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-Victor visits Caroline at the pub. He says he noticed the light on still and wanted to check on her. She tells him to leave and that she wants to be alone. Victor says that he is here for her and tells her not to blame herself for what has happened. She says she doesn’t but she blames Tony for keeping her from Shawn for so long and putting her in a situation to betray him. She says that she is too blame for letting passion get the best of her and succumbing to Victor. Victor says he should have stopped it. Caroline wants Victor to go. She can’t talk about this right now and wants to just be alone to grieve for her husband. Victor agrees to go and says that he will call her sometime to check in. Caroline then goes behind the bar and cries, feeling guilty about her infidelity and wondering who she will get by without her husband.

-Victor bumps into Kate. She is an emotional wreck and Victor is shocked when Kate says she finally understand how horrible of a mother she is. She interfered when she should have just let her children live. She got away with it for years but now she has finally realized what she has done. Victor comforts her and tells her that sometimes you need to make your own mistakes to learn and that is what Kate’s kids must do and what she must do. She needs to learn from the mistakes she has made and never make them again. Kate says she doesn’t even know who she is. She always thought of herself as a good mother. That was her identity but now she realizes she never was that. She doesn’t have a man in her life and her family is in ruins. She has nothing and doesn’t know who or what she is or where to go from here. Victor thinks Kate should be home and not alone in her state but Kate says Billie went out and that she was going to stay with her tonight to make sure she was alright. She got a message from Bo to meet her at the hospital. Victor tells Kate she can stay with him tonight. Despite everything, he still cares for her and she is the mother of his son. They are about to get into Victor’s limo when they see a passed out, drunk Phillip near a dumpster in an alley. They go over and wake him. They beg him to come home with them but Phillip lashes out at them saying how they were lousy parents, how there breakup and the circumstances surrounding it hurt him, and how their deception about Claire and Kate’s interference in his life screwed him up. He is also hurt because everyone seemed to know about Belle and Shawn being together in his absence but him. He tears into both of them and really lays on to Kate about how her interference in her children’s lives makes things worse. He was hurt when he lost Chloe and she pushed him to land Belle. He didn’t want to force anything because he had already been hurt but she forced the issue and if it weren’t for her maybe none of this would have happened. Kate and Victor try to help and comfort him but he just keeps trashing them, especially Kate. He runs away from them as Kate breaks down in Victor’s arms saying her children are a mess, especially Phillip, and she did all this. Victor tries to calm her but Kate ignores him and pushes away from him and runs off as Victor worries about what she or Phillip might do.

Lucas arrives at Maggie’s house. She doesn’t answer so he uses his key to get in. He finds Maggie in the kitchen crying with a picture of Mickey in her hands. She is still blaming herself for sending him out with Shawn Sr but Lucas tries to convince her otherwise. She blames Tony too for taking so much time from Mickey and her. Lucas comforts her but Maggie says that she will feel guilty for the rest of her life and doesn’t know how she will live with the pain of knowing she sent Mickey to his death. Lucas tries to comfort her but she then pulls out a bottle of whiskey saying that it would be ironic if she drank herself to death citing how the SSK whacked her with a whiskey bottle. She says Mickey got it from Shawn Sr and kept it hidden from her due to her alcohol condition. He kept it here for when Doug and Julie came over or anyone else. She says that she has never been so tempted to just drown her sorrows away and not stop until she killed herself. Lucas warns her against that and says he is there for her just like she was always there when he fell off the wagon or was thinking about it. She says that she doesn’t care about anything anymore. Lucas then brings up how he feels. He feels lonely and like an outsider. Phillip hates him because he kept Belle and Shawn’s relationship from him, Austin is juggling both Sami and Carrie and neither of them even thinks about comforting him over what has happened, the rest of his family is a mess, he hates his mother, Will is MIA and doesn’t know when he is coming back, and he has nothing. His uncle Mickey is even dead and he feels tempted to drink too but knows that Maggie herself would be against that but right now she is so upset that she doesn’t know what she is saying. He says that Mickey would not want her or him to stop being sober. Maggie agrees and puts the bottle away. She tells Lucas thank you for saving her from herself as Lucas says that she has done the same for him many times. That reminisce about Mickey and he agrees to help with the funeral arrangements. She then tells Lucas she wants to be alone and promises that she will call if the temptation is too great again. He says he will do the same and leaves as Maggie takes the bottle back out again and places it at the table. She pours some into a cup and, as her hand shakes and as tears stream down her face, she tries to resist drinking it. She then throws the glass against the wall, along with the bottle, and breaks down crying on the floor again saying it was all her fault and she don’t know if she can go on.

-Everyone is relieved when the doctor comes out and says that Mimi is calm now. Bonnie goes in to be with her and comforts her about Patrick. Shawn lets Belle have it for upsetting Mimi twice tonight. Belle apologizes as Shawn warns her to be more careful until Mimi is better. He goes in and comforts her, which makes Belle jealous. Mimi and Bonnie both hope that Patrick is alive but Roman thinks its impossible that he and Chelsea are. He believes that remains will be found at the scene. Bonnie and Roman leave and promise to keep everyone posted if there is any news. While alone, Bonnie is comforted by Roman again. She continues to blame Chelsea and her recklessness and involvement with Patrick and says she knows its his niece but that she is glad if that witch is dead. She just hates that her son had to go too. Roman holds her but then Bonnie tries to get Roman to let his feelings out about his father and everything that happened. Roman goes off on Bonnie again and reminds Bonnie that he is fine and doesn’t want to talk about. He told her if she pushed this again to leave him alone and she did just that. She forces the issue again and Roman tells her to get away from him and leave him alone. Bonnie tires to reach out to him but he just walks away as Bonnie cries against a wall saying how much she wants to help him like he did her because she cares about him. Belle wishes Mimi well and goes to be with Claire. She continues to hope and pray for a miracle for Claire and for a future with Shawn. The doctor tells Mimi he won’t have the test results until morning and that she needs to be left alone to rest. He emphasizes no stress until further notice. Shawn kisses her and says he will be back in the morning. He leaves as Mimi worries again about losing him to Belle and starts having pains again, wondering what will happen and what is wrong with her.

-Hope can’t believe JT is at Salem University Hospital. She asks the nurse what is going on. The nurse says that JT’s and his parents were driving back to Salem to surprise some people with a visit. Hope realizes it must have been the Reiber’s driving to Salem to visit them. They were involved in the pileup. Their car hit another one’s in the melee and flipped over. The impact killed JT’s parents and JT sustained head trauma from being thrown by the impact and his body went into shock following the accident. This caused heart damage due to too much trauma and stress on the heart. All the repair to JT’s heart during his operations when he was younger were ruined in the accident and now they think some of JT’s other organs could shut down too. They say he may need a new heart and may also be brain dead. Hope breaks down in Bo’s arms. They go over to JT and hold his hand and beg him to hang on there. He was always there son and always will be and they need him to pull through. Hope tells Bo that JT is an orphan now. Bo says that Glen probably had relatives to take JT should something happen but says that they shouldn’t worry about that right now. JT needs to get better and they will be there for him. Shawn arrives and leanrs what happened and sits by his mom and JT saying that his little brother has to make it. He will always be his brother too. Billie arrives and Bo leaves the room quietly without Hope noticing. He fills her in on everything, including JT and Chelsea and Patrick. Billie screams “NO!!!” and breaks down in Bo’s arms. Hope hears this and comes out with Shawn. Bo tells her that Chelsea’s car started the car pileup as Billie is stunned and thinks that there must be some explanation for Chelsea’s speeding. Hope then explodes with anger and says there is. Its because her parents and grandmother were soft and let Chelsea get away with everything. Bo tries to calm her but she lets Billie have it saying that Chelsea’s behavior and the lack of tough parenting is what caused this and what destroyed many lives and killed many. She tells Bo and Billie to look at JT and what their daughter’s actions did. It was reckless and should have never happened. Shawn agrees. Billie once again points out Hope’s mistakes with Shawn but Shawn points out that he made those decisions as an adult. Chelsea was not mature enough to make those decisions. Bo then blames Hope for pushing the trip on Chelsea and Patrick but Billie admits to that too but notes that Hope was the final catalyst to make it a go. Bo and Billie try to defend Chelsea as Billie refuses to believe Patrick and her are dead. Bo hopes she is right but warns Billie if she is alive then she will have to deal with a lot of trouble from everyone, including the police. Hope says that if Chelsea is alive she will have to answer to her and so many others as Billie insists she doesn’t care what Hope or anyone else says. Bo. Kate, and her may have made mistakes but their daughter had it tough growing up and she is not responsible for everything that happened. She was reckless but her actions did not cause everything to happen. It was all meant to be and it just so happened that other people unfortunately got involved. She insists that her daughter is still alive, along with Patrick, and says she is going to the scene to find them so that they can find out the real story. She runs off as Hope notices Bo itching to go after her. Hope tells him to go but if he finds Chelsea she will be punished and will face the consequences this time. Bo understands but says that they need to find out everything first as Hope says she already knows everything. She knows that no matter what Bo is gonna defend Billie and Chelsea’s actions and the hell with everyone else. Hope says that she will be punished for what she did to everyone who is hurt and suffering and can’t believe how Bo is dealing this since his own “father” died in this and the boy he thought of as a son is fighting for his life with his real parents dead. Bo just looks at Hope and takes off after Billie. Shawn tells Hope he can’t believe who dad is defending her as Hope says she can and that if Chelsea is found alive that is when the real trouble will start and she doesn’t know what her or anyone else will do to her or whether Bo and her will be able to get past this. They both go in to be with JT as the screen fades to black.

On the next Days...

Mimi gets her test results. Bo and Billie search for Chelsea and Patrick. Jack and Greta leave town. Hope stays vigil at JT’s bedside. Maggie begins to lose it and prepares to take a drink as Mickey’s funeral preparations are made. Lexie gets a shock when she returns home.


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