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February 19, 2007




-At one of Victor’s secret hideouts, Nico brings Julie in to see Victor, who is waiting for her in his study. Looking out his window, he turns to see Julie walk in and is still not very pleased with how she duped Nico into giving away his location. Julie tells him that she really doesn’t care about any of that. He left a troubled woman back home in Salem and it’s his duty to go to her and see her through what he put her through. Victor disagrees, saying that what Maggie got herself into was of her own choosing. He can’t count how many times he told her to stay out of everything, only for her to go off and do whatever she wanted to do, so if she wants to blame anyone....she can blame herself.

Julie knows what Victor is trying to do. And she appreciates it. But, she knows that she and Maggie can use their Horton name to get leniency for him with all the charges he’s facing. Victor thanks her for that but he tells her that he got himself into this and he’ll get himself out of it. Julie asks him if he knows what the charges are that he’s facing. He says that he has a pretty good idea. Julie is glad that he does. She also tells him that Doug doesn’t have one clue about what she is doing. Victor is glad, saying that it would defeat the purpose of faking his death if everyone knew about it.

He then gets back up, walking over to his desk and pulling out a file on the MCF. He tells Julie that this person was the reason why he went underground. This person is using both his operation and Stefano’s to infiltrate Salem and do as much damage as he/she can. That’s why he felt it was best to take Bo out of the equation. He loves his son very much and doesn’t want him to suffer for a life that Victor has lived since he can remember. Julie understands al of that and tells him how much she truly respects him. She also tells him that she knows he did what he did for Maggie as well, no matter what he says. Victor tells her it’s true but he also tells her that he must put this all to rest. Nothing is more important than that.

Julie agrees and as they wish each other well, Julie is blindfolded and led out of the compound. Nico then steps into Victor’s study and stands by his godfather, telling him that now would be a good time to return to Salem, if for no other reason than to put an end to this MCF mess once and for all. Victor is sick of it, especially with the fact that this person used him to get what they wanted. Nico shakes his head in agreement, saying that he and his men will make the necessary arrangements. Nico leaves Victor to sip on his finest Brandy, looking out of the window into the ocean, and thinking to himself that the time is quickly approaching where sides will have to be chosen....

And also for revenge to be savored.

-Meanwhile, a continent away, Bo can’t calm down in Dr. Harris’s office, having just remembered a tragic incident that happened when he was a boy. The doctor tries to calm him but Bo gets up from her couch, in a deep rage. He can’t believe that not only did his uncle molest him but that both Roman and Kimberly knew and said nothing. He really can’t believe his sister, he tells the doctor. She was also raped by this man and why she would decide to hide this from him is beyond his reasoning. The doctor walks over to him standing by a window, looking out and remembering everything.......

How Roman pushed for him to go into the Merchant Marines later in his life. How he never saw his uncle again. How, when they were kids, Roman would never leave Bo alone with their uncle. Neither would Kimberly, even though this is when her tragedy began with their uncle Eric. How, after the first time it happened, Roman would not let Bo out of his sight for one moment. All of this now comes rushing back to him and he can’t believe that both of them would handle it in this fashion. The doctor tries to comfort Bo, who breaks down in anger and shame, as the scene slowly dissolves back to.....

The Pub, where Roman and Kimberly have just told their mother what Eric did to Bo all those years ago and how they knew about it but said nothing. They explain they were trying to protect Bo, knowing full well how traumatized he was. Once he repressed the memory, they just went with it and never looked back, hoping he never remembered. Caroline is shocked at this confession and even more shocked at their behavior. Roman explains to Caroline that she and Pop were away and they didn't want to burden them with this when they returned home. They had enough issues with making a living for the family and all. Both Roman and Kimberly are having a hard time looking at Caroline, who just stares at them in anger. Not only for what they kept hidden but for what Eric did to another one of her children. She then says that she wishes Victor was alive so he could meet out the right form of payback to Eric.

Roman and Kimberly can’t believe these words coming from the same woman who held Victor at gunpoint and wished him dead. Sometimes, Caroline says, that is the only type of justice certain people understand. Roman can’t believe his mother is talking like this. Caroline can’t believe her son would hold something back like that and she tells him to not judge her with what he’s done these past few months. Caroline walks past both her children and into the restaurant to calm down. Roman and Kimberly follow, trying to explain why they did what they did. Caroline doesn’t want to hear any of it, especially from Kimberly. She also tells her oldest daughter that she loves her so very much and understands and realizes the pain she went through at Eric’s hands.

But......that does not excuse her from not telling her what had happened. Period. Kimberly shakes her head in shame before lowering it and Roman does the same. Caroline then tells him that all those years as a cop must have made him quite arrogant. He is shocked by this statement but Caroline tells him not to be. Apparently, battling men like Stefano and Victor his whole life has made him forget what is most important.........

Family. That’s it, that’s all. Bo is his brother, she tells him, and he should have came first. Nothing else. She can’t understand how two men who once shared a bedroom together can’t look out for each other more. And they all know that Bo is the baby boy of this family. They should never forget that no matter how old he gets, he is still the same little brother who used to follow them to the corner store, wanting to do everything that Roman did, and worshiped the ground Kimberly walked on. And maybe that’s what it is......maybe all that damn hero-worship has gone to their heads.

Roman and Kimberly are speechless. Roman can’t even look at Caroline and Kimberly wipes away tears. At that very moment, Bo walks through the door. Everyone turns to look at him and, without saying a single word, realize that he now knows everything. Roman starts to walk from the bar counter and towards Bo, trying to explain. But Bo, in a moment of seething rage, runs towards Roman......And hits him a very powerful right cross, sending Roman crashing over the dining room tables and into the counter behind him.

Bo then runs past Caroline and Kimberly and grabs Roman, standing him up in one fell swoop and demanding to know one thing........

Bo: How in the HELL could you let that man do that to me and keep that from me?! (Crying) I loved you, man! You’re my brother. You’re supposed to protect me, no matter how much I screw up. What?! Cat got your tongue?! You can’t say anything?!

Roman: What is there to say? I can’t excuse what I did anymore then you can. All I can say (Rubbing his jaw) is that I’m so, so sorry. I pray you find it in your heart to forgive me.

Bo: Really. Well........keep waiting. After everything I’ve done for you. I left my wife.......

Hope walks into the Pub, observing what is going on. She doesn’t say one word. She just watches.....and listens.

Bo: Put my family in harms way, helped Victor in this stupid blood feud with Stefano and all for what? For an older brother who apparently loves his name in the PAPER more than he loves me!

Kimberly tries to step in and calm Bo down but he’s not having any of it.......

Bo: And what the hell do you have to add to this, Sis?! What......you want to tell me how you did this for me?! Then say it. SAY IT, SIS!! TELL ME HOW YOU DID THIS OUT OF LOVE FOR YOUR LITTLE STUPID BROTHER!!

Caroline tries to stop Bo from getting violent again and Bo looks at her, with a pain she has never seen in his eyes. All he can say to her is.....

Bo: How could they do this to me, Ma? How could they let me hurt like that? I feel so ashamed. You must hate me for letting it happen, don’t you?

Caroline walks up to her baby boy and hugs him, telling him that.......

Caroline: I could never hate my baby, ok? Don’t you ever think that. That man was sick. And......this is not your fault.

Bo: But it feels like it is. I don’t know what to do. Hope will hate me when she finds out.

Hope: No, I won’t.

Hope stands in the background and slowly walks forward, asking that all she wants Bo to do is....

Hope: Just tell me what happened and we’ll get through this together. But, I can’t help you if you shut me out, Bo!

Bo: I.......just.....I can’t right now, Hope. Please understand. But, I suggest that if you want to know....talk to these two. Because as far as I’m concerned......

I don’t have an older brother or sister anymore.

Bo storms out of the Pub as Roman tries to follow but Caroline and Kimberly stop him. He’s still a little woozy from Bo’s massive punch and they tell him that Bo needs space. He’ll be back......

And together, they’ll get through this......as a family. The scene pans from Roman, Kimberly and Hope, who are not nearly as optimistic.

-At Lucas’s apartment, Lucas brings Sami some hot cocoa to calm her down, telling her that it always does the trick. Sami thanks Lucas but she sits the cup down, saying that there is nothing that will calm her down.....accept her son coming home. She prays that he didn’t do this because of what she told him. Lucas doesn’t think so. He also wants to know if she is saying that he doesn’t love Will as much as she does. Sami insists that is not what she meant and she takes his hand as she tells him that she is just talking out the side of her head. All she hopes is that he is ok.......and Lucas turns to look at her, hoping that Victor or Stefano hasn’t done anything to their son as revenge.

Sami picks up her cocoa and takes a sip, laying in Lucas’s arms as they both think about their son, who could be involved in God Knows what.

-At the hotel, Will is laying there, unresponsive and trembling. Alan asks him why isn’t he saying anything. He thought he would enjoy what just happened. Alan fixes his clothes as Will speaks finally, saying that his mother was right the whole time. Alan is nothing but a sick, twisted bastard. He starts to cry again, saying that one day, Alan will get exactly what is coming to him. Alan takes him by the neck and tell him he will keep his mouth shut or him and his family will suffer a fate worst then death. A shaking Will nods slowly as Will forces him to promise to remain silent. Alan laughs and says that it must be in the genes. He is just as good as his mother was. Alan laughs again as Will lashes out, forgetting that he is still bound in place.

He also tells Will that his aunt Carrie is just as dumb and stupid as his mother is. She still thinks he’s changed. Shee doesn’t know his true motives and, as far as he’s concerned, she never will. He then bends over and cuts Will loose. Will gets up with tears running down his face and rubs his wrists, looking at Alan with deep seated hatred and contempt. Alan then tells him that he can get dressed. He’s free to go. He reminds Will to remain silent about everything he knows and what happened here tonight or else. He then walks over to the window and says isn’t that something.......

Two Bradys gotten by the same man. Will slowly gets dressed as Alan watches and laughs and then he slowly opens the door, stopping long enough to stare daggers into a beside-himself Alan. Will then walks outside......

And collapses on the ground, crying hysterically. The scene closes in on his tormented face as it slowly fades to black.

Next Time, On Salem Lives.....

Sami to Lucas: Something is wrong and I am going to find out.

Hope to Bo: Tell me what is going on. Please!!

Caroline to Kim and Roman: There are just too many lies. It's going to be very hard to get past this.

Jack (with Billie) to JJ and Angel: If you aren't careful, you could be in real danger.

James: I have to protect my family. No matter what I have to do.


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