Shane isn't so sure. Kim laughs, saying they are in the same boat. Shane smiles and says he is glad he isn't in the boat alone. They smile at each other and tenderly embrace. Shane says they will just have to be there for each other through all this. Kim agrees and says she thinks she is going to need him. They both promise to stand by each other and again lovingly embrace.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Caroline is in her room, tearfully praying to God to give her family peace and to help them through this difficult time. She calls out to Shawn Sr to watch over their children and to bring Bo home safe and sound and to help him deal with what has happened.

-On the pier, Bo tries to fight back the tears and then gets up, wandering aimlessly around with no sense where to go or what to do. He then begins to throw crates around and grabs on to the pier railing. He looks down at the water as Hope yells out his name:

Hope: Bo!! You don't want to do that.

Bo: I wasn't going to jump.

Hope: I wasn't going to take any chances. (Looks at Bo and lovingly touches his face and turns it towards her) Bo...please. Let me in...let me help you. Tell me what is going on. I know that Caroline, Roman, and Kim know. I know something has been going on for weeks. (Looking at Bo, who is fighting back the tears and remains silent) Does this have something to do with those outbursts you had at the warehouse or in the hospital? DAMNIT BO!!! THERE HAVE BEEN ENOUGH LIES!!! You, Shane, and Roman lied to us for months because of that ISA operation and, just when things settle down, here we are again. I am trying to get something out of you AGAIN!! After all we have been through with Zach, the island, all the deaths, Victor and Stefano...BO, DAMNIT LET ME HELP YOU!!! TELL ME!! TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON!!!


Bo then runs off as Hope gives chase. She chases him to a warehouse district before losing him. She then leans up against a wall and crumples to the floor, frustrated and wondering what is happening to her husband. Tears roll down her cheeks as she asks herself, "Why won't he let me help him? Why won't he tell me what is happening?"

Bo is inside a abandoned warehouse. He runs into a back room and closes the door. He then slams his fists on a desk and breaks down in tears, saying:

Bo: I'm sorry, Fancy Face. I can't tell you...I can't tell anyone. It's how it has to be. Damnit...I can't live like this. I can't live knowing this...remembering this. How am I...the images won't get out of my head. How am I going to deal with this? HOW DAMNIT???!!! TELL ME GOD!!! TELL ME!! THIS HAPPENED TO ME AND I DON'T KNOW WHY SO THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS TELL ME HOW TO DEAL WITH IT!! HASN'T MY FAMILY BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH??!!! HAVEN'T I??!! WHY DID I HAVE TO REMEMBER?! DAMNIT...SO STUPID...I SHOULD'VE LEFT IT ALL ALONE. DAMNIT...WHY?! GOD...WHY?!! WHY??!

Bo, in tears, then crumples to the floor near the desk, repeatedly asking why all this has happened.

-Back at Lucas's apartment, Sami sits Will down as they both dry their tears. She asks him where he has been and what happened. Will says he just needed to get away for a bit. Sami asks if it was because of what she told him...about her rape. Will then snaps and says to stop with the questions alright. Lucas and Sami stare at him. Feeling uncomfortable and worried he will admit all, Will gets up and runs to his room. Sami and Lucas chase after him and learn he has locked the door. They repeatedly ask him to open up but he just lays on his bed, quietly crying about what happened and how he can't tell anyone about it.

Later, Sami has given up and then asks Will if he will at least answer them to make sure he is ok. Will says he is tired and wants to go to bed. Sami asks if he has eaten and Will lies, saying he has even though he is very hungry. Sami reluctantly gives up and tells Will they will discuss everything in the morning. She begs him not to run off again. Meanwhile, a crying Will continues to relive what happened and tries to close his eyes but can't. He keeps seeing Alan. He begins to tremble and prays that he can deal with this and that him and his family will be safe and protected.

Outside Will's room, Lucas tells Sami that he has the security and some of the neighbors they know in the building next store watching the fire escape in case Will decides to run again. The security in their building also knows to look out for him and to make sure they are informed if he tries to leave. Sami thanks him and asks Lucas what he thinks is wrong with him and where he thinks Will went. Lucas doesn't know but says he is really worried. Sami says she is too. The way he broke down in tears when he saw her...something isn't right and she is going to find out what it is. Lucas agrees they need to find out ASAP so they can help him if he needs it, before it's too late.

-Back at Billie's office, Jack and Billie are warning Angel and JJ of the danger they could be in if this MCF learns what they saw and that they are investigating him/her. They already know this person is a huge threat and very dangerous given what they did at the New Year's ball. Billie also mentions Marlena and how unstabile she was prior to her presumed death on the island and she could very well be unstabile now as she would never be involved with someone like this MCF if she was her normal self. JJ and Angel understand all that but they also know there is nothing to fear from their father, no matter what he is involved in. They know he will do anything for them and to protect them. Jack tells them he believes that is why their father is involved in this.

JJ and Angel asks Jack and Billie how they will protect themself. Billie mentions she used to be ISA and Jack says he has been in dangerous situations before. He adds that they will be fine but they urge the both of them to be careful and to protect the rest of the family too, without telling them what they know or that they are helping him and Billie. They agree to do all that. JJ and Angel thank them for everything. Jack and Billie say it's no problem and it's all part of what they do. They tell each other to take care.

Meanwhile, outside, James back away and hides when JJ and Angel leave. They enter the elevator and, as it closes, James comes out of hiding around the corner. Jack closes the office door so James knows he is in the clear. He sneaks past the door and is about to exit via the stairwell. He opens the door and is stunned to see....Marlena!!!

James asks her what she is doing there. Marlena explains that she was instructed to keep an eye on him and his family. Their great leader knows someone is on to them and is feeding Jack Deveraux and Billie Reed information.

Marlena: You should know by now, James. We are always being watched. Everyone in Salem right now that is of concern to what we are doing is being monitored. We need to be one step ahead of the game. No one can learn what we are up to or catch on to us. Unfortunately, some have. Action will need to be taken to prevent any more information from getting out.

James: So you are implying that my family knows what is going on? Mar...

Marlena: Oh please, James. Don't play dumb. Why else would I be here when you are? You know I know everything. Everyone involved knows. JJ and Angel saw us meeting in the park, which was a bad idea by our great leader in the first place but I digress, and they told Jack and Billie. All four have been working together and it needs to stop. The cloaked one is not happy and action is going to be taken.

James: Marlena...look. This is my family. You have children, a husband...let me talk to JJ and Angel. I will talk to my whole family. I will keep them quiet...maybe you can help. We can tell the others that it as a mistake and...

Marlena: Come on, James. No one will buy that. They saw it with their own two eyes. They know your kids saw us. They have been watching them for awhile now to make sure. They know your wife and middle child have no clue as to anything yet so, as of right now, they are in the clear, but JJ and Angel need to be taken care of.

James: What do you mean by "taken care of?"

Marlena: I don't know yet. Nothing has been decided. And if JJ and Angel tell your wife and your other kid, or if they find out something on their own, they will need to be taken care too. Just like anyone that gets in our way.

James: Marlena...you can help me convince them. You can help me protect my family. You love your family, don't you? You see where I am coming from. I don't want them to be in harm's way. I...

Marlena: It's not up to me and I would probably do the same thing if it was. Whatever is necessary must be done.

James: How can you saw that? I know you are a kind, loving woman. You have changed but I still think you are like that deep down. Are you saying you would be ok with someone you love being in danger? If they came after your children or husband, you would stand by and let it happen?

Marlena (coldly staring at James): Yes. Whatever is necessary.

James: Wow...you really are nothing like the Marlena I heard about. The Marlena that Salem adores...she is gone isn't she?

Marlena: I will just do anything to get what I want. I told you before that I am involved in this to further my own plans...to further my own agenda. As soon as I get what I want, I am done with this great plan we are involved in.

James: I still don't understand what you are up to...

Marlena: You don't have to. Just know...like I told you the morning after you got me out of that bar...I will do whatever it takes to get what I want. I will do whatever it takes to secure my freedom and to remain in the clear to do what I have to do. That means following instructions for the moment and I intend to do that because I must...if I want to do what I have to. No matter what I have to do. No matter who I have to hurt...family, friend, what. No matter what. No restrictions. Do you understand?

James (looking into Marlena's cold stare): I see evil in your eyes. Evil, hate...you really would stand by and let them harm someone you love, wouldn't you? You would actually do it yourself...hell, you almost did. I almost forgot you tried to kill your own husband and you stood by when it was decided to blow up your daughter, Sami's, apartment. Why I am surprised? I haven't worked with you that long but...from what I have seen, I wonder if you are even Marlena Evans. You can't be the same Marlena that is beloved by Salem. She wasn't evil and cold-hearted like you.

Marlena: Whatever. I am out of here beforev we get caught. Take care James and...a little warning. Don't get in the way.

Marlena then leaves via the stairwell as James looks on, horrified at what was just discussed and the danger his family is in. James leaves through the stairwell. After he leaves, the MCF comes out of a janitor's closet nearby. The MCF, while using his/her voice changer, says:

MCF: I should've known. I can't trust either of them. Good thing I never have.

The MCF then pulls out a knife and looks in the direction of Billie's office.

MCF: What must be done, will be done. Nothing will stop me. Nothing.

The MCF then puts the knife away and leaves via the stairwell as the screen fades to black.

On the Next Salem Lives...

Carrie to Austin: I remember...my baby is gone!!!

Kate to Alan: Have you really changed?

Sami (with Lucas) to Will: If something is wrong, tell us. Please.

Max to Cassie: I am here for you. I'm not going anywhere.

Abby to Chelsea: Get out. Leave me alone.

Jonathan to JJ: I want the truth.


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