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-Billie is out on the hospital terrace with Kate comforting her over the Claire situation. Kate insists she is better no and that she doesn’t know why she broke down like that. Billie says she did it because she finally realized that her interference does nothing but make things worse, something that everyone has been trying to tell you. Kate says that she just wants what is best for her children but Billie says that Kate needs to back off and let nature take its course. Billie then goes back inside as Kate says she will be there in a minute. Privately, Kate admits that Billie is right and is horrified about the things she has done (we see flashbacks of her paying Franco, framing Sami for Franco’s murder, her alliance with Moroni and attempts on Victor’s life, exposing Sami and her alliance with her own son Lucas, paying Nicole $5 million to marry Lucas, her scheming to bust up Sami’s Vegas wedding to Austin, her setting up Sami and Brandon and exposing Sami as Stan, her pushing Phillip to make a move on Belle and then attempting to cover up Claire’s paternity). She breaks down again and realizes that she has done more harm then good and that she is the worst mother ever. Victor appears and says that she isn’t. She just doesn’t know her limits when it comes to parenting and he says that he will help her get better at that despite how angry he is with her for making him keep Claire’s paternity from Phillip as long as he did. Kate apologizes for doing that to him since it puts him in hot water with his family, especially Bo and Caroline. Victor tells her not to worry about it. Kate says that she needs to change because she doesn’t want to keep hurting her children and also doesn’t want them paying for her sins. Victor hugs her and says that he will help her in any way. They both then go inside.

-Mimi is walking around and feel faint again. Billie catches this and asks Mimi if she is ok. She lies and says she is but Billie knows better. Mimi admits to her how ill she has been feeling and that she has had recurring fainting spells. She thinks they are because of fearing losing Shawn and all the stress of what is going on. Billie says that while that is logical, it is more likely something else. She asks Mimi what her symptoms are besides the fainting spells. Mimi says she is sick to her stomach and dizzy and sometimes gets very hot. Billie smiles and tells her to see a doctor since she may be pregnant. Mimi reminds Billie of her condition but then remembers being told that she would be able to conceive but that it would be near impossible to carry the baby to term. Billie says that Mimi needs to see a doctor based on those reasons right away to find out what is going on and what to do. Mimi agrees and smiles at the thought of being pregnant with Shawn’s baby, which would help her hold onto Shawn.

-Shawn is holding Belle outside the ICU. She is still upset about Phillip and Claire. She adds that no one can get a hold of him and that she is worried. Shawn tells her to stop and not to blame herself and to only worry about their daughter. Belle agrees to try to do so and then asks Shawn if he wants to come in with her to officially introduce himself as Claire’s father. Shawn smiles and agrees. They go in and he holds his daughter’s hand for the first time and tells her that he is her father and how much he loves her. Belle says that she has Shawn’s eyes and that she always noticed that. Shawn says that she is just as beautiful as her mother. Mimi walks by and smiles saying that soon Shawn may have another child to love.

-Will tells Chelsea that he is gonna call 911 since her whole body is severely burned but Chelsea stops him. He asks her why she did that and she says that if she goes to the hospital she will be arrested after she recovers. Will asks why and Chelsea says to forget it but to not call anyone. She asks him to help her on his own-she can’t make contact with anyone else (we then see a flashback to the accident and Chelsea speeding with Patrick). Will asks if anyone else was in the car. Chelsea then flashes back to the mystery man pulling Patrick out of the car and dragging him away. She says that Patrick was but he got out with some guy’s help. Will is stunned that someone left her and just saved Patrick but Chelsea says that the guy came back. Her door was completely bashed in and she wasn’t able to get out through there so the man had to save Patrick first. He did come back wearing fire gear and, after a struggle, rescued her but not before the flames reached her and, as he was pulling her out, she got burned even more. She says that the man really was scared and didn’t know what he was doing but he got her out anyway although she is burned. He ran off when he heard Will coming. Will screams out for the man saying that he could use his help but Chelsea said that the man was so afraid that he most likely ran off. She continues to scream in pain and begs Will to help her. He asks where Patrick is as Chelsea says she doesn’t know. Will looks around but can’t find him. Chelsea screams again in pain as Will realizes he needs to take action fast. He tells her he will be right back as Chelsea begs him to help her again.

-Sami, Carrie, Austin, and Lucas continue to search for Will. They are really worried and have decided not to separate anymore since they have searched almost everywhere and feel they need to look together now. Lucas tries to comfort Sami again but Austin gets in the way. Carrie then tries to comfort Lucas too but Austin interrupts that as well. Lucas continues to feel left out and his rage against Austin grows. While walking down a street, they bump into Phillip who has a bottle of Whiskey in his hand and is clearly drunk. They all ask him what is going on. An angry, disoriented Phillip tells them that Claire belongs to Shawn and that Belle lied to him and betrayed him and their marriage. He says everyone knew they were together behind his back while he was overseas and then brings up how Kate and Victor knew about Claire’s paternity and kept it from him. Lucas then informs Phillip that he knew Belle and Shawn were still in love and that something was going on while he was at war. Phillip lashes out again and Sami then says she knew too since its was obvious to everyone in Salem. Phillip explodes with rage and throws the Whiskey bottle against a brick building. He says that everyone thinks he is stupid and nothing but a pathetic, honorable, nice guy. He is done with that and says that he is not that man anymore. He says he hates everyone, including all of them, and that they will all pay. Sami rolls her eyes as Phillip looks at her and says she will pay too. Both Carrie and Austin try to calm him as Phillip says that even though both of them didn’t know about anything he still doesn’t trust them and hates them. He hates everyone and his ability to trust and love and care is gone after everything he went thorough with Chloe and Belle. He screams that he hates them all and then pushes Austin and Lucas aside and walks away, ignoring their pleas to come back and talk. They go back to looking for Will and decide that they will go to the hospital to check in on the Claire front and find out what happened once they find Will. They go off to continue the search..

-Maggie and Caroline are hysterical and demand that the EMT’s get their husbands out of the car ASAP. Shawn SR is pulled out of the driver’s seat easily as Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Bonnie, and Roman look on. Bo and Roman go to hold their mother as Hope holds Maggie. Shawn Sr, who has massive internal injuries, is put into an ambulance as Caroline goes in it with him. Mickey is then removed from the car after a struggle and has a serious head injury and internal bleeding. He is put in an ambulance too and Maggie rides with him. Bonnie comforts Roman and promises to be there for him since he has been nothing but nice to her. Roman thanks her and says its good to have someone with him right now. Marlena blames herself since it was Alex’s car that hit Shawn Sr’s car and made the pole fall. John reassures her that the person who did this was the person who was speeding and slid on ice and caused the chain reaction. He says it really wasn’t even Alex’s fault, although he contributed to it by speeding himself and crashing. He says that Marlena was injured herself and is just as much a victim as everyone else involved. Marlena hugs him as we wee John bend down a bit and touch his leg which has blood dripping down from his cut. Everyone takes off for the hospital.

-Will runs up to the accident scene and realizes that his only way to help Chelsea is to steal an ambulance since it has medical supplies and everything else he needs. He finds an empty one and jumps in. Luckily , the keys are in it. He drives it off as the ambulance workers give chase. He speeds around a few corners and then hides it in a wooded area a few miles away from the scene. The authorities giving chase go off in another direction. Will then runs back to Chelsea on the other end of the woods. He wraps her in towels and then carries her to the ambulance where he decides to lie low until he is sure they won’t get caught. Chelsea thanks him as Will decides to go through the medical supplies while they wait to find something to help Chelsea as she is in sheering pain and is susceptible to infection due to her badly burned condition.

-Lexie is stunned to see Abe and she asks him how much he heard. Abe says everything and admits he even saw how Lexie was holding Tek so lovingly. The look in her eyes and everything she said was like a knife through his heart. Lexie realizes Abe can see and says that she is so happy as he tells her to shut up. He now knows everything and says that she used his blindness to her advantage knowing full well that if he could see she could have never got away with an affair. He lashes out at her for all the times he asked her what was going in with Tek and all the times she lied (flashbacks are then shown of when Abe was on the island and talked to Tek about Lexie and their relationship, Abe’s return home and him noticing how close Tek and Lexie were, and all the times he questioned Lexie about Tek). He reminds Lexie of everything they have been through (his brother Jonah, her father, the baby switch mess and her fling with Brandon, and her thinking he was dead). He says he has given her plenty of chances but now its really over. Celeste then says that she told Lexie this would happen as Abe realizes Celeste knows too. She apologizes but Abe assures its ok since she was merely keeping her daughter’s confidence. She also says that Lexie knew of Tek’s shady past and still had her fling with him anyway. Abe admits he learned of it too but let it go because Tek was a good friend and Abe felt bad for the way he treated him at times. Now he realizes Tek backstabbed him along with Lexie. He tearfully tells Lexie that they finally had it all. They had a son and Brandon and everything would have been perfect now with his sight back. She had to go ahead and ruin it. Lexie begs him to reconsider and says that she was vulnerable due to him pushing her away. Abe accepts responsibility for pushing Lexie into Tek’s arms but says that he can’t forgive her not being honest. He says that even though Tek is dead he can’t forgive him either for betraying him. The dishonesty is what bothers him most. Lexie breaks down saying she can’t lose him too as Abe says you already did. This time for good and walks away saying not to call him, he will call her when he wants to her to come over and discuss Theo and what will happen to him now. Lexie begins to scream and grabs Abe’s leg telling him not to break up their family. He says its too late and looks her right in the eyes and says, “You are a Dimera through and through. You may as well as admit that to yourself. You are the same Lexie that did all those evil things a few years ago and you never did change. Like a true Dimera, you were a lion in sheep’s clothing.” She screams hysterically as he leavers her groveling on the ground as she begs for him to come back and for Tek to come back. She tearfully says that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone and that it was all a mistake. Celeste comes over to her and holds her and says that she brought it all on herself. She warned her and now she has lost everything. Celeste then has a vision of Lexie in the Dimera mansion with a glass of brandy. She is wearing a phoenix ring and is laughing in an evil way. Celeste looks at her daughter and says, “Dear God, Abraham was right. You are a true Dimera. The Dimera part of you is making its presence known and it is only going to get worse.” Lexie looks at her mother and wonders what she is saying and continues to cry hysterically, calling for both Abe and Tek and lamenting what she has done.

-Shawn, Mimi, Belle, Billie, Victor, and Kate all see Bo, Hope, Maggie, Caroline, Bonnie, and Roman at the hospital. They are told what is going on as Shawn comforts his parents. Belle goes to comfort Shawn but Mimi jumps in and embraces him. Victor comforts Caroline as Roman gives him a dirty look. Bo calms him though. Bonnie holds Roman and continues to support him. She is also worried about Mickey too since he did truly care about her and treated her well. The ER doctor then comes out with news. He informs Maggie that Mickey I being rushed to emergency surgery due to extensive internal bleeding in his abdomen and his brain. Maggie cries in Hope’s arms. Caroline then asks the doctor about Shawn Sr. The doctor looks down and then expresses regret that they couldn’t save him. They did everything they could but there was too much bleeding internally and too much damage. Caroline breaks down in Victor’s arms. Bo go over and holds her, as does Roman and Shawn. Hope and Maggie hold each other too as they, along with everyone else, is upset. Kate acknowledges his Shawn Sr was always nice to her no matter what acts she committed. Belle and Mimi express love and praise for him. Bonnie tears up as well saying what a jolly man he was. Billie remembers how he always treated her well, even after Bo and her split up. Maggie goes over to Caroline and says that its so unfair. Caroline says that we just have to believe he is in heaven per God’s will and that he will look down on your husband and keep him with us. Maggie embraces her marveled by how kind Caroline is even after her husband’s death. Maggie blames herself for letting the men go out but Caroline tells her not to think that way. It was God’s will and nothing was stopping it. Bonnie goes over to Roman as Roman doesn’t say a word. Bonnie tires to comfort him but he backs off telling her not right now. Victor tells everyone how sorry he is and then embraces Caroline. Hope comforts Bo as Shawn is embraced by Belle, which is witnessed by Mimi. Caroline fights back more tears as Victor tells her how sorry he is. She thanks him. Belle and Mimi express their sympathies and ay how much they always admired Shawn Sr and her marriage, much like Alice and Tom Horton. They overcame a huge act of dishonesty early on and their relationship was stronger then ever, as was their family. Both girls say that they are sure that was because both Caroline and Shawn Sr became better committed to honesty and all the things that made a marriage successful. Belle says that one day she wants to be just like her (thinking of what she did to Phillip and her marriage). Mimi says the same and they both embrace Caroline and walk away. Hope then hugs her too and tearfully expresses her sympathy and admiration for her “father-in-law.” Caroline then turns around to Victor and becomes real upset and angry with herself. Victor urges her not to think about that right now, knowing full well Belle and Mimi’s words reminded her of their secret. Caroline says that she did lie to Shawn Sr again but this time he never learned the truth nor did she tell him and now she feels guilty. She betrayed him, their marriage, and their family and never told him. This is worse then her lie about Bo’s paternity. Victor tries to calm her but Caroline refuses and grabs Victor and says, “I should have told him I was unfaithful to him while we were at the castle. He died thinking I was a saint when I wasn’t even close-I promised him I would never lie about something big like I did before again and I did. I said I had moved past my feelings for you and I didn’t. We had an affair Victor and Shawn never knew.” He takes her in his arms as Roman looks at them resentfully and all the others comfort each other, not hearing what Caroline and Victor are discussing. Hope then asks Bo where John and Marlena went. Just then, we hear Marlena yelling. John is rushed into a cubicle as an upset Marlena is told to wait outside. She refuses to since she is a doctor and has clearance but Belle grabs her and asks what happened to her father. Marlena tells her about Alex kidnaping her and says that John must have got hurt saving her and never told anyone. Belle says he did the same thing in Paris during the coronation massacre in Paris as Marlena asks what she is talking about. Belle tells her never mind and asks if John will be ok, Marlena says there is a bad cut on his leg and he lost a lot of blood and that she doesn’t know anymore. They hold each other as everyone else looks on and comforts each other as Hope says in Bo’s arms, “How much more tragedy can we take?” The screen then fades to black on everyone in the hospital grieving.

On the Next Days-

Will seeks help in saving Chelsea as her condition worsens. Celeste comforts Abe. The Brady family rallies together and supports Maggie , along with the Hortons, as she waits for Mickey to come out of surgery. John takes a turn for the worse. Another Salem resident loses his or her life (and you won’t believe who)


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