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ABC Announces Nurses Ball 2019, Releases New ‘GH’-Themed Collection


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I promise. Not a joke.


I would have preferred watching the 90s era myself. FV's stuff is crap, honestly. It's all song and dance with no connection to HIV/AIDS. There's just no message there and no heart.

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It was still way better than FV 

 At least they didn't have the red carpet stuff. The message of why everyone was gather there always came across. It wasn't a soulless camp fest. Characters didn't disappear from the NB without explanation. It felt like a proper event not a cringy train wreck. 

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I am glad the Nurses Ball is a fixture again, and it always should be IMO, cheese or no cheese. It's definitely been a debacle of varying degrees since 2014 or so but I don't care, so long as they keep it going. My issue with it is the choice of actors and material, which largely seems to be an excuse for FV to try to relive the old musical stuff from OLTL. (I wonder if he is still submitting super-campy NB stuff for Emmys[!!], which is what he allegedly did in '13 and '14 and so on and was apparently shocked when the PP OLTL got nominated instead. I remember Daytime Confidential trying to call him out on constantly submitting flashy camp or musical episodes and being shocked when it doesn't win.)


The Nurses Ball can be great or it can be awful - it's always had that potential. It's just a q of how they handle it.


James Patrick Stuart - the supposed dreaded villain Valentin Cassadine - singing Billy Joel songs(!!) to Nina was my personal Waterloo for Frank's Nurses Balls. I can never take JPS seriously on GH again.

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