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GH: Actress Fills in while Soap Vet has Surgery

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According to the soap Hoppers Forum it looks like GH will be seeing a new but temp Alexis Davis soon.


GENERAL HOSPITAL    Alexis (Davidovich) Davis Jacks Lansing Jerrome  2022 (Temporary)                   AKA     Dobson        AKA   Natasha Alexandra Mikkosovna Cassadine


I hope Nancy is Okay



GH has had the most temp recasts since COVID 19 began. It just reminds me that Daytime soaps are Repertory Theater for Television & stand in's are necessity at times.

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Wouldn't it be interesting in these modern times to have temp recasts using BIPOC actors?

Soap audiences are willing to suspend our disbelief in all sorts of ways.  Why not try an API Alexis for a few days, or a Black Monica?  It wouldn't effect the plot and the diversity would be appreciated.

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Interesting idea in theory, and certainly not impossible. I do see two potential issues:

1) It's confusing to cast, say, a Black woman as Alexis and then see her with any of Alexis's three very clearly white daughters. Obviously Black people have white children, and vice-versa, but it could create an entirely different context for those relationships.

2) A Black Monica Quartermaine would be a Black woman who became a doctor in the 1970s, which is a very different backstory than a white woman who had the privilege of being white, especially in the "old days" but even up until now.

Not that soaps even write this context for 95% of their BIPOC characters, though they're getting better at it, but I do think it adds a layer to the characters that would be neither intended nor properly explored. 

I do think it's an idea worthy of some exploring, though!

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