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Goodbye Patrick!!!

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Hello Steve and Will!!!

As previously reported, Brody Hutzler (Patrick) has been let go and will last appear on September 5. The exit is storyline dictated. "Patrick may be back at some point as he knows Dimera secrets but, for now, he has served his purpose," says EP Ned Yadroc.

One actor exits as two others are set to enter, one being a returnee. Yes, folks, the cat is out of the bag. The mystery return is none other then Steve "Patch" Johnson. "Steve was the mystery man seen dragged out of the burning island compound," says Yadroc. "We figured the fans would figure out with Kayla back Steve couldn't be far behind and here he is. His return will be HUGE for the whole canvas and his reunion with Kayla will be very emotional," promises Yadroc. What about Stephanie Johnson, was was recently recasted with Shayna Rose? "We will be bringing her on at some point but, for right now, she will be living out of Salem," says Yadroc. "She will make visits, especially to see her father, but nothing long term is planned until we have a full purpose for her beyond her family."

The other big news-Will Roberts is returning to Salem. Will was last seen played by Christopher Gerse in the Spring and will return in mid-late September in the form of Jeremy Sumpter. Sumpter is perhaps most famous for his role in the most recent film version of "Peter Pan" and for his work in the short-lived TV series "Clubhouse," which also starred Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle). "We just think he is perfect for Will, praises Yadroc. "He resembles Ali (Sweeney, Sami) and Bryan (Dattilo, Lucas), can act, and will fit in well with the story we want to tell." Look for Will to play a part in several stories this fall and to even get one of his own come mid to late Fall. "He will be a part of the Alan story and the big Sami and Lucas story coming up but, eventually, he will have his own story to carry which I think the fans might find controversial but very powerful." Again, Sumpter will first appear in the role in mid to late September.

UPDATE: As previously reported, Farah Fath (Mimi) and Eric Winter (Rex) last aired on August 29. Alexis Thorpe (Cassie) will remain on recurring status. Be sure to check out the Salem Lives Insider tomarrow for more story and casting info!!!


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