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ARTICLE: Dan O’Connor Joins ‘Days of our Lives’ Writing Team

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UPDATE: As first reported by Soap Opera Network on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, Dan O’Connor has joined the writing team of “Days of our Lives” as a scriptwriter.

“I’ve been very fortunate that I joined the team at ‘Days of our Lives,’” O’Connor said to Soap Opera Network, fresh off the stage from winning his first-ever Daytime Emmy Award for his previous work as co-head writer at “General Hospital," working alongside Chris Van Etten.

“I’m very excited to be a member of that team, and just happy to still be in this genre that I love so much,” continued O’Connor,” who noted, “I get to work with Ron [Carlivati, head writer], I get to work with Katie [Schock] and Jamey [Giddens]... I’m very, very excited.”

Although O'Connor began working on the show in early May, a representative for the show confirms that his first scripts will not air until the end of January 2025.

Dan O'Connor, Elizabeth Korte

In 2019, O'Connor was named co-head writer of "General Hospital" following the retirement of former co-head writer Shelly Altman. He began his career interning for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and Marvel Comics and later worked as a writers’ assistant on “One Life to Live."

While at the ABC soap, O’Connor worked with Carlivati before the latter transitioned to become head writer at "General Hospital" in 2012. O'Connor joined the "One Life to Live" writing staff during the show's final season and wrote the series finale episode.

The Daytime Emmy win for "General Hospital" marked the first time the series has taken home the coveted statue for Outstanding Writing Team for a Daytime Drama Series in 15 years (since 2009).

You can check out Soap Opera Network’s interview with Dan O’Connor below.

In January, it was announced that O’Connor and Van Etten were being replaced by new co-head writers Elizabeth Korte and Patrick Mulcahey.

Last month, Mulcahey suddenly exited "General Hospital," leaving Korte to become the show’s sole head writer. This marks the first time since at least 2015 that only one writer would oversee storylines for the ABC daytime drama series.

The timing of Mulcahey’s exit came just as Van Etten returned to the writing team as a breakdown writer/scriptwriter.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article did not have information on when scripts written by O’Connor for “Days of our Lives” would first stream on Peacock. The article has been updated to reflect O'Connor's first scripts will air at the end of January 2025.

Note: The post Dan O’Connor Joins ‘Days of our Lives’ Writing Team appeared first on the Soap Opera Network website.


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Instead of Chris Van Etten as a breakdown writer, it should have been Dan O'Connor, who was the stronger of the two. I am happy O'Connor is employed, but boasting that you're working with the "writer" and the [former] blog owner, that isn't something to be proud about.

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Granted, I'd be happy just to get my 44-year-old foot in the door, but I couldn't write for DAYS even if I were magically their new HW, because I wouldn't know how to make that show make sense for me.  Nothing about it is remotely connected to reality or common sense in any way. 

I mean, I could try and find ways to make the show more grounded, but it would be oh-so-painful.  For myself and for everyone else involved, lol.

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That sounds simple enough, but the problem is that DAYS has gone so far out there - not just with those tropes that you've mentioned, @Liberty City, but with a great many other silly gimmicks - that to try and write more character-driven, budget-friendly stories in the vein of Bill Bell or Pat Falken Smith would be impossible to do at this point.  The core of the show is too rotten, and it would take too long to "re-condition" the audience, too.

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Posted (edited)

I don't understand how talented writers such as Richard & Carolyn Culliton, and Lorraine Broderick dealt with being on this writing team, helmed by Ron C. I'd rather watch a show helmed by all three of those writers  than a soap penned by Ron. 

I guess we'll just have to hope Dan's talent shines through all the muck and reflects on screen. 

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