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Ideas For GH Fanfic (Care To Share?)



Haylo everyone!

I have some ideas on what I intend to so here they are:

Bring the veterans back into the frontburner which include but aren't limited to:

- Give Alan & Monica a front burner storyline that involves them rekindling their love

- A love triangle between Tony, Bobbie & Noah. One that will involve a lot of buildup and explain why Tony feels the way that he does and why it took him so long.

Bring back more family interactions

- Which may result in bringing back some popular characters

- Eliminate the "quarantining" of certain characters (those who never interact with their family).

Eliminate some of the dead weight

Recast 3 contract roles with their original portrayers.

Write off about 4 characters

One of the things that will happen is a major crossover with All My Children. Why that show? Well, since everything will be taking place on General Hospital, I will have to write something that will explain why some PV citizens are visiting Port Charles. There may be 2 characters who move permanately to Port Charles and vice versa.

I am looking for ideas. This is a fan fiction for your enjoyment, and therefore I'd like to have some feedback. If anyone wants to help out, that would be great. Ideas, volunteers, everything would be great!



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hey ryan great idead. with regards to sonny if your not taking him out i would like his involvement in the show to be brought down a hefty amount. i really dont want lot of people on the backburner, including sonny lol. my idea would be to definately get rid of all mob related things.

my choices on who should be gone would be: michael corinthos - i have never liked him lol

Sam McCall.

If you are writing out sonny i have an idea on how to write him out

A storyline that i thought would be great is for sonny to delve into his bi polar disorder. i would do this by maybe haveing michael and jason be killed which would then lead him to be angrier and depressed and bi polar would come full swing. and since i heard a lot of people loved him with Brenda. he would then leave to Paris, i think thats where Brenda is, to be helped with his disorder and realize Brenda is there. They fall back in love and, when he gets better he decides to stay with Brenda for good leaving carly and morgan in port charles

also my favourite character is Liz so i would love to get her a meaty storyline involving lucky. i think about it later .

thx for hearing my ideas, do not feel obliged to use them lol


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That sounds good Amello. I wouldn't like killing people off because if I wanted to re-use them one day, I'd have a hell of a tough time trying to re-write their death. But I agree with you about Sonny. I do intend to have him leave the mob, and afterwards he will be backburnered.

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