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GH Fanfic: Episode #1



[General Hospital begins in the bedroom of Monica Quartermaine. A man slowly walks into her room and stands over her. Sensing someone is near, Monica screams.]

Monica: Alan?! What are you doing in here?

[Monica looks at Alan standing in her bedroom with a smile on his face.]

Monica: You do know this is my room right?

Alan: Yes, I know.

Monica: Ok…then again I ask you, what are you doing in here?

Alan: I brought you breakfast in bed. See?

[Alan cuts the lights on and Monica sees the breakfast he brought for her]

Monica: What is this about?

[Alan tells Monica that this is one of many surprises that he has for her. He apologizes for the way he’s acted these past few months and wants to make it up to her. Monica tells him that it’s going to take a lot more than breakfast in bed to repair their relationship.]

IPB Image

[At Kelly’s, Lucky is sitting talking with Elizabeth.]

Liz: Have you seen Emily lately?

Lucky: No, the last time I saw her was at the MetroCourt a few weeks ago. Is she still thinking that she has a thing for Sonny?

Liz: Yup. But, I mean, it’s her life. We really shouldn’t butt in.

Lucky: Well, she deserves a lot better. She needs to be careful though, Carly is none too pleased that she’s taking a liking to Sonny.

Liz: Carly gets none to pleased about anyone who invades on her “territory”.

Lucky: Speak of the devil…..

[Liz turns around to see Carly standing behind her. The ladies share an intense glare.]


[Monica comes out of her bathroom and is buttoning her shirt. Alan again startles her.]

Monica: Alan! What the hell….get out!

Alan: Come on Monica, aren’t you going to talk to me?

Monica: I believe that’s what I’m doing now. Look, I thanked you for breakfast. What else do we need to talk about.

Alan: We need to talk about what’s been going on between us.

Monica: Alan, that’s not who we are. We don’t address the problems between us. We would have to communicate for that to happen. We don’t do that.

Alan: I want you to listen to what I have to say.


[Robin steps off the elevator and sees Emily. Robin walks over and begins talking to her.]

Robin: Do you have the charts on Drew Amello?

Emily: Umm…no I don’t think so.

Robin: That’s ok, I don’t need them at the moment.

Emily: Ok.

Robin: Emily…I….I wanted to ask you something.

Emily: Sure…Robin, what is it?

Robin: What’s the deal with you Sonny?


Liz: Carly, I didn’t see you there.

Carly: I know, but I heard you guys. Cousin Lucky!! Just the person I wanted to see. Excuse me Elizabeth.

[Carly walks over and grabs Lucky. He looks confused but decides to go with Carly anyway. She takes him outside.]

Lucky: What do you want Carly?

Carly: Is that anyway to talk to you favorite cousin?

Lucky: You aren’t my favorite cousin.

Carly: Well…we’ll work on that. Listen, I need you to help me get Emily away from Sonny


Emily: There is nothing going on with Sonny and I Robin. And..I don’t think this is really any of your business.

Robin: It is my business because it affects Jason.

Emily: Jason, is not your concern anymore. He’s with Sam.

Robin: I already know that Emily. But you don’t understand what I’m saying.

Emily: Yes, I do. You want Sonny for yourself don’t you? To get back at Jason & Carly?

[Robin looks at Emily with utter disgust.]


Alan: Things between you and I have been strained for years now. And I’m pretty sure that I ruined our relationship more over the summer. But I want to put the past behind us. I want to move on.

Monica: We can’t just move on Alan.

Alan: I know. It’s, it’s taken me a while to realize the mistakes that I’ve made, but when I realized that I could lose our last remaining son….it put things into perspective for me. I realized that I need to change. Part of that was me reaching out to Jason. The other part is repairing our marriage.

Monica: And how do you plan on doing that?

Alan: Therapy. I want us to go to couples therapy.


Lucky: Help you with Emily? No. I’m not getting involved with that.

Carly: Oh come on Lucky! I’ve helped you out before.

Lucky: With that? You only show me attention when you want something.

Carly: Well…that the old Carly. This is the new one. I need your help. I’ve heard that you’ve been hitting some hard times as of late, financially speaking. I’m willing to compensate you for your help.

Lucky: First off, I don’t need your kind of help Carly. If I wouldn’t take help my Nikolas, my brother, what makes you think I’ll be bought by you? Secondly, if Emily wants to be with Sonny, that’s her right. Not for me to judge.

[Liz walks out of Kelly’s in time to see Lucky telling Carly off. Lucky kisses Liz goodbye after he receives a page. Liz goes to leave too but Carly calls her back.]

Carly: Liz, wait. Maybe you can help me.

IPB Image

….On The Next General Hospital:

Liz: Why should I help you?

Carly: Do your really want Jason to be hurt if Sonny hurts Emily?

-Alexis & Ric take Kristina over to Sonny’s

- Alan tells Monica about their new therapist

- Skye received a surprising phone call

- Tony & Bobbie interrupt Robin & Emily’s argument


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that was a very good episode, Chandler. I can't wait to see the next one, and who is the person calling Skye.....Adam, maybe? Hmmm......nice use of the screen caps in the episode. I totally envisioned the scenes actually happening, especially w/ Monica and Alan. Sounds so like them. HAHA. Great job!

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woow i really liked the first episode better then what's on now lol.

and major props for using my name that just means ill have to like it forever

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