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Michele Soap Writer

My Soap Opera Book Series

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Hi Everyone! I write my own original soap opera that I have published in the form of a book series and I am looking for soap fans to take an interest and possibly read it. It is available on kindle and in paperback on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Cape-Heights-Time-Styled-Opera/dp/1092714340/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=FTFAXXFEPVNGQA7P3QZF


Book 1 is episodes 1-22. It is written exactly as a soap broken up into episodes with each episode broken down into multiple scenes. Over 50 characters, a wide array of different types of romantic relationships, many different kinds of stories (including some more controversial topics) and there is some comedy sprinkled throughout. Here is my facebook page where I post character spotlights, sneak peeks of scenes, and photos of the characters




I am finished the 2nd book which is episodes 23-39 and that should be available by the end of next week! Already writing the 3rd book! I hope some of you check it out! If you read Volume 1 and enjoy it, please leave me a review on amazon and/or goodreads.com. Thank you!

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Hi everyone! If you are a fan of the soap genre (which is why we are all here!) check out my original soap opera in a book series.


53 characters, tons of stories, every type of romantic relationship/entanglement you can think of! (except for incest lol). I try to make it as soap opera as possible while also keeping it more realistic than soap operas can sometimes be (we all know sometimes stories can be taken too far and too unrealistic) so I hope you check it out!


Cape Heights Volume 1 is episodes 1-22



Cape Heights Volume 2 is episodes 23-39



Both are available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. I am currently writing Volume 3 which should be released some time in August. Thank you!


Also here is my facebook page for my books where you can get sneak peek scenes, character spotlights, and see photos of the characters https://www.facebook.com/Cape-Heights-Book-Series-A-Soap-Opera-Drama-714251092304879/?modal=admin_todo_tour


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Cape Heights is Juicy Fun!!!!

If you are a soap opera fan, you will LOVE this book series! Even if you don't watch soaps, you can still love my book series! It is a soap opera, yes, but better!

Why is it better? Because I take out the bad parts about soaps and just leave in the good. What do I mean by that? In my book series, you will not find any stories that make zero sense and are simply not believable which often happens in soaps on tv. Some examples of this are for instance when a character dies and multiple people WITNESS this person die or saw their dead body and yet some time later they end up alive and well with some insane implausible reason how that ended up possible. The ONLY instance I would bring a character back from the dead is if this character was missing and no one saw them die and they were presumed dead and even then, only if I can come up with a really good and logical reason how it is possible that they are still alive and why they have come back.

I was a soap fan off and on for many years but what drove me away from watching soaps all together or to take breaks from it was always when stories got so contrived and ridiculous that I just couldn't watch it anymore.

Another thing you will not see in my books: Characters getting married a million times and half of those times to the same person. I love conflict and drama in relationships, who doesn't? That is what makes you tune in. But I find it annoying on soaps when a great couple not only breaks up and gets back together a million times, but when they marry and divorce each other a million times. You see it all the time on soaps. A fan favorite couple end up married to each other 4 different times and in between their divorces they also got married 4 other times to 4 other people. COME ON! Nikki and Victor on Y&R is a prime example of this. How many times have they been married to each other at this point, as well as to other people? No one in real life would marry the same person 5 times. After the 2nd time you would say "ok I may love this person but we will never work" so although there will def be romantic drama, dilemmas, affairs, breakups and makeups, love triangles, etc, I will never take it to that extreme. The couples that I want to be together who belong together will not keep remarrying each other. They may break up once or twice, or stay together but go through rough times.

And lastly, why my book is a soap but better: because this is not on tv I have free reign without any restrictions. Because of that, you will find more realistic dialogue, especially when it comes to the use of profanity and sometimes dirty sexual talk or jokes. Most people curse in real life, so therefore my characters sometimes curse or say off color or perverted things. If you have a problem with that, I feel sorry for you first off, second my books are not for you. Also I try to put as much comedic dialogue and scenarios in there as possible as well. There are a few characters who are often the comedians, (Mike and Tyson are two that come to mind) but other characters as well have occasional comedic lines or moments. I try to do a wide range of different stories to capture different people's interests.

So if you like drama, comedy, romance, some action, family conflicts, and also like something that is a quick and easy read, then the Cape Heights Book Series is for you! Please check out Volume 1 and 2 and review for me! I am halfway finished Volume 3 and that should be released sometime in August!

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