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-Will is at the hospital as the doctor asks for proof that he is Will’s fiancee. He urges him to go in and ask Chelsea. However, Chelsea is unconscious so it has to wait. The doctor asks for Chelsea’s last name so they see if Will’s story checks out about Chelsea having no family left. Will (remembering that with the Benson’s dead Chelsea has no other family since she was adopted by them and doesn’t think Chelsea has had her last name changed legally yet) tells the doctor her name is Chelsea Benson. He goes to check out. While he waits, Will decides to check in with his parents.

-Sami, Lucas, Carrie, and Austin are now at Sami’s place. They are waiting for more word from Bo, Roman, or the Salem PD about Will. Austin is comforting her which Lucas sees and is jealous of. He walks off to a corner to be alone as Carrie follows asking if something is wrong. He lies saying there is nothing wrong. Austin comes over and holds Carrie telling him he is here for her too. Lucas says to himself, “Yeah you are just here for everyone aren’t you.” Austin asks if he said something. Lucas says no and then wonders why no one gives a damn about him. Austin is his brother, Sami is Will’s mother, and Carrie is his friend yet no one even asks him how he is doing with everything that has happened. The phone rings and Sami picks up and says its Will. Lucas sits next to her as she puts the phone on speaker phone. Will says he is ok. Sami tells him about Mickey, Shawn Sr, and everything else that happened while he was MIA. Will is upset and says he wishes he could be there but can’t. He has a friend that needs him and doesn’t know when he will be back. Sami is worried but Will tells her that if she knew what he was doing she would understand. Lucas tells Will they trust him but they want him home now because he has school to worry about. Will says that this is serious and more important then school. He promises to call them at least once a day until he is home which he hopes to be soon. He says he has got to go and says he loves them both, even though sometimes he doesn’t show it towards Sami. Sami and Lucas say they love him as he hangs up and Sami gets up starts crying. Austin walks over to her and says it will be ok. Lucas goes over too but she won’t let go of Austin. Carrie thinks everyone should go home since its been a long night. Austin agrees. Lucas hugs Sami and says it will be ok. She then goes back to Austin as Lucas leaves with Carrie, clearly jealous that Sami is with Austin. Lucas notes that Carrie hasn’t been bothered by Austin being with Sami and asks her why. Carrie says she has her reasons and just wants to go to bed. Lucas says he is going out as Carrie asks again if something is wrong. Lucas lies again and says no, even though he is feeling more left out then ever. Will is gone, Mickey is dead, Austin has both Sami and Carrie’s attention, his family is a mess-he just feels alone and depressed. He leaves as Carrie remembers learning about Austin taking over High Style and wonder who Austin could do such a thing.

-The doctor returns and tells Will that his story checked out-Chelsea has no family left. He goes to check on Chelsea and says he is going to prepare her for surgery. Will wonders how Chelsea will pay for it. Meanwhile, as the doctor goes in a cubicle, he comes face to face with Bart who is in a doctor’s disguise. He gives the doctor loads of money and tells him to give Chelsea all the medical care she needs and to not tell anyone that her or the young man is there or he will have to deal with the Dimera’s. The afraid doctor agrees and walks out to tell Will the surgery has been taken care of. Will then is given a envelope by a nurse that contains a wad of cash and a note saying to stay far away from Salem and that there will be more cash and whatever else is needed to live away from Salem provided for him and Chelsea. Will wonders who is doing this but reads the bottom of the note which says that if Chelsea and him return to Salem both their families will be destroyed and will suffer a fate worst then death. Will realizes he will just have to stay away from Salem. The note also says that everyone, including the police, that is searching for Chelsea will be taken care of. Will puts the envelope in his jacket and wonders what is going to happen now.

-Max and Abby both talk about Chelsea. The hope she isn’t dead but can’t believe she may be responsible for starting this tragedy. They comfort each other and admit that despite everything they did care for Chelsea. Frankie and Bo discuss what just happened with Hope. Bo says that Hope is right when she says he and Billie let Chelsea get away with a lot but Hope pushed for her to go on the trip so she has blame too. Frankie tells Bo that no one really is too blame but Bo says that Hope won’t see it that way. Meanwhile, Jen and Hope are going through the same exact discussion, only from Hope’s point of view. Maggie and Caroline are walking the halls and can’t believe that Chelsea may be responsible.

-Roman holds a crying Bonnie in his arms and says he is here for her. Bonnie praises Patrick as a good son that did get into trouble but always took care of his family unlike his father. Roman says that while he never really liked Patrick most of the time he seemed ok. Bonnie wants to go talk to Bo and Hope and find out who started the accident that killed Mickey and her son. Bonnie thanks Roman for comforting her but tells Roman that maybe now he should let his feelings out too. Roman says he is fine but Bonnie says he is not a good liar. They leave the stairwell.

-Roman and Bonnie overhear what is being discussed with Hope, Jen, Maggie, and Caroline, She can’t believe it. Bo, Frankie, Max, and Abby join all of them. Jen and Frankie believe no one is at fault but agree that Chelsea was reckless. Max and Abby agree with that sentiment too. Hope, Maggie, and Caroline are all furious and so is Bonnie. They all tears into Bo for defending him. Roman does too saying that Bo let her act the same way he did when he was her age only this time the behavior went to far and ended up hurting many people and resulting in deaths, including the death of their father. Bo can’t believe that everyone is putting the blame for the whole tragedy, especially Shawn Sr’s death, on Chelsea and him and Billie for doing nothing about it. He admits that Billie and Him were soft but they wanted to make it up to Chelsea for all the lost years. Hope blames Kate too for spoiling Chelsea. Shawn arrives and learns what is going on and blames Chelsea too, as well as Bo and Billie for their parenting. Bo can’t believe this and runs off with Hope in pursuit of him. Shawn says goodbye to everyone and goes to check on Claire. Jen, Frankie, Max, and Abby decide to go home and asks Maggie and Caroline to call if they need anything. Frankie and Max hug Caroline, who tells them that they should have said goodbye to Shawn Sr’s body before. Frankie says that Max and him thought that the biological Brady’s should say goodbye. They will say goodbye at the funeral. Caroline says that they are real Brady’s. She takes them to the morgue to say goodbye to Shawn Sr and they tearfully do as Abby and Jen comfort them along with Caroline. Caroline goes back to Maggie who is blaming herself for sending Mickey and Shawn Sr out into the storm. Caroline says that it isn’t her fault. Between the storm and Chelsea being selfish and reckless, there was no way to predict what would happen. Really its no ones fault but the storm and Chelsea’s recklessness and disregard for everyone but herself didn’t help matter which is why she feels her son and Billie messed up, along with Kate, by always giving into her and letting her act that way. Maggie agrees but says that Alex could be blamed too since he was speeding trying to take Marlena away but all that doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter that it was probably meant to be. She can’t help feeling that if she had had enough sauce or had the staff working or didn’t send them out per trusting her instincts it would have never happened. Caroline embraces her and begs her not to do this to herself. She feels responsible too but knows that is the wrong frame of mind. Maggie says she is going home. Caroline asks if she wants her to come with her but Maggie refuses saying she will have to go home sometime to her lonely home. Later, we see both women go home alone and enter the Brady Pub and Maggie’s house. Caroline goes behind the bar and cries wondering how she will get by without her husband and feeling horrible about the two lies she told him-the one he knew and the one he didn’t. Maggie goes into the kitchen and remembers being attacked by the SSK. She remembers Mickey getting stabbed too and thinking that he may die with her or maybe that was the last time they would see each other since she would die. She cries that this time no one will come back from the dead. She lost so much time with him and he is gone and she is all alone. She breaks down and crumples to the kitchen floor.

-Shawn is shocked when he sees Mimi on the floor. He tries to wake her as Belle comes back saying she was with her when it happened but went to get a doctor. They take Mimi to a cubicle to examine her. Shawn asks how it happened as Belle says they were arguing over him and she went too far and hurt Mimi saying she couldn’t have Shawn’s baby when she already has. Shawn gets angry with Belle and lashes out at her saying that what women who chooses to be with is not a concern right now. Claire’s heath is and now Mimi’s is too. He doesn’t want to worry about anything else. Belle agrees although hopeful she will get Shawn back. The doctor comes out and says they are gonna run some test. He says that Mimi told him that she has been feeling ill a lot and has had fainting spells and stomach pains. Shawn remembers her being ill but never anything else. He is worried and wants to go see her. Belle follows. He holds Mimi’s hand and asks if she is alright. Belle sees this and says she will go get Bonnie just so she can get out of the room before letting her emotions get the best of her. Roman is comforting Bonnie who blames Patrick’s involvement with Chelsea and Bo, Billie, and Kate’s awful parenting and grand-parenting for what happened. She says that if Chelsea is not dead she wants her punished. Roman says that its likely she died as well in the fire but no one is certain yet since no remains have been found. Belle arrives and tells both of them what happened. Roman goes with Bonnie to see Mimi saying that he will be there for her like she has been with him all night. Bonnie tells Mimi they will find out what is going on but, after hearing her symptoms, says to herself that she thinks she knows what is wrong but its impossible. There is no way Mimi could be in that condition. Bonnie keeps her guesses to herself and Mimi asks to be with Shawn alone. Shawn says for her not to worry about Belle right now. He is there for her. Mimi smiles and they hold hands as he kisses her forehead. Belle asks Bonnie what she was so upset about when she found her. Bonnie fills her in about Chelsea and Patrick most likely being dead and Chelsea’s car being the one that started the accident. Bonnie accidentally says her news too loud though and Mimi hears it and screams, “NO!!!!” She refuses to believe her brother is dead but Bonnie is forced to admit it. Mimi also can’t believe Chelsea’s role and issues blame much in the same way as Hope, Caroline, Roman, Bonnie, and Maggie. Shawn agrees saying his father, Kate, and Billie screwed up and that Chelsea’s behavior did all this. Mimi blames her involvement with Patrick and starts to get really upset. Everyone tries to calm her but she starts to grab her stomach and scream in pain. The doctor ushers everyone out as he tries to help her. Shawn blames Belle for upsetting Mimi again. Bonnie mentions its her fault too but Shawn says Belle asked and should have known better since it was something like that that cost Mimi Rex and messed up Mimi and Belle’s friendship. Belle apologizes as Shawn turns away from her and everyone hopes and prays Mimi will be ok.

-Hope catches up with Bo in the ICU unit. They argue some more about Chelsea and the accident. Hope says she pushed for her to go on the trip but never would have had to push for it if Bo, Billie, and Kate hadn’t given into her. Bo can’t believe that Chelsea is being blamed for all this and, while there were some mistakes in raising Chelsea, he doesn’t think that was the whole reason for what happened. Hope just walks away saying that she is done trying to convince him. She bumps into a nurse and knows over a bunch of charts. Bo and Hope help pick them up and Hope notices a name on one of the charts. She is stunned and says, “Oh my God Bo. He’s here. I don’t believe it he is here.” Bo asks who is here as Hope asks the nurse to tell her what room to find the person in. The nurse is reluctant given security bit Hope shows her police badge and says she is Alice Horton’s granddaughter. The nurse gives her the room number. Hope goes there with Bo following her. They are stunned when they arrive at the room and see JT hooked up on life support and covered with bandages on his arm and head. Hope falls back into Bo’s arms and cries, “JT” as the screen fades to black.

On the Next Days...

Victor and Kate try to help Phillip. Roman and Bonnie have a fight. Lucas and Maggie fight temptation together. Billie learns about Chelsea and Patrick. JT causes more friction between Bo and Hope.


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