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GH Fanfic: Episode #2



Episode #2

[The opening scene of GH starts with Liz & Carly talking outside of Kelly’s]

Liz: And why should I help you Carly? Emily is my best friend. I’m not going interfere in her life just because you don’t want her with Sonny.

Carly: This isn’t about me not wanting her with Sonny because I’m jealous. This is about the fallout when Sonny does something that hurts Emily. She’s not like other people. She can’t handle Sonny’s life. She can’t handle his deep dark secrets about himself.

Liz: I’ve heard this before

Carly: No, you haven’t.


Emily: You want Sonny for yourself don’t you Robin?

Robin: Umm…nothing against Sonny, but eww. There will never be anything but platonic love for Sonny, well….on my side anyway. He still hasn’t gotten over the whole AJ thing. Besides, I’ve been there and done that with Jason.

Emily: Well….I…you still have no right to question my relationship with Sonny.

Robin: Or lack thereof—

Emily: Or any other relationship that I might be involved with. Worry about yourself, or has meddling into other people’s business become a part of your job.

Robin: Now you wait a minute Emily. I was only asking you because even though I hate to admit it, Carly is right. If you and Sonny hook up, it’ll be the end of Sonny & Jason’s friendship.

IPB Image


[skye is sitting in the living room drinking tea when the phone rings.]

Alice: Phone for you Miss Quartermaine!

[skye walks over to pick up the phone and to her surprise it’s her mother Rae. The two ladies talk about what’s been going on in their lives as of late and everything in-between. Rae urges Skye to move on with her life, and live for her. After talking with her mother, Skye decides to take her advice, and she calls Lorenzo and asks him to join her for dinner at the MetroCourt.]


Monica: I don’t think therapy is going to do us any good.

Alan: It will. Trust me. This doctor is very good. And I believe he will get to the root of our problems.

Monica: I already know the root of our problems Alan, it’s you

Alan: Sure, I’ll take some of the blame. But we are both at fault here.

[Monica and Alan talk more about the possibility of going to therapy. Though Monica is reluctant, she says she will consider going. All Alan asks of her is that she postpones the divorce for a few months.]


Emily: What are you talking about? Their friendship was just fine when Jason & Courtney got married.

Robin: Oh, so now you’re considering marrying Sonny?

Emily: No, what I’m saying is, their friendship was able to withstand that, even though Sonny was against it.

[Robin and Emily continue to go back and forth about their personal lives when Dr. Tony Jones walks up.]

Tony: Excuse me ladies, but we are in a hospital, not a coffeeshop. You have patients that need to be tended to. Emily, you’re needed in the west wing of the hospital. Robin, you need to go get a consult for the patient in room 112.

[The women take their files and go about their business. An exhausted Tony, who’s been working a 14 hour shift, goes into the lounge to relax. Just as he begins to get comfortable, Dr. Noah Drake and Bobbie Spencer walk in. Bobbie sees how tired Tony looks and tells Noah she’ll catch up with him later.]

Bobbie: Is everything ok Tony?

Tony: No Bobbie, it’s not.


Carly: I know I’m not going to be able to change your mind Liz, but let me clear things up for the final time. Emily is Michael’s aunt. If Sonny and Emily get together and break up, things will always be awkward between them. Emily won’t want to come around Sonny, therefore she won’t be spending time with Michael. God forbid they split on bad terms, that then puts Jason in a situation where has to choose between his best friend and his sister. And we all know that he’s going to pick Emily.

Liz: Ok…but what does that have to do with the friendship between Sony & Jason?

Carly: We all know what happens when people hurt those who Jason loves. It’s over for them Liz. Now I know I can’t force you to help me, but I’m at least asking you to think about this with Jason in mind.

[Carly grabs the rest of her belongings and walks way from Liz, who realizes that in Carly’s own weird way, she’s right.]


[Monica steps off of the elevator, then walks to the central hub station. She begins logging in her files into the computer when she sees Jason.]

Monica: Jason! How are you?

Jason: I’m doing good.

Monica: Why are you here?

Jason: I had to come in for a checkup on my head.

Monica: You haven’t been having headaches again have you?

Jason: No.

Monica: Ok good.

[Monica sighs with relief, but Jason picks up on her uneasiness. He asks her what’s wrong, and she tells him that Alan wants them to try couples therapy to repair their marriage. Jason looks surprised, but doesn’t say anything. Monica asks him what she should do. Jason just stares at her as the scene fades to black.]

IPB Image

On the next General Hospital……

- Skye has dinner with Lorenzo, but is cut short when Lorenzo has to take a call.

- Tony talks with Bobbie about Lucas acting out

- Carly shows up at Sonny house when Alexis & Ric bring Kristina over

- Nikolas has Jax arrested

Jason: You don’t wanna know what I think.

Monica: I do Jason.

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