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GH Fanfic Coming Soon



Coming in late January, I will be writing a GH fanfic. This will be written to my liking with of course the help of many of the readers. I will be taking your suggestions on who I should keep around and who I should get rid of. One thing....if I get rid of Maurice Bernard (Sonny) it will involve a long-term story. I won't just say "Oops he's fired, no story left for you". I of course will be needing some help so if any of you want to help and/or submit ideas for storylines, feel free. I'm all ears.

Based on the current contract cast, who do you think should be written off immediately:

Maurice Benard * Not available b/c I said I'd write a long story for his departure from the show*

Julie Berman

Corbin Bernsen

Steve Burton

Dylan Cash

Leslie Charleson

Robin Christopher

Tyler Christopher

Scott Clifton

Stuart Damon

Jane Elliot

Anthony Geary

Nancy Lee Grahn

Rick Hearst

Rebecca Herbst

Ted King

Adrianne Leon

Lindze Letherman

Natalia Livingston

Matt Marraccini

Kimberly McCullough

Kelly Monaco

M'fundo Morrison

Ingo Rademacher

Ignacio Serricchio

Kirsten Storms

Jason Thompson

Greg Vaughan

Alicia Leigh Willis

Laura Wright

John J. York

Jacklyn Zeman

Also, if there are any characters you'd like to return or think an actor should be bumped to recurring, let me know. I'd love it if someone would help me write for the veterans. I unfortuneately haven't been able to see them in the glory days, so any info would be great.


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a fanfic for GH, huh? I would like to see how this will be...mainly to see if mob central will be the central focus or not. It can still be a part of the show, granted it has been for over 2 decades, but have MORE involved LOL. Can't wait to read it.

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Sounds like a great idea Ryan. Lord knows I am not too interested in the GH I see on my screen these days so it will be very interesting to see your ideas on how this show should be. :)

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One thing I plan to do is listen to the responses and take them hugely into my decisions, but there are some things I'll have to stand firm with.

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