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GH Fan Fic: Media Hotsheet for 1/10/06



ABC Media Hotsheet:

- Spoilers show that Alan & Monica will be seeing a marriage counselor. Could this bring about the return of a fan favorite? One cast mate says the deal has been made and this actor has been taping for 3 weeks now.

- *Four actors/actresses are on the chopping block. It is unknown whether their characters will be written out or of they will be recast.*

- Could it be that veterans are returning to the heart and center of the show? According to the new head writer they are. In a recent inverview with SOD (Soaps on Demand), new GH scribe Ryan Chandler said “Yup".

- Is Emily on her way out? According to set sources, GH headwriter Ryan Chandler is not too fond of her character. She could exit our screens in a tragic way during May sweeps. Then again, we are hearing that the role will more than likely be recast.

- We have learned that Peyton List, Jessica Dunphy & Robyn Richards has been spotted at the GH Studios.

- Laura Wright is really settling into the role of Carly Corinthos. Any rumors of TPTB at GH bringin back Sarah Joy Brown or Tamara Braun can be nipped in the butt right now. An actress currently on her way out says "Nope, it ain't gonna happen".

Long Term Spumors:

Get ready for the son of Sam......

Alan & Monica make love...and it's shown all over the internet

Why is Jason spending more time at the Quartermaine mansion that he should be?

Maxie gets her old face back....we think

Robin's List of friends may grow in April

Helena decides it's time she meets her step-grandchildren. With...or without Alexis' permission!

While stalking on Sonny, Carly finds her brother in a very compromising position.


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