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Episode #37 - Tuesday, January 31:



Episode #37 - Tuesday, January 31:

- Abby and Max decide to go to Chelsea's grave together.

- Sami once again sets up a romantic date between Austin and Carrie.

- Jan tells Cassie that she, too, wants to see Mimi suffer, but that her main concern is, always has been, and always will be getting revenge on Belle Black!

- Bo stops Billie from taking a drink.

- John reprimands Kate for having too close of a relationship with Victor.

- Cassie and Jan discuss the fact that together, they arean unstoppable force!

- Belle and Phillip and Shawn and Mimi end up on another double date together, and they are all shocked when they realize that it isn't awkward anymore.

- Roman realizes that he has lost everyone and everything important to him. Bonnie tries to cheer him up, but to no avail. Roman says that he cannot lose Bo. He says that he can't let Bo go to jail, especially if he is responsible for the murder.

- Jan tells Cassie that there is a secret floating around the twentysomething circle that can ruin Belle and Mimi, simultaneously.

- Shawn and Belle talk about how they've gotten closure on their relationship and how they can both honestly say the past is behind them.

- Roman approaches Laura about getting hypnotized to see if he was the one who killed Tony and to find out why he can't remember that night!

- Sami calls Jan, interupting Jan and Cassie's pow-wow, and demands a meeting.

- Mimi, meanwhile, wonders if they would feel the same way if they knew that Claire was Shawn's.

- Victor and Kate find themselves trapped in an elevator.


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