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Episode #8



Episode #8


[Carly appears to be very happy with Sonny’s declaration that he still loves her. Sonny puts his drink down as Alexis sits down on the sofa.]

Alexis: Wow, Sonny. Now was that really hard to admit? That you’re still in love with your ex-wife?

Sonny: Yes, it was.

Alexis: Why is that?

Sonny: …..Because I’m tired of hurting Carly. All of the affairs, the outbursts, everything. It was just unhealthy. I ruined her, Alexis.

Alexis: So you can admit that you “ruined” Carly, but you would be willing to take that chance with Emily? How can you reason that? That is one of the more stupid things I’ve heard you say.

Sonny: BECAUSE!!! Carly’s doing better without me. She’s happy Alexis. She’s got a project that doesn’t involve me or my approval. She’s getting along just happy without me. She’s smiling, she’s back to her old self.

Alexis: You know that I am not Carly’s biggest fan Sonny, but you don’t know if she is happy. She seems healthy now. She really does, but maybe what she needed was to prove to herself that she can live without you. Maybe this will be better for you in the end. You still love Carly, but you’re willing to drag Emily through the mud to get over her. How low.

Sonny: I don’t think so. I love Emily, but I’m not in love with her Alexis.

Alexis: But you keep trying to force yourself to don’t you?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: So you can admit that you’re using Emily to get over Carly?

Sonny: (Shamefully) Yes.

[Emily’s heard enough. She takes off immediately and gets into her car. She speeds away from Sonny’s mansion.]

IPB Image


[sam is sitting looking at a magazine when she hears a knock on the door. She looks through the peephole and sees Justus. She opens they door and they begin to chat for a bit.]

Sam: Hey Justus, how are you?

Justus: I’m doing well Sam. I won’t take too much of your time, but I wanted to ask you something in person.

Sam: Ok?

Justus: Now you know I’ve been seeing this wonderful woman right?

Sam: Yes, Dr. Winters.

Justus: Lainey has made me more happy than I’ve been in years Sam. The family seems to like her, but with Jason you never know.

Sam: So you want me to find out what Jason thinks of her?

Justus: No. I mean, well, I wanted Lainey to become friends with my friends you know. Carly’s too much for Lainey, but I think you and her would be great friends Sam.

Sam: Well I umm…..

Justus: Just here me out. I’ve got reservations at this new restaurant called Marlandz and thought it would be nice if you and Jason joined us.

Sam: I can try Justus, but I don’t know if Jason will go for it.

Jason: Go for what?


Ric: Do you ever wonder what our life would have been like had our baby lived? And had I not screwed up our marriage?

Liz: ….I do. I look at you now with Alexis and I go “Wow, why couldn’t Ric be that way with me?”, but I stop myself from exploring it further.

Ric: Why not?

Liz: Because we’re both happy. You have your family now and I have mine Ric.

Ric: I understand, but…do you just think that things would have been different for us had…you know.

Liz: I think about our baby all of the time Ric. The baby was apart of me and you and I loved that life growing inside of me. It was something that I will always cherish, but we just met at the wrong time.

Ric: I think about us too Liz. I think about how horribly I treated you and how self-destructive I was. And I’m sorry. I am.


[bobbie has just got off of the phone with the MetroCourt and is trying to call Carly.]

Bobbie: Carly, it’s momma. When you get the chance, I need you to call me back. I’m planning a dinner for the family and I want you to be there. I love you sweetie. Bye.

[Noah and Alan are talking about a patient when Bobbie sees them.]

Bobbie: Hello Noah, Alan.

Both: Hello Bobbie.

Alan: You look good.

Bobbie: Thank you, so do you. Noah, have you decided to accept my invitation yet?

Noah: I’ve thought about it. And I’ll accept. I don’t you don’t mind if I bring a date though.

Bobbie: (Disappointedly) No. I don’t mind.

Noah: Good, I’ll see you there.

[Noah walks away.]

Bobbie: Well. That went well.

Alan: You seem disappointed.

Bobbie: That’s not true.

Alan: It’s written all over your face.

-On The Road-

[Emily is driving in the rain crying her eyes out. She has flashbacks to all of the romantic moments that she and Sonny have experienced.]

Emily to herself: I can’t believe he would do this to ME!!! DAMN HIM! DAMN HER! I should have just listened to Jason. I should have listened to them all.


[skye is awaken from her intense dream by the sound of a phone ringing. She picks up breathing heavily and sweating.]

Skye: Hello?

Man: Well hello yourself.

Skye: Lorenzo? Hey. It’s kinda late.

Lorenzo: Not really. You sound out of breath. Working out some frustrations?

Skye: Oh…you could say that.

Lorenzo: (Laughingly) Well that’s good. I am calling to apologize for cutting our dinner short. There was an emergency meeting scheduled with the shareholders of this new company I created.

Skye: Sounds important. No wonder you had to leave.

Lorenzo: It was, but you should have been the more important activity Skye and I apologize.

Skye: Don’t worry about it. You made up for it.

Lorenzo: Excuse me?

Skye: Umm….you made up for it by calling me (Sighing to herself that she was able to cover).

Lorenzo: That’s good. So what do you say, can I cash in my raincheck tomorrow?

Skye: That would be lovely.

Lorenzo: Wonderful. Goodnight Skye.

Skye: Goodnight Lorenzo.

[skye hangs up her phone and is just giddy. She recalls the intense, orgasmic dream that she had about Lorenzo. She says to herself she hopes she has a repeat.]


[Jason comes down the stairs with a confused look on his face]

Sam: Well, Jason. Um…I know that you don’t like doing these type of things –

Jason: What kind of things?

Sam: Like, going out and about. But Justus has some reservations at this really nice new restaurant and….

Jason: No.

Sam: Oh come on Jason.

Jason: No. I don’t like places like that. It’s weird going there.

Justus: I know that Jason, but I’d really like it if you and Sam joined me.

Jason: Thanks, but we’ll pass.

[sam tells Justus she’s sorry before he leaves. When he’s gone, Sam demands to know why he was so rude to Justus. Jason tells her that he wasn’t being mean to Justus, he just didn’t want to go anywhere with Lainey. When Sam presses him on it, he says it’s because he always feels like she’s trying to shrink him.]


[While at Kelly’s, Ric and Liz overhear a forecaster on the radio make an important announcement.]

Radio: This is James Fron from PC101.5 with a special PC Weather Alert. Be advised that there is a heavy storm approaching Port Charles. According to new information, we are expected to have at least 7 plus inches of rain by over the next 4 days and at least 3 feet of water before the storm is over. This weather advisory goes into effect now. If you have any weekend plans, you might want to change them now. This has been James Fron from PC101.5 with a PC Weather Alert.

Liz: This storm sounds serious.

Ric: Yes it does. I need to call Alexis and find out what's keeping her.

[Ric reaches for his cell phone and calls Alexis once more. The camera cuts back and forth as Ric and Alexis speak.]

Ric: Took you like enough. What’d you and Sonny talk about?

Alexis: It was about Emily. I know that he cares for her, but I finally got him to admit he’s still in love with Carly.

Ric: That’s no shocker there. He and Carly will always be drawn back to each other, though they both know they’d be happier apart.

[Emily is shown crying in her car still. She changes the radio station and hears a very sappy song playing. The camera cuts back to Alexis.]

Alexis: Ric honey, I’m going to have to call you back. The rain is starting to come down very heavily and I’m having problems seeing.

Ric: Make sure you’re careful. Liz and I just heard on the radio station that we’re supposed to be getting some heavy rain.

Alexis: I will Ric.

[Just then, Alexis turns to her left and sees headlights coming straight at her. She tries to accelerate to out of the way but she is unable to.]

Alexis: Oh my god, Ric.... Oh my go-

[The other car rams into the driver’s side of Alexis’ car. All Ric hears is the sound of metal crunching and his wife screaming.]

Ric: Alexis? ALEXIS!!!

IPB Image

On The Next General Hospital:

- Ric reports the car accident. He doesn’t get the news he hoped for.

- Bobbie prepares her family event at the MetroCourt with Carly...and gets the cold shoulder from Lucas

- Alan & Monica begin their therapy

- Sam goes missing

- Tracy and Luke argue during an ELQ meeting after Tracy learns Luke coerced Ned to hire LuLu, Dillon & Georgie at ELQ

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another good episode Ryan. I know the accident will have reprecussions throughout, especially w/ the Qs. A good way of getting them involved even more

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