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Warner Media Streamer eyeing reboots of TGIF Shows

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20 hours ago, detroitpiston said:

I wonder if they will put Knots Landing up.


I feel like they missed the boat on this one.


It's really a shame, both Dallas and Knots could have had really great revivals. It also burns me up how Melrose and 90210 were wasted as well. Sigh.


And agreed with @Chris B they didn't do very well with the vets on Dallas ... and I'll never understand their fascination with Jesse Metcalfe. Best things about the reboot were Josh Henderson, getting to see Hagman as JR again (I think he was slightly limited in what he could do, the revival was probably 5 years too late) and Julie Gonzalo, who played Rebecca. They did a better job than Melrose, but it was still a total waste of potential. Jordana Brewster was a snoozefest.


I feel like it's about 10 years too late for a Knots revival, personally. I guess they could give it the One Day ... treatment and do all new couples, etc. But eh ...


12 hours ago, Chris B said:

Honestly I'm not confused or upset by this. Obviously these are shows that have done well in syndication and they also would have access to Hulu's numbers to see which ones are still holding up. Just like we hope for soap reboots, I'm sure there are fans who want these back and would probably think we're crazy wanting our soaps rebooted lol.


The biggest thing I'm hoping for though is Knots Landing and Falcon Crest streaming. Another thing, if they're doing reboots, I wish they'd reboot Dallas again but properly.


I know everyone meant streaming the originals, but I figured I'd mention any possible Knots revival. I think that time has passed. And no on Dallas. That time has passed too, but I wish I could go back in time and fix the reboots of Dallas, 90210 and Melrose Place. Such wastes of potential. They didn't have to suck. But that's what happens when you have showrunners who want their cake and to eat it too. They simply hired the wrong folks to reboot these shows. And the networks rebooting the shows wanted to capitalize on the name and I imagine they all sort of buckled under "we have to include the OGs".


I do hope Knots and Falcon Crest stream. I'm really in the mood to re-watch Falcon Crest and it's been a long time for me with Knots.


Logo, with their "Day Camp" sitcoms really should look at some of the old primetime soaps  .... 

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