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Episodes #4-7



Episodes #4 - #7


Sonny: I’ve handled losing Reese. We had a funeral service for her. I’m over it. As far as Carly goes- We’re done. I didn’t keep any secrets. She lied. She ruined it. Instead of worrying about who I’m with and how I’m coping with things… I think you should go.

Alexis: No Sonny. I’m not leaving until you understand where I’m coming from.

[Alexis and Sonny continue talking with each other. Alexis calls Ric that she should go on without her. She’ll take a cab to meet him at Kelly’s. Unbeknownst to Alexis & Sonny, Carly manages sneaks her way into the estate through Michael’s window. She creeps to the stairs and before listens in on their conversation; she has a flashback to being at Kelly’s watching Emily.]

IPB Image


[skye is shown falling asleep after reading her book. She begins to have an intense fantasy about Lorenzo. Skye imagines that she is on the beach with Lorenzo and they are looking deep into each others eyes. Tiki torches and calm, romantic music surrounds them. With an echo, Skye and Lorenzo have a conversation:]

Skye: You didn’t have to do this for me Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: I did Skye. You need someone who will treat you like a queen…and I can do that.

Skye: Lorenzo don’t…..

Lorenzo: Don’t fight it Skye. You want me and I want you.

[skye looks deep into Lorenzo’s eyes as he feeds her a strawberry.]


[Ned and Luke are sitting in the living room. Ned reading a book, Luke drinking a glass of wine when Tracy bursts into the room.]

Ned: Whuh Oh, mother looks upset.

Luke: What could it be that is troubling my spanky buns?

Tracy: Ned, how could you have made Luke the Senior VP of Foreign Affairs?

Luke: I’ve had many foreign affairs.

Tracy: (Rolling her eyes) You have no experience when it comes to ELQ. Ned, you had better fix this.

Ned: I can’t. Luke’s already signed his contract. Besides, thanks to your marriage, Luke has just as much at stake as you do.

Tracy: This is UNBELIEVEABLE! Luke is not business material.

Luke: I take offense to that.

[Tracy screams at Luke and Ned before giving up and flopping down on the sofa.]


[Liz is sitting talking with Emily inside Kelly’s.]

Liz: So….how are things with you and Sonny?

Emily: They’re going ok. I just wish people would butt out of my business. First Carly, then Jason, and now Robin’s questioning me on my choices. It’s just…I’m happy with Sonny and he’s happy with me.

Liz: Maybe so Emily, but….

Emily: But what?

Liz: Even though you may not want to hear it, they’re right Emily.

Emily: Don’t tell me you’re on-

Liz: Whether or not I think you belong with Sonny isn’t important. I think you should be with whoever makes you happy, but these people aren’t saying these things without reason. They know Sonny better than you. Maybe you should listen.

[Ric happens to walk in right at the moment that Emily gets heated with Liz. She tells her that she thought she (Liz) was on her (Emily’s) side. Emily grabs her things and tells Liz she’s going to Sonny’s. Ric tries to say something to Emily but she blows him off. Ric and Liz share a funny exchange before he goes to sit down with her.]


[skye’s dream continues on as Lorenzo feeds her strawberries. Skye is reluctant to get into the mood, but she lets all of her inhibitions go and kisses Lorenzo. She wraps her arms around his body and he kisses her all over. With regards to the younger readers, I won’t go much more detail….but it involves whipped cream, tongues and moans of ecstasy]


[Ric and Liz sit and talk inside Kelly’s. After an awkward silence, the two begin to ask each other how their lives are going. Liz stares deeply into Ric’s eyes, and he does the same. She breaks her contact again when she begins to speak.]

Liz: So Ric, how are you enjoying parenthood?

Ric: It’s great. I enjoy being involved with Molly. She’s the light of my life.

Liz: Yeah, I feel the same way about Cameron. Everything in your life is put into perspective once you have a child. It’s like, once he was born, everything became about him. I had to think about my actions.

Ric: Alexis told me that my priorities would be in order once the baby was born, but I didn’t believe her until I saw Molly for myself. She was right. From the first moment that I saw Molly, I knew that she would always come first. I would have felt the same way had our baby lived.

Liz: I think so too.

Ric: Do you ever wonder …what our lives would be like if our baby and lived and if our marriage had withstood what I did to wreck it?


Alexis: So what is going to happen when you break Emily’s heart? What happens the first time she crosses you. Are you going to yell at her? Are you going to throw glass at the wall? Are you going to tell her that “she’s dead to you”. What are you going to do Sonny?!!

Sonny: Enough Alexis –

Alexis: No Sonny! Emily deserves a lot more than you can give her. Your heart will always belong to Carly. It’s not fair to Emily to lead her on when you know that you will never be able to love her like you love Carly.

[Emily walks into Sonny’s mansion and overhears Alexis & Sonny arguing. Emily stands by the door and listens]

Sonny: You’re only saying this because you don’t want Nikolas with Courtney and…because I didn’t choose you.

Alexis: This is not about what we had! This isn’t about Nikolas! I’d prefer if Nikolas found someone who wasn’t as tortured as Emily but that’s not my decision. I’m looking at this objectively. Emily deserves more than what you can give her. Coming from personal experience Sonny, it hurts when you love someone and they don’t return the same feelings.

Sonny: But I do have the same feelings. I ‘m in love with Carly, Emily. I love Emily. I’m in love with Emily.

Alexis: No Sonny, you had it right the first time.

Sonny: Alexis do-

Alexis: Be man enough to admit it. You’re still

Sonny: You need-

Alexis: In love with Carly aren’t you?! Don’t you!


[Carly smirks, Emily is saddened and Sonny is angry as GH comes to an end.]

IPB Image

On the next General Hospital:

- A car crashes and a woman is ejected from her car

- Sonny admits that he is using Emily to try and get over Carly

- Liz tells Ric that she wonders the same thing

- Justus asks Sam to convince Jason to go out on a double date with him and Lainey.


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another great episode, Chandler. You do have a knack for knowing the characters. I wonder who is the woman who gets into an accident. ;)

anyway, i like how the scenes are to the point, yet leave us w/ a great cliffhanger. My favorite was the Luke/Ned/tracy scene. Sounds just like them...even heard background music in my head. LOL.

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