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days spoilers!!!!

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here are some spoilers for next week

Marlena and john discuss Marlena's feelings of guilt

BO runs into the house when he hears hope scream

Chelsea watches BO and hope

Chelsea stages a mock phone call she knows hope will hear <_<

Kate meets ej on the side of the road

Kate watches sami and ej

belle cries as she faces facts

sami is upset when austin makes a deal with Kate

hope and Jennifer visit BO

sami opens Carrie wedding dress by mistake

hope is stunned that BO wrote her another scathing e-mail

Jennifer tells hope to give BO another chance

eve offers to make damning video of Chelsea disappear

Chelsea's trial begins

ej has a surprise for sami

hope points out it is Zach's birthday

ej gets lexie to take the tests again

BO ask the judge to put him in jail for letting Chelsea drive

jacks health is deteriorating in his delirium he sees his dead brother Steve

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I for one will be so glad when Bo and Hope wake up to realize that Chelsea is the one messing with their marriage...Hope, of all people, should know her husband long enough to know if he would actually say things to her like that via email....I've always been a Bo and Hope fan, and while I understand that they need to be apart, the last thing I would want is for Hope to officially be hooked up with Patrick...I've never liked him or will I ever like him.

Looks like E.J will be turning Sami's head a bit; she'll soon move from Austin to him; to which Katie will be ever so glad about...I think it's time Katie really pay for her crap...She's always trying to get Sami busted for her deeds, but Kate needs to be caught big time.

I am so glad that this coming week will be the day that Patch comes back to Salem...I've always figured that he wasn't dead when they switched the caskets after his funeral.

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    • What a lovely conversation with Hayley, and the surprise visit from Melanie and Mary Ellen was the cherry on top. Hayley has great energy. 
    • @Kane After reading your profile of Linc Beecham I have some questions 1. What ever happened to his brother? 2. Why did Rebekah need Linc to marry into Zona's family if the Beechams were rich enough to take over AE? 3. Did you have a favorite Linc (of the two actors)? 4. Was Zona short for Arizona?  It is such an unusual name, even for a soap.  Or was she created by a writer known for odd character names (Eben, Egypt, and Staige come to mind)?
    • First off I wish his parents were on the canvas. I'd also like to see him have scenes with Stephanie and the vets on the show. The six or so gay characters should be on the canvas too with the arrival of Andrew.  Ron can't write anything of value for the gay characters. It truly is disappointing. Ron is too busy writing annoying and repetitive one liners for Leo. The worst gay character left on the canvas. I wish they'd give Andrew more than a supporting role but I highly doubt it will happen.
    • He is yummy. Most if not all his pictures are of him shirtless on Instagram.
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