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February 21, 2007




-It's a new day in Salem as Carrie opens her eyes at University Hospital to see Austin looking back at her. They both smile at each other as she asks him if he has been there with her all night. He nods and says there is no place he would rather be.

He asks if she is ok and she says she is fine but could use a glass of water. He goes to pour some and accidentally knocks over a medical chart left on her nightstand. It falls on Carrie's legs and she picks it up and glances at it. Austin, knowing the information that is on the chart, tries to prevent her from reading it but fails as Carrie reads the doctor's notes on the bottom of the chart that read, "Be alert for signs of depression and other mental health risks due to loss of child."

Carrie then recalls what happened the night she went into labor and how she lied about her baby being dead. She also recalls her asking Alan to find him and his informing her that he doesn't think he can. She realizes she was so upset fomr that news that she must have blocked everything out for awhile. Austin sees that she is upset and asks if she is ok. Carrie then tells him she remembers...her baby is gone.

-Outside Carrie's room, Alan is looking in on Carrie and Austin when Kate walks up behind him. She scares him when she comes up behind him and asks him what he is so curious about. He composes himself and says nothing. He is merely concerned for Carrie and he cares about her. She is the only one that beleives he has changed. Kate then asks if he really has or if he is playing some sick game to get revenge on those that made him suffer.

-At Lucas's apartment, Sami and Lucas are eating breakfast, worried that Will still hasn't come out of his room. He finally does a few moments later and Sami serves him some waffles. She asks if he is ok. Will, trying to keep his composure, nods and says he is still a bit tired. He had a hard time sleeping last night. Lucas asks if there is something they should know about. Will stays silent.

Sami begs Will to tell them if something is wrong. They may be able to help. She asks him where he was when he was missing for a day. Will says he just had to get away for a bit. He has had a rough time in school and he just got really shaken up when he learned about her rape. Sami says she knew she shouldn't have told him. Lucas says it's not her fault and Will agrees. Will tells Sami that it was just a shock and he is glad they finally told him. It's just that finding that out on top of everything else was too much and he needed to go somewhere and just chill. Lucas asks where he went and with who. Will clams up.

-At the McClure house, Jonathan and Renee are up and pacing in the kitchen. Renee can't believe how late JJ and Angel got in last night. It must have been after midnight as she never saw them return. Jonathan agrees and says that they need to figure this out as soon as JJ and Angel come downstairs.

Renee wishes James Sr was there but he is gone yet again. She is at her wit's end and can't take any of this anymore. Jonathan comforts her as JJ and Angel come downstairs and ask what's for breakfast. Jonathan says nothing is until mom and him get what they want. JJ is confused. Jonathan says he wants the truth right now. Mom and him deserve to know what Angel and himself have been up to.

JJ and Angel are speechless. Jonathan asks what they are waiting for. If they don't tell them, they will just find out on their own. Renee tries to calm him and tells JJ and Angel they deserve to know the truth and asks if this has anything to do with their father. Angel grabs JJ and takes him aside and, whispering, says:

Angel: Maybe we should tell them. They will find out sooner or later. Jon is not going to stop pushing and, at least by telling them, we can make sure they stay quiet to protect themselves.

JJ: Your right. This way, we can at least tell them in our own way rather then them finding out and everything getting twisted somehow. We don't want them to find out and so something stupid.

Jonathan: Come on!! Talk to us. Mom and I noticed your strange behavior of late. The secrecy, racing to answer the phone so we don't answer it, going out late and being gone for hours, hanging up the phone when one of us picks up and your own the line...your hiding something. Tell us!!

Angel (whispering to JJ): We have to tell them. He isn't going to give up on this. Who knows? Maybe they can help somehow.

JJ: Yeah, maybe. Your right. This is best for their protection and at least they will hear it from us the right away and not the wrong way and on their own.

JJ then tells Jonathan and his mother to sit down. Angel and him will tell them everything.

Meanwhile, in an alley near pier 6, James emerges. He looks at his watch and turns to see the MCF. James tells him it's about time. The MCF (with the use of the voice changer) tells him to shutup so they can get down to business.

MCF: Now...I hear you are not in agreement with an aspect of our plans.

James: I know that you know about JJ and Angel helping out Jack and Billie. Marlena told me you want to take some sort of action to silence them all but I don't think extreme action is necessary. I can talk to them and tell them to remain silent for their protection. If Renee or Jonathan fidn out, I can do the same.

MCF: I know you can, James. I have no intention of harming anyone in your family. In fact, I was counting on you to see to it that anyone in your family that knows anything about what we are doing, is kept silent. I am giving you one chance and any screwups will result in the most extreme measures being taken. Do you understand?

James: Yes. I am pleased to hear that. From the way Marlena spoke, I was worried about them and...

MCF: Marlena and I think differently. I am in charge so ignore her musings.

James: What about Jack and Billie? You aren't going to harm them, are you?

MCF: They will need to be dealt with. They are loose cannons and to smart for their own good.

James: They have families. Can't we just kidnap them or blackmail them or something? I don't want to see anyone harmed or worse.

MCF: That won't happen...yet. As long as range of knowledge in regards to us stays the same, there will be no need for those sort of measures. I have instructions for you. I need you to keep an eye on Jack and Billie and to report to me what you observe. This way we can be one step ahead and know if they are in line. Got it?

James:Yes. Fine. Uh...I am going to talk to my family first, though. I think it would be a good idea to make sure JJ and Angel stay quiet and away from Jack and Billie. I will also find out what my wife and other kid know and do what is necessary on that end. After that, I will put my focus on Jack and Billie. You have nothing to worry about.

MCF: I better not. I am glad we understand each other.

James: So am I and thank you for not rushing into doing something extreme. I am sure we can take care of all this without anyone getting hurt.

MCF: If all works out, then yes. Now...go do what you must. There is no time to waste.

James leaves. The MCF then pulls out a knife.

MCF: That bought me some time to take care of what needs to be. Ha...what a fool you are, James. Just because I may not cause harm to your family or Jack and Billie doesn't mean our friend Marlena won't to protect herself. Single-minded fool. As for me, I will watch closely and, if I feel it's necessary, I will do what must be done.

The MCF then walks off.

-Back at the hospital, Alice and Doug are visiting with Abby. Abby is depressed over her condition, which she feels is hopeless, and all that has happened with Cassie losing her baby and Max seemingly blaming her. Alice tells her to have faith that it will all work out. Abby says she isn't so sure she can have faith anymore with all that has gone on in her life recently.

Doug reminds Abby that her mother and so many people that love her are watching over her. It will all be ok and Max will realize he is making a mistake by thinking she is responsible. Jack agrees and comes in and embraces his daughter. Abby says she hasn't seen Max in days and that makes her think that he really beleives she somehow forced Cassie down the stairs. Jack tells her that if he wants to think that, let him. That means he doesn't deserve you and that he isn't right for her if he can't even beleive in her.

Meanwhile, outside Abby's room, Chelsea is torn up over Cassie blackmailing her into making Abby feel even more guilty about Cassie's accident. Chelsea is sure that Cassie will ask her yet again to help and she is worried about what she may ask this time. She wonders if Cassie will ask her to actually frame Abby for the incident. She just wishes she could refuse but she can't go to jail and no one can know Hope is her mother. Too many lives will be destroyed by both revelations.

Billie arrives and asks if Chelsea is ok. She says she is just upset about Max and Abby and everything happening with them. Billie tells her that it will all work out. She tells Chelsea that Abby should be glad to have such a good best friend like her. It is clear that she really cares about Abby and Max. Billie embraces her as Chelsea's eyes well up with tears, in agony over what she is doing to her friends and what she may have to do next.

-In Cassie's room, Max arrives with a piece of chocolate cake. He says he remembers her saying she loves it. Cassie thanks him and also thanks him for how good he has been treating her. She feels so bad for what happened and begins to break down over losing the baby. Max says it's not her fault. Cassie says she could've prevented it so she is somewhat at fault but, he's right, most of the blame is on Abby. Max's face turns somber as he turns away, clearly upset by that statement.

-Back in Abby's room, Alice has asked Doug to call Maggie to see if she would like to meet for lunch. He calls Chez Rouge, using Abby's room phone, but is told by an employee that she didn't report for work this morning, citing that she felt under the weather. Doug calls Maggie's house. The scene then shifts to Maggie's home, where we see empty liquor bottles lying on the table next to Maggie, who is passed out on the couch.

The phone rings and Maggie struggles to pick herself up to answer but she finally manages too. Doug is happy to hear her voice and asks if she is ok. He heard she is sick. Maggie says she is fine. It's probably just the beginning of a heavy cold or sinus infection. Doug can tell by her voice that she isn't feeling very well. He asks if she needs anything. Maggie says no. She just needs some rest. Doug understands and tells her that he or someone else will check in later to make sure she is ok. They bid each other goodbye and hangup.

Maggie then lays back down. She holds her head and moans about a killer headache. She gets up for some apirin but opts against it, saying another drink might help the pain. She opens a bottle of Brandy, pours it into a glass, and begins to drink it.

-Back at Carrie's room, Austin tries to comfort Carrie but she says she just wants to be alone right now. She thanks him for everything and for being with her. They will talk later. They kiss and bid each other goodbye.

After Austin leaves, Carrie turns towards the window and is regretting what she did. She should've trusted that they could all work through it all. She should've never lied that her baby died and should've never given it up. Carrie begins to contemplate admitting everything, hoping that maybe Austin and everyone else knowing will help find her baby and get him back in some way.

-Outside Carrie's room, Kate is still waiting for an answer from Alan. Alan says that he has changed but he doesn't expect anyone to beleive him. He only hopes that someday maybe others will but he isn't going to hold his breath.

Austin comes out of Carrie's room. Alan asks how she is. Austin says it's none of his business but she is fine. He tells Alan that he should just leave. Carrie wants to be alone anyway and he doesn't feel comfortable having him around her. Alan reminds Austin that only Carrie can decide if she doesn't want him to see her anymore. Alan agrees to leave and says he will stop by soon to see Carrie. He says goodbye to Kate and Austin and leaves.

Kate then turns to Austin and tells him that Will is back. Lucas called and says he is fine but they don't know where he went and why. Austin says he will watch up with Sami and Lucas later. Right now, he is worried about Carrie and how she is going to move on from the baby's "death." Kate comforts him.

-Back at Lucas's apartment, Will still hasn't responded to Lucas' question. Finally, after a few moments of thinking, Will says he went to see an old friend of his in Chicago who tranferred out of Salem High. His parents were out of town and they just hung out and played video games and stuff. Sami asks Will if they can call this friend of his or if his parents even knew that Will was there.

Will gets upset that Sami and Lucas don't trust him. Lucas urges Sami to lay off and tells Will they were really worried. He tells Will that he is going to be grounded for two months and to never run off like that again without letting them know what he is up to. Will understands and says he is happy he is grounded. He doesn't want to go out anyway. He also asks Sami and Lucas to trust him. He doesn't want to be interrogated anymore. What he told them was the truth. There is no more to it.

Will then gets up and goes into the bathroom to shower. Sami asks Lucas if he bought all of that. Lucas says that something still isn't right. Sami agrees and adds that him being happy about being grounded was weird. He hates being grounded and being stuck in the house. Lucas agrees that something is definitely up with their son as he seems to upset about something. He is trying to hide it but he can see it. Lucas adds that they need to get to the bottom of this...fast.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Will is showering and begins to recall Alan attacking him. He then begins to scrub his body harder and uses more soap. He repeatedly does this as he continues to repeatedly flash back to Alan's attack on him.

Will: I got to get it off...got to get it off. He was all over me...I have to get it off...DAMNIT!!

Will then stops scrubbing and leans against the wall in the shower. He crumples to the shower floor in tears, wondering why this had to happen.

-Back at Abby's room, Doug returns and says he checked his cell messages and Julie called. She will be home in a matter of hours. Alice says then they must get home so they can greet her. Both wish Abby and Jack well and say they will be praying for them. Abby and Jack thank them and say goodbye as they leave.

Jack asks Abby if she is ok. Abby says she doesn't know if she will be. She just can't believe Max would believe so easily that she would do this. Billie and Chelsea enter the room. Billie asks Abby how she is. Abby says she could be better if she didn't have to deal with all this. She just can't understand why Max doesn't believe her since everyone else that knows her does.

Chelsea mentions that maybe it's for the best and maybe she is better off without Max, privately hoping to spare Abby more pain by getting her away from Max and Cassie's wrath. Abby gets upset and asks Chelsea how she could say that. She tells her to get out and leave her alone.

-Back at Cassie's room, Cassie asks if Max is on her side. He seems bothered everytime she blames what happened on Abby. Max says it's just stunning to think about. He can't see Abby ever hurting anyone. Cassie insists she did and she will pay. Cassie admits she is partly responsible because she should have just walked away but Abby could've stopped the fight too and she kept it going and she forced her down the stairs.

Cassie begins to break down in tears again, saying she just wants some peace and for their child to rest in peace and she knows it won't until Abby pays for this. She begs Max to stand by her and to support her on this. If not for her, then for their poor baby. Max takes a deep breath and agrees to stand by Cassie's side and their deceased child's. He promises her that he is here for her and isn't going anywhere. They embrace as she smiles, pleased with how things are progressing with Max and herself.

-Back at the McCluer home, JJ and Angel have just finished telling Jonathan and Renee about their investigation of James Sr and what they saw in the park. Renee can't beleive her husband is somehow involved with this MCF and Dr. Marlena Evans. She doesn't understand any of this. JJ adds that they don't quite know what dad was doing for Victor yet but Jack and Billie are looking on everything.

Renee is upset and says they should've come to her. JJ and Angel insist they were trying to help. There is so much tension in their family and they wanted to find out what dad was up to in hopes of clearing the air and them being a happy family again. Renee hugs them and thanks them but says this is dangerous.

JJ asks Jonathan what he thinks. Jonathan says he could care less about their father and what he is up too. He is sick of it and sick of him weighing down their family. Jonathan adds that their father is better off dead for the hell he puts mom and all of them through. James Sr then walks in. Renee, JJ, Jonathan, and Angel all stare at him. James looks at Renee and Jonthan and says:

James Sr: Dear God...you know too.

Meanwhile, outside, the MCF is watching as he/she caresses their knife and the screen fades to black.

On the Next Salem Lives...

Celeste to Abe: Give her a chance, Abraham. Give Alexandra one more chance.

Billie to Abby: Fight for Max and to beat your paralysis. Don't give up a chance at happiness like I did.

Abby to Billie: Yeah but you have another one don't you. With my father.

Cassie to Chelsea: You do as I say or you lose everything. Easy concept, Chelsea.

Jack to Max: You and me have to talk.

James: Please...all of you. Listen to me. This is a matter of life and death.


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