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GH Fanfic: Interview With New GH Headwriter



Soaps On Demand Exclusive: First Interview with New General Hospital Head Writer!!!!!!

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I recently had the chance to sit down with new headwriter of General Hospital, Ryan Chandler. He had very interesting remarks about his direction with the series

Soaps on Demand (12:16:38 AM): I love the couple of Alan and Monica. They should be front and center again. Do you think a love triangle could ensue between the two again before they rekindle their love? Who would be involved?

Ryan Chandler (12:18:01 AM): Honestly, I think triangles are over-used. Why introduce another character or a third wheel to a relationship, when in the end I'm just gonna keep them together?

RC (12:18:06 AM): It doesn't make sense

RC (12:18:22 AM): I will however.......explore the friendships that these two have with other people

RC (12:18:39 AM): the friends they have will influence their decisions

SOD (12:19:07 AM): How about Edward? He lost the love of his life. Do you think it is time for Edward to find a new love interest?

RC (12:20:07 AM): No. That would be an insult to the Edward & Lila fans. I was extremely upset with former writers Guza & Pratt tried to give Edward a new love interest. I'd prefer to have Edward honor the memory of his wife, and try to do better by his family. He needs to focus on them.

SOD (12:20:33 AM): A crossover between AMC and GH....I could see Adam Chandler crossing over because of Skye, which will then put her on our screen. Would they cross over because of personal ties/connections?

RC (12:22:57 AM): You read my mind . Yes, I may have Adam cross over to GH. It won't be a major thing either. He may just drop in to say hello. He isn’t the only one who may come to visit Port Charles. I also may bring some other characters over.

SOD (12:23:46 AM): Would the mob no longer be the focus of the show?

RC (12:26:09 AM): A question everyone wants to know the answer to. The mob has been a part of GH since the 70's. So in a way, it'll always be a part of the show. To answer your question, it won't be a major focus of the show anymore. I have plans to have Jason & Sonny leave the mob. But…… that doesn't mean that enemies won't return to take them out. You can never truly leave the mob. Fans have been upset with the lack of balance. I've read many message boards where fans have said they wouldn't mind the mob storylines if it didn't dominate the tv

SOD (12:28:00 AM): Less killling, more hospital, in a way?

RC (12:28:15 AM): well people die in a hospital don't they? Lol

RC (12:28:27 AM): There will be a balance.

RC (12:28:40 AM): Expect to see ELQ brought back into the front and center as well.

SOD (12:29:24 AM): I am a huge Lucy/Kevin fan. Any chance they can make a return and explain their absence?

RC (12:31:31 AM): I am not sure. There's a chance that I will bring on some consultants to help me with that. Lucy & Kevin have been ruined in a sense due to what happened on 'Port Charles".

RC (12:31:47 AM): Basically, there are other characters who I'd bring back before Lucy & Kevin. If I don't acknowledge what has happened to Lucy & Kevin, it could be perceived as slap in the face to fans of ‘Port Charles’. That is something I don't want to touch.

SOD (12:33:53 AM): Right, because when they showed up at Lila's funeral, we noticed that Kevin was no longer in the wheelchair.

RC (12:34:05 AM): exactly

RC (12:34:11 AM): and Lucy wasn't a vampire slayer

RC (12:34:12 AM): lol

RC (12:34:29 AM): there was also no mention of Kevin's daughter Livvie. It's better if I don't touch it

SOD (12:36:08 AM): Sort of like rewriting history, which is something you do not want to do? correct?

RC (12:36:39 AM): That is something that I don't want to do, but it may be inevitable. Some things were really messed up by the previous writers, and I want to correct that. And I’m not talking about Port Charles either.

SOD (12:37:13 AM): What characters do you think are not needed on the canvas?

RC (12:38:21 AM): I'd prefer not to answer that question. I don't want to offend any of the actors that we currently have.

RC (12:38:42 AM): Basically, you'll see who is not needed as characters are written off

SOD (12:39:05 AM): The character of Bobbie hasn't had much of a story for a long time. What sort of ideas, if any, would you have come up with for her?

RC (12:40:33 AM): I've been wanting to explore the Bobbie/Tony relationship for sometime now. I want them to address the mistakes they made with each other and try to move on. With the return of Noah Drake (who I intend to keep around), I think this is a good chance to use the veterans in a major way. Tony & Bobbie will have to come together when they learn their son is gay. It is at that time they will go through the stereotypical reactions. "Where did we go wrong?" "was it something that we did?", etc. etc. Bobbie will turn to Noah for support

SOD (12:42:44 AM): Sounds very interesting. A story that Zeman can do justice

RC (12:42:58 AM): exactly

RC (12:43:13 AM): Carly will feature heavily into this storyline as well. She will be there to help her mother deal. Though it will be awkward with Tony there. Lol, we might actually have Carly and Lucas talk to each other. Carly won't want her mother to get involved with Tony again. That will possibly put a strain on Carly and Bobbie's relationship.

SOD (12:44:54 AM): We will finally see some family interaction that has been rare on the show lately, correct? Will Luke be involved in the story as well?

RC (12:46:31 AM): Correct. The entire Spencer family will be involved there may be an entire week's worth of episodes just involving them.

SOD (12:47:21 AM): Any chance Audrey will have a storyline of her own?

RC (12:49:06 AM): I don't think so. I'm very unfamiliar with her character, I may have to watch some old footage and read up on her. I will use her in the hospital more. She'll become someone who people go to for advice.

RC (12:49:51 AM): Let me be clear on one thing: I will use the veterans more, but I do not intend to backburner all of the younger characters. That will alienate an entire group of viewers and that is something I don’t want to do. I will do my best to make the show watching for both older fans and younger fans.

SOD (12:50:36 AM): Most fans know actor Maurice Bernard has bipolar disease. That would be a wonderful storyline to show on GH, seeing how Sonny's family and friends struggle along with him and/or also bring them closer together.

RC (12:52:10 AM): That is a story that I have been interested in doing for a long time now. You'll have to come back to me on that.

SOD (12:53:49 AM): Out of all those you would wish to return, which one, in your opinion, would have a great impact on the viewers if they returned?

RC (12:55:01 AM): Honestly, I'm going to leave that up to the viewers. There are so many talented actors who have wonderful fan bases. Just because a character returns won't mean the ratings will jump. A great story will have to accompany it.

RC (12:55:12 AM): There are 4 actors we are in talks with to return. Once we get this finalized, the network will poll the fans on who they want to return the most. The character who has the most votes will return with a front-burner storyline.

RC (12:56:06 AM): All of this will take place over the course of the next year

SOD (12:56:50 AM): It sounds you have a lot in store for the town of Port Charles

RC (12:58:09 AM): oh yes. I want things to work out. If I feel a story isn't working, I'll can it.

Well it was great talking with Mr. Ryan Chandler. Ryan has some very good ideas and it seems he will be able to do the show justice. But what appears to be may not in fact be true. I am skeptical, due to his lack of experience in being a headwriter, but he handled this interview professionally and his answers are clear and concise. Let's pray that GH is in good hands.

- Lee Navellson

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