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LATEST RATINGS: December 24-28, 2018


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Wow....Days is now #3 and GH is in last. Days up in every category.

Monday, December 24
Gabi panics when she learns Julie has woken up; Abigail drops a bombshell on Stefan; Julie surprises her family as they hang the Horton ornaments; Abigail comes face-to-face with Ben.

Tuesday, December 25 (Christmas)
Abigail and Chad receive a Christmas miracle; Leo makes a spectacle of himself at the holiday children's party at the hospital; Roman arranges a special moment between Will and Sonny; Abe gets an unexpected gift from Sheila.

Wednesday, December 26
Chad reels after finding out he is Charlotte's father; Abigail and Gabi have a major showdown; Claire and Tripp grow closer; J.J. tries to get Haley to open up about her problems.

Thursday, December 27 
Chad tells Rafe about Gabi's deception and demands he arrest her; Jennifer apologizes to Abigail for not believing in her daughter; Gabi fears for her life as she finds herself at Stefan's mercy.

Friday, December 28
Everyone gathers to ring in the new year at Doug's Place; a face from the past makes a shocking appearance; Jennifer attends the party with Dr. Henry Shah; Eric consults Justin about suing for custody of Holly.

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DAYS has already hit bottom for the time being. 


I checked some of the recent years’ holiday ratings, and I hadn’t seen GH falling below DAYS at any point in the main demos, so it does feel unusual, even if GH recovers it’s No. 3 spot next week.


Unlike DAYS, GH has even further to drop, and again, in addition to the bridges burned with viewers, I’m curious how much the poor performance of GMA Day is responsible. 

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