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Ignore User Settings Discussion


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Let's tackle the Ignore User Settings issue that has gone unaddressed.


Many of you have said that you are ignoring a user but you still see their posts. Until recently, I was under the impression that all you did was click the user's name and select ignore or something to that effect. Turns out, you have to select that user and ignore them using select criteria. There isn't a one-click "ignore" and you don't ever see their postings.


With that said, the setting to ignore a user has been on in the backend for several years, but it appears as though Invision may have made changes at some point in upgrades to how you ignore a user so that you have to ignore them individually based on "posts," "messages," "signature" and "mentions," which means that if you don't have them selected for each individual option they aren't truly ignored in the sense most thought the ignore feature meant.


If you aren't sure if you are properly ignoring a user, make sure to check your ignore setting by going to the ignore page: https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/ignore/


When there, type in the person's name and check off the corresponding boxes. If you already have them selected for everything and they are still not being ignored, I'll then be able to get Invision to further investigate. Currently, I'm getting the message that everything is okay with the system in that regard.


Let me know your thoughts.


ADDENDUM: From my previous investigations into this, Invision doesn't have a solution or seems to be aware of a solution to this problem. However, I've seen numerous board owners complaining the feature isn't working as it should on their sites as well. 



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