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Episode #38 - Wednesday, February 1:



Episode #38 - Wednesday, February 1:

- Sami and Jan meet up at the Cheatin' Heart.

- Bo returns back to Hope and asks to hear what she has to say.

- Victor and Kate bond while in the elevator shaft.

- Jennifer finds a phone number in Jack's pocket.

- Laura hypnotizes Roman into finding out what happened the night Tony died.

- Hope is interupted from her confession to Bo once again by a call from police department. They are told to come downtown immediately!

- Sami tells Jan that they need to strike a deal in order to get what they both want.

- Victor and Kate recall all of their times together, including Curtis Reed, Vivian, Nicholas, Nicole, Moroni, and how Phillip was conceived.

- Laura plays back the session for Roman. During the session, Roman revealed what happened that night.

- Belle and Phillip decide to re-new their wedding vows on Valentine's Day.

- Roman calls Abe, Bo, Hope, and Caroline to the police station.

- Jen calls the phone number and is shocked when the maid says 'DiMera Residence.'

- Kate and Victor joke that all of the obstacles they had were external and how they are all behind them so if they wanted to, they could get back together with little fuss.

- Sami tells Jan that she will keep Jan's prescence in town a secret from Belle if Jan will confirm Sami's story that Carrie was the one who is responsible for Nicole leaving town and leaves Sami out of the story!

- Carrie asks Austin to make love to her.

- Kate and Victor almost share a kiss, but they are rescued before that could happen.

- Sami and Jan strike a deal.

- Roman confesses to killing Tony Dimera!


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