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Episode #36 - Monday, January 30:



Episode #36 - Monday, January 30:

- Tek denies that he and Lexie have had an affair to Abe.

- Bo arrives home, and Hope braces herself to tell him the truth.

- Cassie and Jan plot ways to get revenge on Mimi and Belle.

- Stefano hires a hitman to kill Abby at her dance.

- Abe does not believe Tek.

- Cassie tells Jan that she is conflicted. On one hand, she loves her brother and wants to see him happy. But on the other hand, she hates Mimi, and Mimi hurt her brother, so she wants revenge on her. But Mimi makes him happy!

- Stefano tells Jack that his time is up.

- Abe probes Lexie about Tek. Lexie gets nervous and is suspicious, but she tells Abe their relationship is strictly platonic.

- Jan suggests to Cassie that they break up Shawn and Mimi. Make Mimi feel the worst kind of pain. Bring her to the lowest depths of emotional hell, and then, let her brother decide what he wants.

- Jack confronts Stefano and tells him to bring it on because he is going to take him down.

- Bo must leave Hope when Billie calls and says she is about to take a drink.

- Lexie thinks that she's covered herself with Abe.

- Stefano laughs as Jack walks away, thinking he's stood his ground with Stefano.

- Hope is outraged that Bo would leave her to take care of Billie during such a pivotal moment.

- Abe remains convinced that Lexie and Tek had an affair and that Celeste knows!


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