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1/5/06 (sorry this is late guys-been busy-tomarrow's episode will be late too so stick with me-I hope this episode isn't too confusing since lots of characters are one and there is lots of action-ask questions please if there are any errors or confusions)

-Will is having trouble trying to find a way to help Chelsea. He is sure he has what he needs to help but isn’t a doctor and doesn’t know exactly what to do. Chelsea continues to scream in pain, begging for help. She then loses consciousness. Will tires to wake her and then notices she isn’t breathing. He uses his CPR skills to revive her but she is still unconscious. He decides he needs help if he is gonna save her but is afraid to drive for fear of being spotted with the stolen ambulance. He finally decides to take action, despite having only a permit, due to the severity of the situation. He jumps in the driver’s seat and decides to drive the ambulance through part of the woods and onto a old countryside road that isn’t used much that he knows of. Knowing that the roads are still icy and that speeding would make him look suspicious, he decides to take his time. After driving through several quiet and hardly busy roads, he spots a isolated farmhouse. He hides the ambulance in a wooded area nearby and walks up the front door. He rings the bell and a elderly man hesitantly answers. Will asks the man if he knows of any doctors or medical centers nearby. He says he has a friend that is in desperate need of medical care. The old man’s wife walks up and says there is a small medical clinic five miles away off RT. 86. She says that they are like a mini hospital and should be able to help. Will thanks them and runs back to the ambulance. The elderly couple looks out the window and sees Will drive off, They wonder why on earth a teen is driving an ambulance and is looking for a medical center. They think about calling the cops but decide not to get involved unless something forces them too. Will follows directions and reaches the clinic. He parks the ambulance a block away to avoid being busted and carries Chelsea wrapped in blankets to the ER. The nurses and doctors are stunned by her burns and ask what happened. Will says she was in a bad accident and the car was in flames and she barely made it out. They rush her into a cubicle as Will waits outside, hoping Chelsea is ok and wondering what he has gotten himself into.

-Marlena walks over and comforts Maggie and Caroline. She apologizes and says she feels responsible but both women won’t have that. They tell her to focus on John as they are praying for her. Caroline says that Shawn is looking out for John since he always felt that John was his son. Marlena embraces Caroline as Belle comes over and they hold each other. Caroline goes back over to Victor and tells him that they can’t let anyone ever know their secret. It would destroy her and his family knowing what they did to Shawn and having never told him. Caroline admits that what they did was shameful, especially not telling Shawn. Victor comforts her and tells her he won’t tell a soul and that both of them gave into passion so they are both equally responsible. Abe and Celeste walk in and learn what has happened. Both embrace Caroline and Maggie. They also console Marlena, who is waiting for word on John. They all ask Abe where Lexie is as Abe says that Lexie has other things going on. Meanwhile, Lexie is still at the accident scene as the EMT’s are telling her that they are taking Det. Kramer’s body to the morgue. Lexie tells them to wait and open the bag again. She apologizes for how everything ended and says that she will never forget what he meant to her during one of the toughest periods of her life. As she breaks down in tears, she confesses she loved him too just not as much as Abe which doesn’t matter now since she has lost both of them. She backs away as Tek’s body is zipped into the bag as Lexie tries to hold herself together. The EMT’s ask her if she is alright and needs a ride as she refuses saying that she just wants to go home right now and be with her son. They remind her that the hospital will need her services tonight with the storm and accident causing a surplus in patients. Lexie says that she can’t handle that tonight and walks away still in tears as both EMT’s look at her wondering what could get in the way of Dr. Carver’s dedication to saving lives. We then see Lexie covering her face saying, "How can I abide by an oath I already broke? Tek’s death is my fault and I could have saved him by just not letting things go this far. Tek’s blood is on my hands. I am too blame for his death, just like I am too blame for the death of my marriage.” Lexie then leans up against an ambulance and collapses in tears on the road.

-Carrie, Austin, Sami, and Lucas all show up at the hospital. They are surprised to see so many people and want to know what is going on. Sami got a call from Hope saying that something had happened and they thought it was Will. Caroline walks over and says that it isn’t. She then fills them in on everything from John to Shawn Sr’s death. Sami and Carrie are devastated. Austin is surprised when Carrie turns to Lucas for comfort. He then embraces Sami, which Carrie spies. Then, both girls embrace their grandmother and express their sympathies. They both go over to Roman who is in a corner by the payphones. They hug him as Roman is unresponsive and walks away. Bonnie tries to follow him but gives up as Mimi tells her its not a good idea. Bo and Hope tell Sami and Carrie that their father is holding everything in right now for the family and that isn’t good. They all agree to stick together as a family to get through this as Sami continues to wonder about Will.

-Lucas and Austin go over and talk to Kate. They mention they saw Phillip. Belle overhears and her, Shawn, and Mimi come over to hear what is up. Austin and Lucas fill then in and how hateful Phillip was as Kate starts getting upset again. Billie reassures her as Belle cries on Shawn’s shoulder which Mimi sees. Bo and Hope overhear and ask Shawn if its true-that he is Claire’s father. He says it is as Kate sees an overjoyed Hope and Bo hugging both Shawn and Belle, which Mimi sees as well. Kate then lashes out saying that Hope got her wish and now Phillip is a wreck. Shawn responds by announcing to everyone that Kate and Victor both knew. Everyone is stunned. Marlena walks over too and can’t believe what she is hearing. Hope is stunned, as is Bo. Caroline backs away from Victor and asks if its true. Victor explains everything as Caroline reminds him of his anger when she did the same thing when hiding Bo’s paternity. Victor says it was wrong but that he only knew a short time. He brings up that Kate knew longer and actually tried to change the records but he stopped her and changed them back. Hope lashes out at Kate, as do Marlena and Belle, for playing God in other people’s lives. Hope hauls off and smacks her sending Kate to the floor. Belle tells her to go to hell and to just stay out of people’s lives. Kate gets back up and says that it isn’t her fault Belle was a whore just like her mother. Marlena lunges for her and they have a brawl on the floor which is joined in by Hope. Austin and Lucas break it up. They all tell Kate to get out as Billie offers to leave with her. Kate and Billie talk on the way out as Billie says that Kate is getting what she deserved. Kate reminds Billie of her reasons for doing what she did as Billie points out all the reasons for not doing it and how everything she does to interfere makes things worse for her children. Billie goes to get the car as Sami walks out and gloats in Kate’s face saying, “The mother from hell finally got her due.” Kate just stands there as Sami smirks and lays into her about all her past deeds and how they backfired and hurt so many people, especially the very people she set out to help, her children. Billie walks in and tells Sami to lay off as Kate bursts into tears saying that Sami is right. A stunned Sami is marveled by Kate being in tears and admitting she is wrong. Billie drags her out to the car. Sami then decides to call Will’s friends again to see if maybe they were off somewhere and are now back or something. The first person she calls informs her that there was something going on with all the kids but its over now and that her son said everyone went home or their separate ways. She asks to talk to the kid. The boy tells her that Will ran off after getting mad at all of them over something and they never saw him the rest of the night. Sami thanks him and his mother for their help and races to tell Lucas. Lucas is with Carrie and Austin when Sami tell him what she found out. She is really worried now as Austin holds her and says everything is going to be fine.

-Roman is on the roof as Bonnie is about to join him. Marlena then comes up and embraces him. The start talking about Shawn and all the memories they had of him. Marlena begs him not to hold his feelings inside since she knows he does that. Roman says he is in shock right now. Marlena informs him of her memory returning, except for her memories of John, and about Alex’s death. Roman is happy there is some good news. Marlena realizes she needs to get back since she has heard nothing about John yet. She hugs him and says she will always care about him and have a special place in her heart for him. He tells her he feels the same way. She leaves as Bonnie enters. Roman asks her why she is there. She says she just wanted to help him and agrees with Marlena about just letting things out. Roman tells her he doesn’t want to talk as Bonnie says that he had no problem talking with Marlena. Roman looks at her and just walks away as Bonnie vows to help him and not give up. There is just something about him that makes her want to help him and be there for him, like a force or pull. She follows him back downstairs.

-Hope, Bo, Shawn, Belle, and Caroline all ask Victor how he could do what he did. He realizes it was wrong but he saw Phillip with Claire and it got the best of him. Everyone begins to understand where Victor was coming from and realize he had good intentions. He promises to make it up to all of them and that he will never withhold something like that again as long as he loves as he looks at Caroline. They all agree to let it go concerning Victor but can’t forgive Kate. They want her arrested for her part in the coverup since someone could have been hurt from changing medical records. Victor insists that Kate is being punished enough. Besides, he already bought her out of trouble and there is no evidence anymore since the records were changed back. They agree and leave Victor with Caroline, who holds her. Caroline asks what vow Victor will honor-his to not reveal her secret or his to not keep another big secret. Victor says he will do what she wishes but thinks that they can’t say anything right now. Her husband just died. She agrees and says they will discuss it later but she needs Victor to leave. She wants to be just with her family now. Victor understands and tells her to let him know if she needs anything. He will be there for her. He leaves.

-Marlena comes downstairs, followed by Bonnie and Roman, as a doctor comes out with news. He tells Marlena that John is ok for now. However, they are very worried about infection since he had an open wound for so long while at the accident scene. Marlena, who is holding Belle, asks to see him but the doctor says they can once he is settled in a room. Then we see Frankie, Jen, Max, Abby, Doug, Julie, and Alice enter the scene. They got sick of waiting since nobody had been calling them. Maggie apologizes saying so much was going on. Everyone fills them in on Shawn Sr’s death, Mickey, John’s injury, Alex’s death, part of Marlena’s memory coming back, and Shawn being Claire’s father. Abe also announces that Tek as killed. Belle, Carrie, and Sami are happy Marlena has most of her memory back. Sami is really happy since Marlena doesn’t have any John memories but Marlena tells her to lay off. Sami, being the attention craver she is, mentions how Will is missing. Bo and Roman agree to send some squad cars out to look for him as Sami thanks them. Alice suggests that everyone hold hands in prayer to pray for Tek, Shawn Sr’s, and even Alex’s souls and the souls of anyone else who died. She also asks to pray for John, Mickey, Will, Phillip, Claire and anyone else who is pain, trouble, or heartache tonight. She also thanks God for those who survived the tragedy and for Marlena starting to remember, as well as Abe’s recovery as everyone in the room looks at him overjoyed. Everyone quietly prays. Belle decides to go check on Claire. Shawn wants to go too but Belle tells him to stay put since his uncle Mickey is in danger still. Mimi says she will go with Belle. Both of them leave. Abe and Celeste decide to go home too and go through the line of people embracing all of them. As they enter the elevator, Celeste tells Abe that she admires how strong he was. It could not have been easy helping others through tragedy and having to deal with what Lexie did to him. Abe says its hard knowing that his family has been destroyed because of lies again but that its also hard seeing so much pain and heartache tonight for lots of people who cares about. Celeste comforts Abe and says she feels everything will come out as it should and that he will be alright. She will help him. She then has a vision of a woman crying and screaming. Abe asks her what is wrong as she says that someone else is about to get bad news that will change lives forever.

-A doctor comes out and asks for Mrs. Horton. Maggie introduces herself as her. The doctor tells her that her husband made it through surgery but is in very serious condition. At that moment, we hear several machines beeping and then hear an announcement for two cold blues. Marlena sees John’s doctor run by and asks what is going on as he says that John has gone into septic shock and is in code blue. Mickey’s doctor says that Mickey is code blue too and runs off as Maggie begins to break down as Caroline holds her and Marlena. Belle runs back with Mimi and learns what is going on. Everyone holds each other waiting to hear what happens and we see the Horton’s and Brady’s united together hoping for the best. We see two nurses walking by who say, “Those people in there must be family and friends. They are gonna be devastated. He was such a good man and so full of life.” Both Marlena and Maggie hear this and wonder who they are talking about as both scream that this can’t be happening. One of their husbands can’t be dead. Both doctors come out and we see them talking. They come over and Mickey’s doctor says he has bad news for Maggie, as does John’s doctor for Marlena. Since everyone knows both men real well and are family, they decide not to tell the news separately to the individual parties involved with both patients. Both doctors recommend both woman sit down as everyone else looks on and prays that no one has passed and that the nurses were wrong. Marlena asks if someone died as the doctors look down and Marlena and Maggie both hold hands screaming, “Oh no!! NO!!!” We see the grim looks on everyone in the waiting room’s faces intermingled with Maggie and Marlena waiting to hear which of their husbands didn’t make it. Screen then fades to black.

On the Next Days...

The extent of Chelsea’s injuries are revealed. A Salem resident wakes up a prisoner. The mystery man who saved Patrick and Chelsea is revealed. All of Salem mourns the death of a beloved citizen. Families band together in time of death and despair.

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I'm loving your version of Days, it's really well done. Great cliffhanger at the end of today's show. So excited to see who dies and who the mystery person that saved Patrick is.

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