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Episode #237 - Tuesday, November 7th, 2006:


- Steve remains pinned underneath the fiery beam. He joins Lexie, Liam, Lawrence, Bo, and Hope who lay unconscious while the warehouse falls apart from the flames.

- John begs Kristen to give him a chance to meet his son.

- Sami tells Ausin and Carrie to cut their crap and drop their high and mighty attitudes!

- Kristen tells John that she is not the monster she thinks she is. She says the only motivation she has ever had is love - her love for him!

- Vivian and Kate struggle to find a model for their runway show with only a few hours left.

- Sami informs Austin and Carrie that they could have just as easily killed Alan if they thought he kidnapped their baby, which they DID think! Carrie and Sami continue to get into it. Sami is a drunken mess and insults Carrie telling her she would have been an awful mother anyway. Carrie SMACKS Sami in the face.

- Kristen introduces John to his baby boy! John breaks down as he holds the baby in his arms.

- Hope awakens amidst the flames. She sees Liam, Lexie, and Bo unconscious next to each other. She rushes to their sides. She cannot wake Bo and Lexie up!

- John tells Kristen that there is no chance for them now. He tearfully asks her to understand this. Kristen also breaks down and through tears, she tells John that she knows she will never be with him now.

- Sami charges Carrie, but Lucas and Eric keep her away. Eric tells them that they need to figure out what to do because the Alan's shooter is someone in this room! They all look at each other in suspicion. Meanwhile, Will has a terrible nightmare.

- Liam awakens and grabs Hope! Liam explains to her that he will get her out of the building in time and get them to safety.

- Vivian and Kate's problems are solved with a refreshed Georgia Brady (Peyton List) walks into her Grandma Kate's office after having just returned to town! They approach Georgia about being their star model in the Titan vs. Alamain Fashion show.

- Kristen informs John that she and Lexie have both decided to give back the babies they have taken from their rightful parents. Kristen explains that she was going to give the baby boy back before he found her. John doesn't believe her. Kristen explains that he should ask Lexie if he has any doubts, but John explains Lexie is just another evil Dimera. Kristen tells John she will let him walk out of here with his baby right now on ONE condition.

- Liam and Hope struggle as he tries to remove her from the building, but she tells him she isn't leaving without Bo and her family and friends! Hope breaks free. Liam grabs her once again. She uses her training as a police officer to force him off. They struggle. Hope tells him that she doesn't know how she ever fell for a man like him, even if she was Princess Gina! Liam tells Hope that he will do anything to hold onto her. Liam sees Lawrence's gun. He grabs it and aims it at Hope. Back in Salem, Celeste wakes up and screams DEATH, DEATH, DEATH! The nurses come and sedate her from her violent rage. Suddenly, a huge fiery pillar falls down on Liam, setting him on fire. Liam screams in pain and agony. Hope turns to see the ceiling collapse in on Bo and Lexie. Hope lets out a blood curtling scream!


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Good ep!!! I'm sorry to see Liam go, though. For

some reason, I liked his character- I tend to

gravitate towards that type of male soap character.

Plus... Grant Aleksander :wub:

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