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Episode #39 - Thursday, February 2:



Episode #39 - Thursday, February 2:

- John once again tells Kate to stay away from Victor for business purposes.

- Sami makes a plan to ensure that Austin and Carrie will be broken up for good.

- Austin and Carrie get caught up in their passion.

- Bo, Caroline, and Hope are baffled by what Roman is doing.

- Kate tells John that he is overstepping his boundaries and demands he back off.

- Jan and Cassie meet up once again.

- Roman details for the Brady's and Abe how he did indeed murder Tony!

- Belle and Phillip make plans to re-new their vows.

- Marlena manages to grab the mysterious girl's attention once again.

- Rex and Mimi are alone in the apartment and can feel the awkwardness between them.

- Shawn asks Belle and Phillip if he and Mimi can join them and get married in a double ceremony!

- Abe arrests Roman for Tony's murder.

- Carrie and Austin make love.

- Mimi once again asks for Rex's forgiveness. He says that he is just not ready to forgive the fact that she killed his unborn baby.

- Belle is taken aback at first, but she agrees that she'd love it if Shawn and Mimi would marry with them in their re-newal ceremony.

- Hope and Billie face off at the police station.

- The mysterious girl peers into the basement window and sees Marlena!

- Sami is devastated to return and realizes that Austin and Carrie have made love! A scorned Sami vows revenge on Carrie like she has never seen.

- Jan tells Cassie that baby Claire is NOT Phillip's baby, but Shawn's and how Mimi knows it!

- Jennifer demands to know why Jack has the Dimera Mansion's number.

- Hope once again prepares Bo for her shocking confession!


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