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"Salem Lives" Insider




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Victor and Stefano: IT'S WAR!!!

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Lexie (Renee Jones) becomes a innocent victim of the Victor/Stefano feud on "Salem Lives."

Two of Salem's most notorious villains find themselves at war with each other this week on Salem Lives after Victor's plot to eliminate Stefano puts his daughter's life in danger. "Lexie ends up getting the message that was meant for Stefano," recaps HW Tim Lowery. "She is looking for her father and ends up at the warehouse, unaware the note is fake and the warehouse is rigged to explode. Stefano ends up hearing about the note and arrives at the warehouse worried about Lexie. Nicole is there looking for Eric and both of them smell gas and hear a whistling sound. Then it's...BAM!!! The warehouse blows to pieces and Stefano and Nicole both worry about Lexie and Eric being in the building." Eric is not anywhere near the building (see story below) but Lexie was indeed in the warehouse and is now missing. "The police arrive and so do Roman and Cal (Faux Roman)," reveals Lowery. "A search for Lexie is underway but it soon seems to be becoming a recovery operation as it appears no one could've survived that blast." Is Lexie really dead? "Well, Abe and Celeste arrive there and Celeste just feels a part of her missing. It is a very emotional scene. Abe breaks down and and admits he still loves Lexie and then you have Nicole worried Eric may be in the debris. Plus, Stefano is running around desperate to find Lexie and he will lock horns with Roman, Cal, and Abe and the people of Salem as they all learn he is back in town this week," previews Lowery. "As for Lexie, the fans will just have to watch since this is just the beginning." It is just the beginning indeed as, by week's end, Stefano learns Victor was responsible for the blast and declares war on him and his family. "Things have gotten very personal and now it's time to get down and dirty. People will be choosing sides left and right and many innocent lives will be in danger. This war is huge for the whole canvas and that is not an exaggeration," cautions Lowery

Sami's BIG Sacrifice

IPB Image

Sami (Alison Sweeney) makes a stunning choice on "Salem Lives."

Sami does the unthinkable this week on Salem Lives when she chooses her sister over being with the man of her dreams. "Carrie escapes Alan and the cabin and calls Salem," recaps HW Tim Lowery. "Sami picks up and Carrie tells her where she is but Alan shows up and then...click...there goes the call. We then get a typical Sami moment where she actually thinks about whether or not to tell Austin and Lucas. Afterall, both men love Carrie more than her as it seems so Carrie being gone will service her nicely." Austin and Lucas catch Sami on the phone and ask her who she is talking with. Sami is at a loss for words and must decide to either take the selfless route and help Carrie or pull a typical Sami stunt that may cause further harm to her sister. She chooses the former. "It is a moment of real growth for Sami, something we are striving to do," says Lowery. "We had a few moments of growth over the summer and this is another one." Sami, Austin, and Lucas race to the area Carrie told Sami about with Kate in toll. However, things take an unexpected turn once they arrive. "Something big happens with Carrie and Alan and when Sami and the others arrive...let's just say things don't go in the direction people would think," hints Lowery.

Cassie to Chelsea: I OWN YOU!!!

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Cassie (Alexis Thorpe) has herself a new foe on "Salem Lives."

A new rivalry begins in Salem this week on Salem Lives when Cassie learns that Hope is Chelsea's real mother. "Cassie just overhears Chelsea talking to herself and confronts Chelsea," previews HW Tim Lowery. "Cassie just tortures her with the fact that she can tell anyone at any time." Things get worse for Chelsea when she runs into Abby and Max at Salem Place and catches them in a close moment. "Cassie really digs into Chelsea about that too so Chelsea is falling apart by that point," reveals Lowery. Max then tells Chelsea they need to talk and breaks things off with her. "It is a little sad but she had been pushing him away so she blames herself," adds Lowery. Chelsea then sees Abby and Max walk off together and the bond is evident. "If it wasn't evident to Chelsea before, Cassie makes it very evident," laughs Lowery. "She just lays in on Chelsea real thick that she lost her boyfriend to her best friend and that she is worthless and so on." Cassie then takes it one step further when she says that no one wants a slut like Chelsea around. "Cassie even says that the reason why Chelsea won't tell Hope she is her daughter is because she is afraid Hope won't want a slutty daughter," comments Lowery. Chelsea and Cassie go at it and then are interupted when Cassie gets a phone call and must leave. Chelsea then goes home where things take another bad turn. "Chelsea sees Bo and Hope about to call it quits for good and she begins to wonder why she is even trying to be good. There is also the matter of Billie, who is on her case about her hiding something. Everything is just going so wrong for her and that isn't even the worst of it," hints Lowery. Yep, that's right-the worse is yet to come. "Chelsea will take yet another hit by week's end that will make Cassie and everything else look like school-age problems," reveals Lowery.

Horton's To The Rescue!!!

IPB Image

Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) goes off the deep end on "Salem Lives."

The Horton's band together to help Maggie this week on Salem Lives not realizing how lost she truly is. "Doug, Julie, and Laura arrive at Maggie's house just as Maggie has succumbed to her alcohol temptation," previews HW Tim Lowery. Maggie creates a cover story and hides the booze while Julie and Laura try to convince her to let them help her through this. "They give her the traditional don't push us away speech and all Maggie is focused on is the vodka," says Lowery. Things take a rough turn when Maggie learns that Laura is there to examine her mental health. "Maggie just loses it and kicks them all out," says Lowery. "Now she goes from just wanting to have a few drinks to downing the whole bottle. The self-control is now gone as she feels betrayed and alone and the guilt, pain, and heartbreak over Mickey's death is eating at her," explains Lowery. By week's end, Maggie has lost total control and the Horton's are worried sick when Maggie doesn't answer their calls. Alice, Doug, Julie, and Laura realize she may be in more trouble then they realize and even being to wonder if she has fallen off the wagon. "They have no evidence of it but the idea comes up," says Lowery. This prompts the Horton's to take action...and to call in reinforcements.

Greta Learns Eric's Secret!!!

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Greta (Julianne Morris) makes a stunning discovery on "Salem Lives."

The cat is out of the bag for Eric this week on Salem Lives when Greta learns the secret he has been keeping since returning to Salem. "Eric and Greta are arguing over his secret and he collapses in Greta's arms," reveals HW Tim Lowery. "She calls an ambulance and he ends up in the ER." Eventually, the doctor's come out but they won't tell Greta anything. "Eric makes them promise not to tell anyone anything and to make sure no one but Greta knows he is there," says Lowery. Greta takes matters into her own hands and find out his secret on her own. "She plays detective and is shocked by what she finds out," previews Lowery. "The secret is a real doozy."


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Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) gets life-altering news on "Salem Lives."

Kayla gets shocking news this week on Salem Lives when she learns her husband, Steve "Patch" Johnson, isn't dead afterall. "Patrick had been hinting at a big secret for weeks," recaps HW Tim Lowery. "Kayla finally got in to see him in prison but he wanted to bargain for his freedom so Kayla enlists the help of a guard to trick Patrick into telling her what he knows and he does." Patrick tells her how Steve is alive, where he has been, how he knows, etc and even tells Kayla he knows where he is. "He gives her everything but there is no visual proof," cautions Lowery. "It is just his word." Kayla remembers that Shane was investigating Steve's death and wonders if he did that because he knew of something fishy. "Between what Patrick told her and Shane investigating the death, Kayla is totally convinced and is ready to go find her husband," reveals Lowery. By week's end, Kayla makes a stunning decision prior to leaving to find Steve. "She does something that will not onle put her in danger but others in danger as well," warns Lowery.

Comings and Goings

Who's Coming?

Stephen Nichols (Steve "Patch" Johnson): The popular actor is returning this Fall. See the Casting News in the blog entry below this one for more.

Jeremy Sumpter (Will Roberts): Sumpter replaces Christopher Gerse in the role in mid-late September. See the Casting News in the blog entry below this one for more.

Who's Going?

Brody Hutzler (Patrick Lockhart): Hutzler was let go and will last air September 5. See the Casting News in the blog entry below this one for more.

Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts): Gerse, who has played the role since 2003, is out. He is being replaces by Jeremy Sumpter. See the Casting News in the blog entry below this one for more.

Farah Fath (Mimi Lockhart) and Eric Winter (Rex Dimera): As previously reported, Fath and Winter last aired on August 29 when Mimi and Rex left Salem with Connor.

Kyle Brandt (Philip Kiriakis): Brandt last aired on July 25 as a body double was substituted for Brandt during Philip's final scenes from that point on. The character of Philip made his last appearance on August 30 when he was shipped off to San Francisco to recover.

Jason Cook (Shawn Brady): As previously reported, Cook will exit the role in late September and the role will not be recast at this time.

Wayne Northrup (Wendell): Northrup, who as placed on recurring following the climax of the island story, is no longer with the show. Sources say there were no immediate plans for him but that he can pop back up at any point.

Thaoo Penghlis (Tony/Andre Dimera): Penghlis, who has been on recurring, is no longer with the show. Insiders say the plans to have a "search for Tony" have been put on hold until early next year. The character of Andre will not be making anymore further appearances. as he was believed to have died on July 24, so don't expect Penghlis to be around anytime soon.

Who's Staying?

Charles Cioffi (Ernesto Toscano): As previously reported, the actor will remain on recurring as Ernesto's presence will continue to be felt in Salem.

Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady) and Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan): Shaughnessy, who returned in June, will remain on recurring at this time. Pease, who returned to Salem for the funerals for those who perished on the island, will return to Salem in October and remain on recurring. Both will play roles in many stories this Fall.

Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura Horton): Bauer, who returned for the island funerals in August, will remain on recurring at this time.

Jensen Ackles and Arianne Zuker (Eric Brady and Nicole Walker): Both actors, who made short term returns in May, will remain with the show at least through the end of the year. Some insiders hint that Zuker will stay put on the show as it is said TPTB want her to sign a long term deal but there is no confirmation yet.

Josh Taylor (Faux Roman/Cal Winters): Despite the revelation that his character was not the real Roman Brady, Taylor will be staying with the show for the forseeable future. Expect to dive further into the character's past as the Fall progresses.

Status Change

Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault): As previously reported, Boyd was downgraded to recurring once again after plans for her front burner story were put on hold for the time being. Expect Boyd to still be a prominent fixture on the show.

Billy Warlock (Frankie Brady): As previously reported, Warlock has been downgraded to recurring as there are no immediate frontburner story plans for Frankie.

Alexis Thorpe (Cassie Dimera): As previously mentioned, Thorpe's scheduled short-term stint has now become a recurring gig. Expect the character to become more and more prominent as the Fall progresses (for more on Cassie's new story see above).

Sneak Peeks for Week of September 4, 2006

-Bo goes off the deep end.

-Nicole searches desperately for Eric.

-Alan's life is in Carrie's hands.

-Salem learns Stefano has returned.

-Hope, Billie, amd Chelsea are concerned about Bo.

-Maggie isolates herself from the world.

-Max and Chelsea call it quits.

-Cassie is becoming a true Dimera.

-Greta plays detective.

-Kayla embarks on an adventure.

-Shawn pushes Belle away.

-Sami, Austin, Lucas, and Kate make a chilling discovery.

-Stefano declares war.

-The Horton's unite to help Maggie.

-Danger closes in on Chelsea yet again.

Red Letter Days

Tuesday September 5, 2006: FALL PREMIERE WEEK BEGINS as Stefano searches desperately for Lexie, Eric is rushed to the ER, and Hope tries to keep Bo from committing murder.

Friday September 8, 2006: Stefano declares war on Victor and his loved ones. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes Chelsea yet again

Next Week

Kayla searches for Steve. Stefano gets a lucky break. It's over for Bo and Hope. Chelsea falls apart, along with the Brady family. Victor turns against the Brady's...and Caroline. Shawn announces his future plans to his loved ones. The search for Carrie officially ends.

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Man your'e good.... I mean really good.... you and Roman have sure created a masterpiece here! Better than anything I could do on my blog! :lol:

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