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February Sweeps Preview!




Abby/Max: These two are going to grow closer and closer. For February, there are essentially two things that will complicate everything for these two - 1) Chelsea. They were both very close to her and have to keep that in mind as they grow closer in the wake of her death. She may be gone, but they need to respect her memory and keep her in mind before they embark on a relationship. 2) Stefano targets Abby because Jack won't carry through with his orders. Things reach a huge climax at her Valentine's Day dance.

Jack/Jennifer: Jack and Jen will enjoy their bliss. He is keeping this secret from her, and she knows that he is hiding something. Abby's life will be put in danger that will really shake Jack up and get him to see that as much as he hates doing it, he must be Stefano's latest pawn.

Rex/Mimi/Shawn/Belle/Phillip: Jan, Cassie, Kate, Bonnie, and Laura will also be heavily involved here in trying to keep Claire's paternity secret. Unfortunately for Bonnie, Kate, Mimi, and bystander, Phillip, the truth about Claire and Shawn will be revealed in February and have H U G E ripple effects for everyone involved. The consequences will go into March, when we will see SOMEONE in this storyline leave Salem.

Billie/Bo/Hope: Bo remains the number one suspect in Tony's murder until someone comes forward and confesses. Hope will finally tell Bo what Tony whispered to her before he died. The secret is too much for Bo to bear, and he ends up making a huge mistake that can, very likely, spell the end of his relationship with Hope. As revealed in the January 27th episode, Hope has recently discovered that she fell in love with a man during her time as Gina and married him behind the back Stefano. Hope will track down this man, and he will complicate Hope and Bo's already troubled marriage. Billie and Kate come closer and closer to finding the real Georgia. Shawn will wage war against Billie.

Celeste/Tek/Lexie/Abe: Lexie will find out that Tek and Celeste "slept together." And she'll take steps to remove both of them from her life and re-commit herself fully to Abe. Unfortunately for her, Abe is almost 100% confident that Lexie and Tek have had an affair. Celeste and Tek will wage war against each other, but Tek's boss, Stefano, is not one you want to be in battle with, as Celeste knows.

Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas: Sami plays matchmaker for Austin and Carrie only to tear them apart more than ever. Sami must strike a deal with Jan Spears in order to get what she wants. While Sami continues to plot to get Austin, Lucas will have to tap into his dormant manipulative side to make sure Austin and Carrie end up together so that he can get Sami back. Sami is going to be one manipulated for once. By the end of the month, one of the four will be at one of the lowest points of their lives, thus far. And it's the person you'd least suspect.

John/Marlena/Stefano: Marlena will continue to be held captive through February. She will, however, meet the one person who can free her, the young girl on the estate.

Page: Page is the young woman who is on the estate with Marlena. We will see that she has a very "father/daughter"-y connection to Stefano. Her connection to Salem will be revealed (to readers) at the end of the month.

Tony's Death: Someone will confess in order to save Bo. Abe will remove three suspects from the suspect list during the month of February. But Tony's murderer is definitely one of the following: Shawn, Mimi, Bo, Hope, Billie, Bonnie, John, Roman, Caroline, Kate, Max, or Abby.

Miscellaneous: Anna will be back for a number of reasons - one of which is that Roman will find himself in huge trouble. Another is that she finally catches word of Tony's murder. Basic Black and Titan will go to war over her designs, but the personal relationships between the two companies will continue to complicate things.


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Great stuff KR. It seems we both

like Max and Abby together. I love

the Hope story and a huge YAY to

Anna returning. I would like to bring

her back in my fan fic to but there isn't

any room right now and I have enough

stories going. I am also loving what you

are doing with Laura and seeing Cassie and

Jan is great. Good work and keep it coming!

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