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more stunt casting, Brad and Casey truly do not GAF about churning out a good product at all






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Preview pics for Monday and Tuesday next week.

Finny boy is once again violating his wife-appointed house arrest and going to see mommy. 

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So BOLD is going to Monaco to revive the dumbass Brooke's Bedroom line which no one but Brad Bell wants to see(it's his wet dream)

LMFAO I can't


The Bold and the Beautiful: Tom Arnold to Play a Pilot as the Forresters Head Back to Monte Carlo (Exclusive)

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I am so happy that KKL will have something else to do other than cry with her left eye to Hope or smile at Ridge. I am all for revival of the Bedroom line! And I love that they are going to Monaco.  The show is in desperate need for something other than Sheila's missing toe, Finn's confused face and Steffy acting like a school principal for months and months on end. Bring on the teddys and the fishnets, the Slut From The Valley is Reborn! 


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This was sent to me. 

Finn delivers difficult news.
Sheila learns a shocking secret.

Sheila puts Deacon to a test.
Ridge's announcement blindsides Steffy.

Katie confesses her mixed emotions to Bill.
Brooke's corporate decision vexes Steffy.

Sheila fumes over Steffy's influence on Finn.
She situation between Katie and poppy intensifies.

Sheila lets it be known that she is not to be messed with.




KKL looks amazing! Back to front and center where she belongs! Queen of Bold! 

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