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-Bonnie congratulates Mimi and hugs her. She whispers in her ear how she may have just ensured her future with Shawn. Shawn is stunned and happy. He hugs Mimi and says that he is gonna finally have a child as Belle reminds him of Claire. Shawn says he knows that and loves Claire but now he gets to be there for Mimi through the whole pregnancy and support her which he couldn’t do with her. Belle says that it wasn’t her fault that they never remembered being together. Bonnie then asks Belle to come with her to talk. They leave the room and Bonnie warns Belle to back off. She reminds her that she herself said that the choice of who he wants to be with was Shawn’s and it is now clear who he wants. Its Mimi. She is giving him a child and he needs to be there for her every step of the way. Shawn will be there for Claire too but she needs to back off and let Shawn be with Mimi. Belle says that Shawn loves her too and it doesn’t matter if Mimi is giving him a child-he already has one with her so it’s a moot point. Bonnie warns Belle to back off and let Shawn do what he wants. She also warns Belle that she will do what it takes to ensure her daughter’s well-being and happiness. She says that she always liked Belle and cared about her since she was Mimi’s best friend and helped them build a home when they were homeless but that is the past and she will not let Belle push Shawn and destroy her daughter’s life. They both go back in and hear Shawn tell Mimi that he will be there for her through everything and isn’t gonna leave her. He is so happy and says he loves her and their baby. Mimi cries and says she feels the same way. Belle looks on jealously as Bonnie laughs. The doctor then stops everything and tells them all that they didn’t let him finish before. Mimi’s condition is very precarious and given her medical history there is a high chance of miscarriage. They believed it was impossible for her to conceive but she did. Mimi says that she will hold onto that and hope that she gets another miracle and carries the baby to term. The doctor tells her to do that she needs to be stress-free and watched and taken care of at all times. Shawn says its no problem since they live together. The doctor stresses that anyone or anything that could upset Mimi should be avoided because they smallest worry could cause her to miscarry. Her condition is very delicate and she may later on have to be bed-ridden. Mimi doesn’t care and either does Shawn. They just want their baby to be born and to be healthy and happy. The doctor leaves as bonnie warns Belle not to hurt her daughter and cause her to lose this baby. She tells Belle that the best thing to do would be for her to stay away from Shawn and stop with all the embraces and close moments since they could upset Mimi. Belle says that she loves Shawn and that they shouldn’t have to do that but Bonnie warns her that if Belle does anything to hurt Mimi she will pay. She hugs Mimi and congratulates her again. She says she will call her and will tell Connor everything and leaves. Mimi feels bad her brother isn’t here but says that she hopes he is alive since he would be a great uncle. There is still a chance and she needs to pray that it ends up like that. Shawn agrees. Mimi complains that she is hungry and Shawn offers to get some food for her. He says it will be the first of many times he will be waiting on her hand and foot. On the way out, he bumps into Belle. Belle congratulates him and Shawn thanks her. He warns Belle to avoid stressing Mimi out and also thinks that him and Belle should limit their amount of contact. Any close moments between them could cause Mimi stress. Belle says that Bonnie said the same thing. Shawn agrees and says that they can still see each other but they can’t let their feelings get the best of them. Belle cries and asks about their future together. She says she had hope but now it seems Shawn has made his choice. Shawn insists he hasn’t decided anything. He has to be there for Mimi to get her through this since her condition is so dangerous and after the baby is born he will decide what to do. Belle notes how it seems their reunion keeps getting put off and wonders if its meant to be. Shawn just asks Belle to abide by his wishes and she agrees. He said he will check on Claire later and thanks her for understanding. He leaves as Belle cries and admits that she believes that Shawn already made his choice and that its really over for her and him now. This time for good. Meanwhile, Mimi is overjoyed in her room and now feels confidant she has Shawn. She just hopes she carries her baby to term so she can finally have the life and family she wanted.

-Sami is with Austin in there apartment. Nicole is in LA dealing with the takeover and Austin says there is nothing to do now but wait. Sami is still upset about Will and her grandfather. She is also worried about her family and how everyone, especially her dad, will deal with this. She says that Will lost his uncle Mickey and great-grandpa and he should be here. Austin comforts her and says he will be back soon. He wants her to take her mind off her troubles. He tells Sami he is taking her out and to go get dressed. It’s a surprise. She agrees as Austin goes to take a shower. Meanwhile, Lucas and Carrie are in his apartment. Carrie is talking with Becky who says that they have been given the order to leave the office. They have 24 hours to get out. Carrie admits its over. Becky asks her what she will do and Carrie says that she has nothing out in LA so she may as well stay in Salem. Her family needs her right now and she needs them to help her deal with what has happened. Becky says she will arrange for Carrie’s belongings from the office to be sent to her. Carrie thanks her for everything and says that she feels so bad for her and all the workers. Becky says she was the best boss and its not her fault. She hopes to talk and see her again. Carrie agrees and they say goodbye. Lucas asks her if she is ok. She lies and says yes. He knows something is up and tries to push it out of her but she just refuses to say. Lucas tells her he cares about her and then Carrie turns around and lashes out at him saying that he does care for her but he wants more then a friendship. She can’t give him that. She says she knows he wants her but she loves Austin, despite what he has done to her. Lucas asks what he did and Carrie finally tells him. She says that she feel betrayed and its like she never knew him. He has changed so much. Lucas asks her to give him a shot now that she knows what he did. Carrie realizes Lucas knew and blasts him for it. She realizes that he backed off his own pursuit of Highstyle because he knew if he let Austin have it it would put a wedge between them. Lucas admits he knew. Carrie lets him have it saying that now she doesn’t even want to be his friend. She says its just like when he helped Sami the last time. Lucas says that she knew too. Carrie then says that now it does feel like old times. She tells Lucas she is leaving his apartment He asks where she will go. She says she will stay at the pub with her grandma since she is all alone. He asks her if she is leaving Salem. She answers no because her family needs her and that she is not gonna run away from the people who have hurt her. She is not a doormat anymore. She tells Lucas that she doesn’t want to see him and doesn’t care if she ever sees him again. He begs ger to forgive him but she refuses saying she can’t even look at him. She leaves and says she will come back for her stuff later. Lucas is devastated and believes he has nothing left now. Will is MIA, he lost Sami, uncle Mickey is dead, he lost Sami and Carrie, his family doesn’t give a damn and they always think all his siblings are better then him, he hates his mother...his life is a disaster. He pulls out some vodka and prepares to take a drink but stops. He tries to call Maggie but she doesn’t answer. He stares at the bottle and is so tempted and picks it up. His hand shakes and he puts it down. He lays his head on the table and cries all by himself in his apartment. Sami and Austin go to the ice skating rink. They have a good time and even skate and dance to “Winter Wonderland.” She thanks Austin for helping her and comforting her. It was good for her to get her mind off everything. Carrie sees what is happening as she walks through the park and prepares to confront both Austin and Sami.

-Caroline bumps into Bonnie (she thinks about telling Caroline about Mimi’s pregnancy but decides not to figuring it may upset Mimi if she started spreading news that she wants to spread herself when she is ready) in the park. They talk about Roman. Caroline is surprised by how warmly Bonnie talks of Roman and tells Bonnie that she would like it if Bonnie spent more time with Roman. Bonnie thanks her for her approval as Caroline says that Bonnie isn’t as bad as people make her out to be. Bonnie runs off but not before hugging Caroline and telling her she is sorry again about her husband. Victor bumps into Roman in the park too. He gives his condolences about Shawn Sr. Roman thanks him but warns Victor to stay away from his mother. Just because his father is dead doesn’t mean a clear road for him to win her heart again. Victor says he has no intentions of being nothing more then a friend to Caroline. Roman is pleased and tells him to keep it that way. Caroline hears this and continues to worry about what her infidelity and deceit would do to her family. She talks to Victor and tells him that it would be best if he stayed away from her and the family right now. Victor insists he wants to comfort her but just as friends. Caroline says that her family is suffering and he just adds tension when he is around. She knows he loves her but its best for everyone for him to keep his distance until further notice. She adds that he shouldn’t come to the funeral either. Victor says that he has to go to show his support to everyone but Caroline says that if he goes he should keep a low profile. Their secret can’t come out right now. She says she will tell everyone when the time is right but now is too painful and she can’t run the risk of someone seeing or hearing them. That is why he needs to keep his distance for now. He agrees and says he would always so anything for her. She thanks him and they embrace, She leaves and reminds him of his promise. Victor says he always holds to his word but then says he loves her too much not to help her and her family through this trying time. He vows to be there for her no matter what and says he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He will keep the secret for her but can’t stay away from her. She is hurting and that means he is hurting so he needs to support her and will do so. Roman and Bonnie meet face to face in the park. She tells Roman that Mimi is fine and that they know what is going on. She decides to break her silence but makes Roman promise to keep it a secret for now. He agrees. She tells him Mimi is pregnant. Roman is happy for both Shawn and Mimi and says this is exactly what the family needs for some hope. He says its amazing Shawn will have two kids now. Bonnie stresses that Mimi as a difficult pregnancy ahead and Roman says he is sure she will be fine and he will do whatever he can to help. Bonnie then says she just told Connor about Mickey and Patrick. She hopes Patrick is still alive but comments on how they Connor doesn’t believe there is one and that his big brother is dead. She also cries about Mickey saying that Connor loved him so much because he treated him kindly. Bonnie says he was the best man she knew until she met Roman. Roman apologizes for his behavior and thanks Bonnie for everything she has done for him. He just doesn’t want people to force him to do something or act someway. She agrees to back off but says its her nature to be a handful and she thinks that Roman won’t get past what has happened until he lets everything out. She says that when Roman needs her to be there for him she will be. He thanks her and then says he has to get back to the station. They hug and glance at each other as he leaves. Bonnie says she has never felt this way before and feels so connected to him. She thinks maybe she has found that “special someone.” Roman watches her from a distance and admits he feels something different when with her. He says that maybe there is something between them to explore and just see what happens. Bonnie notices him staring and waves at him as he does the same. They both smile at each other.

-Maggie walks through the park. She has flashbacks of meeting Mickey, marrying him, and hanging the ornaments on the tree at Christmas. She then flashes back to sending Mickey and Shawn out into the storm and blames herself again for both their deaths. She screams that she not only is to blame for Mickey’s death but also for Shawn Sr’s. She remembers how she almost drank the night before but threw the bottle and broke it. She has been able to think about nothing but alcohol all day. She thinks it’s the only way to deal with the pain and agony she is facing. She remembers her AA meeting and advice and says that Mickey would not want her to give him to temptation. She thinks about calling Lucas so they can support each other but then changes her mind. She overhears some people coming and they are reading the paper. They are commenting on the accident and are reading about all the deaths. The read about Mickey and Shawn Sr’s and wonder why they were out in the storm. They comment on how nice both men were. Mickey had been a lawyer for one of them and Shawn Sr had served them at the pub. They all agree that both men had to be out on their own accord. Anyone that would’ve sent them out last night may as well have hurt or killed them themselves. Maggie hears all this and goes behind the bushes. She covers her mouth and begins to shake and break down uncontrollably. She has the same flashbacks she had earlier of her and Mickey and then her sending them out into the storm. She blames herself and screams that she should be punished. She hears the voices of those people she overheard and their words in her head. She holds her head and runs off in tears. Eventually, she ends up at a liquor store. She wipes her tears and walks in reluctantly. She walks over and tries to pull back but convinces herself that she needs to drink to get through this. Her vow of sobriety no longer matters. She lost her husband and doesn’t even care if she drinks herself to death. She blames herself for his death and costing a woman her husband and no one can convince her otherwise. She picks on bottle and then another and so on. Eventually, she has a whole basket full and the clerk asks her if she is having a party and then asks if she is ok noticing her hands shaking and tears in her eyes. She urges him to cash her out and stop asking questions. He does so and she walks out. She takes one of the bottles out of the bag outside the store and asks herself what she is doing. She prepares to go back in and return everything but then changes her mind. She now believes that drinking will be her punishment and if she drinks herself to death so be it. It would serve her right. She needs to do this to stop feeling the way she is and to punish herself plain and simple. She put the bottle in the bag and looks up to the sky and says, “Sorry my darling Mickey. I know if I do this you will be disappointed in me but what I did already was the worst disappointment. I failed you as a wife and I sent you and Shawn to your deaths. I am too blame and nothing matters now. Nothing I do matters. I need to be punished and I need to stop feeling this pain inside of me. I have to do this-I can’t take it anymore.” She breaks down again as she starts walking away as the screen fades to black.

On the next Days...

Maggie and Lucas lose control. Carrie makes a shocking decision. Celeste and Abe grow close. Lexie ends up in a shocking place. Bo and Billie get devastating news as Hope says an emotional prayer for JT.


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