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Some people just piss me the hell off



To Whom It May Concern:

You know, some people just really piss me the hell off. For someone who claims to be above all of the petty things, you really like to throw gasoline on a dimming fire. It just amazes me how hypocritical some people can be at times. Only telling one half or the story, or better yet a half assed one at that. It amazes me how someone can constantly take cheap shots, yet finishes theirr statement with a god damn smiley. That doesn't make it better? It comes off as being a smartass, and no one likes a smartass.

It amazes me how so many people can think the worst of a person/group only knowing part of a story, which is enveloped by a larger, more complicated situation.

I'm all for controversy, but come on. Do you really have to always do to do things to appease others? To get their "support". How pathetic. Seriously. Pathetic. Do you like when people constantly sing your praises? Does it give you a confidence boost? A feeling that you're important to them? Maybe you do and that's your right. But still, it's kinda patethic, catering to those who will only kiss your ass and feed your ego. Hmmm.....

I like this open letter format. It totally kicks ass and I can be as vague as I want. How's that? I like that :)



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haha I liked that! i totally understand what you mean, though. you get a twisted story, and then when it is told all wrong, who gets blamed for it....the good guy.

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Not really saying that the good guy is in fact good, but he's made out to be the bad guy when possibly he's the neutral party.

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true...but I really state what is in my head. if people do not like my honesty, then that is on them. I am not anyone's buttkisser (and you can ask my former ass of a boss that), and if people don't like me for me, but only like me if I kiss their derriere, forget it, you know

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