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GH Fanfic: Episode #3 - Future Plans Are Made



Episode #3

[GH opens with Tony and Bobbie in the lounge of General Hospital]

Bobbie: So exactly what’s bothering you Tony? Maybe I can help.

Tony: Well, it’s about Lucas. He’s been acting out of character as of late.

Bobbie: Really? How

Tony: Well, he’s been staying at my house during winter break and of course I have rules set up, but he ignores them. Yes, he’s an adult, but coming in at 3:30 in the morning is not acceptable behavior.

Bobbie: You’re right. It’s not, but that doesn’t qualify as him “acting out”. You need to relax a little bit.

Tony: Maybe you’re right, but it’s not like we talk much. He rarely calls me, and when he does he dodges all of the personal questions that I ask him. Do we really know what’s going on in his life? He doesn’t bring any friends around, and until a few months ago, he had stopped hanging out with Georgie & Dillon.

[bobbie thinks to herself for a minute, then says she has an idea]


[Ric and Alexis are outside of Sonny’s mansion with Kristina and Molly.]

Alexis: I don’t want to do this.

Ric: I know, I know, but before you know it, she’ll be back home.

Alexis: Oh I can just imagine the damage those brothers of hers will do.

[Ric opens the door and they bring the children in. Sonny is sitting in his den.]

Sonny: Hey Kristina. How’s daddy’s little girl?

Kristina: Fine daddy :)

Alexis: You know Sonny there are other people in the room.

Sonny: Hi there Molly.

[sonny goes to touch Molly and Alexis pulls her away.]

Alexis: If you can’t address me, then I don’t want you addressing my daughter, you know, the one that isn’t yours.

Ric: Ok Alexis.

Sonny: Right…….so when are you. Michael, can you take Kristina and Morgan upstairs?

Michael: Yes.

Alexis: I’ll be back for Kristina in two days. And I’d appreciate it if you kept all of your Mob business away from our daughter.

Sonny: I can’t believe you married her.

Ric: Well, I love her. Sonny, for the sake of peace, can you try to be civil to my wife?

Sonny: I can try.

Alexis: Ric, I need to speak with Sonny for a moment. Alone. I’ll meet you in the car.

[Ric walks out of the room and Sonny goes over to the bar area. Alexis sits down on the sofa and tells Sonny she needs to talk with him about Emily.]


[skye is sitting down at her table waiting for Lorenzo when Jax shows up. Jax asks her if she’s waiting for someone and she tells him she’s waiting for Lorenzo. Skye asks about Courtney and Jax says he hasn’t heard from her since she went to California for a break. Jax says that he and Courtney are going to work on their relationship, despite Nikolas’ best efforts to keep them apart. Skye sees Lorenzo and waves him over. Jax leaves and wishes them a happy dinner.]

Skye: I didn’t think you’d make it.

Lorenzo: I told you I’d be here didn’t I?


Monica: So what do you think I should do Jason?

Jason: I….I think you should do what’s right for you.

Monica: Don’t be passive Jason. I asked you what you think.

Jason: Fine, ok. I think you should agree to do it.

[Monica looks surprised. She asks Jason why, and he says that they all need to put the past behind them, and focus on being happy. Jason tells Monica that he supports Alan’s decision to go to therapy and will be there for her if she needs him. Monica gives Jason a hug and thanks him for listening. Jason says goodbye and leaves the hospital. Monica then calls Alan and tells him she’ll do it.]


Tony: What’s your idea?

Bobbie: How about we all have dinner at the MetroCourt?

Tony: ……..

Bobbie: Come on Tony. I think it’ll be nice for all of us to get together.

Tony: And just who all would be coming?

Bobbie: Me, you, Carly, Lucas, Dillon, Georgie, Lucky, Liz, LuLu, Luke…..and Noah.

Tony: I think that’s a good idea. Why don’t you make the arrangements? I’ll be there.

Bobbie: …

Tony: I promise.

[bobbie gives Tony pat on the shoulder, and then walks out of the lounge.]


[skye and Lorenzo just finished eating their dinner and dessert is on its way.]

Lorenzo: That was really good. I’m very glad you invited me to dinner.

Skye: Well, a girl needs to move on with her life. A very smart woman told me that.

Lorenzo: Well, you tell that woman that I am very greatful.

Skye: I’ll do that.

[skye grabs Lorenzo’s hand and they share a silent moment. Just then his phone rings and his facial expressions change. Lorenzo tells Skye that something unexpected came up and he has to go. But he would like to continue this date another time. Skye, disappointed but optimistic agrees and kisses Lorenzo goodbye. After he leaves, Jax goes back to the table.]

Skye: Don’t start with me Jasper.

Jax: I won’t. I just figured that we shouldn’t let this dessert go to waste.

[skye smiles, but says she thinks she needs some alone time. She hugs Jax, then leaves the MetroCourt.]


Sonny: You don’t have any right to comment on my life Alexis.

Alexis: Maybe you’re right, but hear me out. I know that you are the “all powerful” Sonny Corinthos, and you think you can have anyone you want, but you should really consider not having Emily.

Sonny: Where do you get off telling me this.

Alexis: Like it or not Sonny, I know you. I know how you work. It’ll be good for a while, then you and Emily will hit a rough patch, and you’ll go back to Carly. You always do.

Sonny: Carly and I aren’t getting back together.

Alexis: That’s what you tell yourself. You need to deal with your loss first Sonny.

Sonny: Loss? What loss.

Alexis: Reese.

[sonny just stares into his drink as the screen goes to black.]

IPB Image

On The Next General Hospital….

- Alexis is able to reach Sonny

- Skye fantasizes about Lorenzo

- Ric and Liz talk at Kelly’s

- Tracy, Ned & Luke Clash over ELQ business


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