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Episode #40 - Friday, February 3:



Episode #40 - Friday, February 3:

- Jennifer demands to know why Jack has a number to the Dimera Mansion.

- Abby has a dream in which Max kisses her!

- Marlena uses her bracelet as a means to reflect the sunlight and get the attention of the young girl on the estate.

- The young girl on the estate begins to search for an entrance into the basement.

- Jan and Cassie decide to expose the truth about Claire's paternity and Phillip and Belle's renewal of vows.

- Laura shows up at the police station and demands to know what Roman is doing confessing to a murder he did not commit!

- Abby remains awkward around Max after her dream.

- Kate, Victor, and Bonnie have a pow-wow to figure out how to make sure that no one else finds out about Claire's paternity.

- The young girl finally makes it into Marlena's secret room!

- Laura recalls how Roman remembered everything that happened the night Tony died during their hypnotherapy session and how he did NOT murder Tony! She demands answers from him.

- Victor and Kate are furious when Bonnie confesses that Mimi knows the truth.

- Marlena comes face to face with the mysterious girl (Peyton List)!

- Hope finally gets Bo alone and she confesses her startling secret - that she has recently discovered that she fell in love with a man and was married during her time as Princess Gina!


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