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1/11/06 (new day in Salem FINALLY!!!)

-Bonnie, Belle, and Shawn are sitting with Mimi. Mimi called them all to tell them that her test results are in. Shawn reminds Bonnie and Belle not to get Mimi upset. The doctor warned against stress. He stares at Belle when saying this as she apologizes again for what she did last night. Bonnie tries calling Roman at home and then the station. She learns he is at the station but not taking phone calls. She thinks about going down there but remembers how angry he was with her and decides to give him some space and maybe he will get over it and they can work it out. She decides to just be there for her daughter and hope that she is ok and that by some miracle Patrick is found alive.

-Hope is at JT’s bedside when the nurse comes in and says she has a phone call. She takes it. Its Roman. He tells her that Bo is still at the accident scene and that he doesn’t know when he will be back. Hope asks Roman why Bo just didn’t call her himself. Roman says he guesses it was because he is with Billie and they are at odds over Chelsea and her. Hope wonders how Bo and her will deal with this and then asks Roman how he is doing. He says he is fine and wishes people would stop asking him that. Hope says that he needs to let everything out. Roman says he is fine and that he doesn’t have to let out anything. He says he has to go and they both say there goodbyes. The nurse then comes in and tells Hope that the Reiber’s attorney called and that he is on his way here to take care of their affairs. Hope asks the nurse if she knows what that may include. The nurse says it does include her and her husband but she doesn’t know how. All he asked is that Hope and Bo Brady be present, as well as any other members of their family that wish to. Hope wonders if she may be getting JT back and starts reminiscing about their time together (we see flashbacks of her holding him for the first time, her playing with him, some of their final moments together before they gave him up and the moment they did give him up). She lovingly touches JT and tells him that she never got over giving him up and either did the family. They always considered him family and he was always her son to her. She lays her head on his body as she tearfully begs him to get through this so that he can have a chance to be reunited with the family that brought him up.

-Caroline visits Roman at the station. She tells him that she has made the funeral preparations and that it will be at St. Luke’s and the reception at the pub. It will be a joint funeral for both Shawn Sr and Mickey. Everyone decided on this since they both died together and the families are so close. She also says that Eric is coming home as is Kim and Shane and the kids. She also says that Kayla is coming home with Stephanie too. Roman says its great. Caroline begs Roman to show some emotion as Roman blasts her and complains about everyone, especially Bonnie, nagging him about showing emotions and letting his feelings out. Caroline says that they are all right. He can’t keep everything bottled up and she says that he always does that for the family but it has to stop. She grabs him and says that his father died and he needs to grieve and he can’t do that and move on until he lets everything out. Roman tells his mother he is sorry but he can’t do that. Its not him and he is not gonna turn in a wreck when his family needs him to stay strong to get them through this. He apologizes and says that people need to let him handle this his own way. Caroline agrees to back off but asks him why he mentioned Bonnie nagging him when he was yelling. Roman tells Caroline that Bonnie wants him to do the same thing everyone else wants him too and that she is pushing him to just open up to her. Caroline says she will stop pushing but she will push him to apologize to Bonnie. She tells him that she may be a little “out there” but she is still human and she was there for him last night all night. Caroline says that Maggie even noticed a different side to Bonnie-she was compassionate and loving and she really cared about helping him. She agrees that Bonnie may not be right for Roman but he does owe her an apology for at least being a good friend. Roman says he will speak with Bonnie later. Caroline leaves to go to St. Luke’s for a meeting with Fr. Jansen about the funeral. Roman goes into his office and looks at a picture of his father. Tears start welling up in his eyes but he quickly wipes them away. He remembers how he treated Bonnie and realizes he has to apologize. As he is about to call, a officer comes in and needs him for something and Roman decides to call her later.

-Bo and Billie are still searching the accident scene. They still can’t find anything. Bo comforts Billie who breaks down when a rescue worker thinks that the chances of Patrick and Chelsea being alive is slim. He thinks they were burned up in the car and that they were blown up to nothing when the car exploded. Bo tells Billie they will keep looking until they find concrete proof. Billie asks Bo how they will deal with Hope and all the others who blame Chelsea and them for the tragedy. She adds that no matter if Chelsea is gone or not, people are gonna blame her and them and her mother for what happened. She blames herself saying that she let her mother spoil Chelsea and that she did let her get away with everything but she wanted her to love her. She wanted a relationship with her daughter and wanted to make up for not being there while she was growing up. Bo says he is at fault too. He gave her too much and let her do everything too. He says he should have never let her go on that trip with Patrick as Billie says that she and Hope pushed too but Chelsea would have found a way to go anyway because she always got her way and that was the problem. She tells Bo that even if she went with Max last night she might have still ended up in this mess because of her behavior. Bo says they need to figure out what happened and he promises Billie he will. Billie asks Bo why they didn’t stop Chelsea and her ways before it was too late. She says that they should have listened to Hope and everyone else and that they failed as parents. Bo tells her they didn’t fail, they just made some mistakes. No one is perfect and they just need to hope that she is alive somehow and that they get another chance. They just need to search and hope for the best. Bo says he could care less about finding Patrick if he is alive as Billie begs to differ. She also says that they would need Patrick for the truth since Chelsea would lie. Bo says that Patrick would lie too but says that they need to stop fighting and look for anything that could prove they are still alive. They go back to searching.

-Lexie finally returns to the Carver house. She is a emotional wreck. She is shocked when he opens the door and finds suitcases filled with her belongings in front of her. Abe declares that he didn’t think she would come home. She says that she wanted to give him time and space but Abe says that he doesn’t need anything. Her latest lies and betrayal are the final straw and he wants her out. She begs him and explains to him how vulnerable she was after he “died” at the hands of the SSK. She says Tek was there for her and she just couldn’t help but grow close to him. He was so good with Theo. She also cites how he pushed her away during his blindness and that once they reconciled in the Fall and he finally stopped with his angry behavior her and Tek stayed away from each other. Abe says that he knows he is partly responsible but she still never told him what happened in his absence and she still got involved with a man who was nothing but a womanizer in the past and she knew that. Lexie says that he treated her well and Theo well and she was vulnerable. Abe admits his mistakes concerning his behavior but says that he wanted the truth from Lexie. Tek told him on the island that he was there for Theo and Lexie but as friends. He expected that his wife would tell her own husband the truth but she didn’t. She let it go on and eventually gave in and had an affair which she still never told him herself about. He admits he would have understood if she told him but instead he had to catch her. He asks if anyone else knew. She says Alex knew and actually blackmailed her but backed off after Marlena learned he was her husband. Abe says that it’s a relief that Alex and Celeste were the only ones that knew otherwise he would feel like a complete fool despite his blindness. He tells Lexie they could have had it all. He is cured now and they could have been happy but he can’t trust her. She has lied and betrayed him too many times and he knows their were circumstances that furthered this and that he pushed her away but it was her dishonesty that hurt him. He tells her that it was that same dishonesty that drove Tek to his death. She begs Abe for another chance and says they can have it all. Abe tells her that he doesn’t know what the future holds but that he needs her to leave for awhile until he can sort through this. She asks him about Theo. He says that she can see him when she wants but Celeste will have to bring him to her. He just can’t look at her right now. Celeste comes in with Theo after a walk. Lexie holds her baby. Abe goes into the kitchen and tells Lexie she better be gone when he gets back. Lexie says a sad goodbye to Theo and tells him she will see him everyday and that everything will be ok. His mommy and daddy will be ok. They have to be. She breaks down in tears and hugs Theo. Celeste reminds Lexie that she warned her about this. She said Tek was bad news and that, in a way, his death spared her what would have happened had he won her from Abe. He would have picked up and left her just like he did to all the other women he left after they divorced their husbands. She says that he wouldn’t have done that to her but Celeste says that Lexie was blinded by him even after she knew what he was. She tells Lexie that her infidelity and deceit led to this and it led to death and the destruction of her family. She tells Lexie that she has hurt Abe too much and had too many chances. This may be the final nail in the coffin. She tells her mother not to say that and says that without Abe she has nothing. Celeste then has the same vision she had at the accident scene and says that Lexie still has her Dimera blood and she warns Lexie not to turn back to evil in her time of vulnerability and need. Lexie says it doesn’t matter what she does if she doesn’t have Abe. She already has done enough damage and is responsible for Tek’s death. She should have went to meet him or just agreed to keep her mouth shut otherwise he would have never rushed back and got killed. She may as well have killed Tek herself since she sent the man to his death and it was his love for her that drove him there. She confesses to her mother that she did love Tek but not as much as Abe and now she has lost both of them and has nothing. Celeste warns Lexie again not to let evil take her over again, reminding her what happened the last time she was desperate and turned to evil by embracing her Dimera roots. Lexie tells her mother that nothing matters right now since she lose Tek and the love of her life, Abe. She may even lose Theo if Abe decides to go that far. Abe comes in (after overhearing everything from behind the door) and says that they will deal with that later and she needs to leave. Lexie kisses Theo and holds him again and gives him to her mother. Celeste says that she will stay at the house so Theo will still have her. Lexie hugs her and thanks her. She tries to go and embrace Abe but he backs away. She goes and picks up her bags and looks at them once more and walks out the door. Celeste puts Theo down to play and aks Abe if he heard everything they discussed. He says he did and he breaks down in tears wondering why Lexie hurt him and how he will deal with this. He even says he is worried about what Lexie might do, including going back to her Dimera roots with nothing to lose now. Celeste has that vision again and is really worried. She holds Abe, who continues to sob and wonder where they all go from here. Lexie watches from outside the window and cries, declaring to herself that she has lost Abe and Tek forever and maybe her son as well. Her family is shattered because of her lies and she wonders how she could hurt Abe like this. She picks up her bags and walks away as she says that she loves Theo and Abe and always will and never meant for it to be like this for everyone.

-Maggie is with Alice, Doug, Julie, and Jen. Frankie is there too with Max and Abby. Funeral arrangements are being made for Mickey and Shawn Sr’s joint funeral. Jen goes to get coffee and asks if Frankie si alright. He tells her that he can’t believe the man he always considered his dad is gone. Jen comforts him and promises to help him get through this. Frankie says she already is. Jen also consoles Max and says she is here for him. The other Horton members also pledge their support to Frankie and Max. They both thank all of them. Max thanks Abby for spending New Year’s eve with them and says he is sorry it turned bad. She says not to worry about it and that they both had tragic losses last night and that they need to be there for each other to get through this. They overhear everyone talk about Chelsea and her role in this. Jen and Alice don’t blame her but the others do and Max and Abby disagree but decide to stay silent so they don’t start an uproar. They both then admit to each other that Chelsea probably did play a part in the pileup though but they can’t see laying the blame totally on her since other cars were involved. They hope that both Patrick and her are alive even though Max hates Patrick and was hurt by Chelsea when she went off on a trip with him instead of being with her. Abby comforts him and says that they will get through this together and they embrace. During the whole funeral discussion, Maggie keeps thinking about drinking and the temptation grows with every minute. Alice and the others remind Maggie not to blame herself but Maggie says she can’t help it. She should have never sent him out. Alice insists that everything last night was meant to be and is really no one’s fault. Everyone then goes back to blaming Chelsea and the lack if discipline on Bo and Billie’s part but Alice and Jen say that no one is perfect and that they really don’t know the whole story. Jen then says she hopes Patrick is alive, which makes Frankie cringe as he remembers Jack warning him to make sure that Patrick is far away from his family. Meanwhile, we see Jack (who is in a blonde wig and has dark sunglasses on along with a hat)and Greta board her private plane. They are gonna start their journey in Austrailia where Greta found a doctor who may be able to help Jack. Greta reminds Jack of their deal and Jack insists that he remembers and hopes they can find a cure but doubts it. He is ready either way though and is happy that Frankie is doing what he thought he would. They open a newspaper and are shocked to learn about the pileup and deaths. Jack feels bad for Jen losing Mickey and for Billie losing her daughter and for everyone else that died. He learns about Patrick and admits he is happy that scum is dead, he explains to Greta why he feels that way as Greta thinks maybe they should stay now given everything that is going on. She is concerned about John and his condition and wants to be there to support the Brady’s and Horton’s who were so good to her. Jack insists he feels the same way but he is running out of time too and they need to get going. Greta agrees and says she will call everyone and give her sympathies once they arrive on the ground. The plane then begins to move as Jack looks out the window and says one last goodbye to Jennifer just in case he never sees her or Salem again. Back to the Horton house, Alice goes to lie down and tells Maggie again not to blame herself as does everyone else. Everyone leaves and Maggie is alone. She continues to fight her temptation to drink and decides to go for a walk in the park. She knows Mickey wouldn’t her to drink but she just can’t deal with the pain of losing him and being the one that sent him out with Shawn Sr. She leaves the house in tears, wondering how she will ever deal with this.

Back at the hospital, the doctor arrives with Mimi’s results. Shawn promises to be there for her no matter what. Belle gets jealous as Bonnie tells her not to expect to get Shawn back just because they know Claire is his. She is still married to Phillip and Shawn loves Mimi so Belle better cool it or she will take action to protect her daughter. She tells Belle that she has always loved her because her and Mimi were best friends but she will not stand by and watch Belle destroy her daughter’s life. She gave up Shawn for Phillip and now she needs to live with it and let things alone. Belle says that Shawn will make the decision after everything calms down with Mimi, Claire, and everything else and she will not pressure him. Shawn does love her and she loves him and she will respect his decision no matter what and she says Bonnie should too. They all then quiet down to hear what the doctor says. He tells Mimi he has good news. He doesn’t know how its possible but she is pregnant. Mimi gasps in shock as she tells Shawn she is going to have his baby. Bonnie smiles and Belle looks on in horror realizing she may have just lost Shawn as the screen fades to black.

On the next Days...

Bonnie warns Belle to back off. Mimi’s happiness is short- lived. Maggie makes a shocking purchase. Carrie tells Lucas that her and him can never be more then friends. Austin takes Sami out to get her mind off her troubles. Caroline pushes Victor away.


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