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Soap Hoppers --The Soap Actors And Roles Thread

slick jones

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GUIDING LIGHT        Melinda Sue Lewis Spaulding Corday Jeffries (McHenry) Spaulding Bauer          1983-89; 2002, 2004, 2009

ONE LIFE TO LIVE        Tina (Clayton ) Lord Roberts Rogan Vicker Roberts  1994-97

SANTA BARBARA        Andie Klein        1992-93







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THE DOCTORS                  Luke "Lew" Dancy              1976-82

AS THE WORLD TURNS     Brian McCall          1982-84

Telfer had a week on both TD and ATWT that overlapped in December

DAYS OF OUR LIVES        David Renfro            ?1984?

GENERAL HOSPITAL       Dr. Mark Faber             1985

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL      Dr. Fred Bailey     1988

DAYS OF OUR LIVES        Mr. Donnell          1988

                                            Major Harold Lee     1989

                                            Agent Richards          1989

                                           Josh Mills          1990

90210                                Elderly Man       2012

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ANOTHER WORLD     Michael Thayer        1969

AS THE WORLD TURNS     Hank Barton     1970

ANOTHER WORLD          Randy Buchanon       1970

SOMERSET                       Randy Buchanon      1970-72

THE SECRET STORM     Stace Reddin    73-74

ALL THAT GLITTERS       Dan Kincaed       1977

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS       Terrence Kelly         2001





WKRP IN CINCINNATI      "Randy" Andy Travis          1978-82










TRIBES                  Frankie             1990

MODELS, INC      Girl in Toilet      1994

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS          Phyllis Summers Romalotti (twice) Abbott Newman (twice) Abbott    1994-97; 2000-2013; 2019-

PACIFIC PALISADES          Joanna Hadley       1997

GENERAL HOSPITAL        Nina Reeves Clay Lansing Cassadine   2014-19











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THE SECRET STORM              Dr. Tony Porter          1966-68

AS THE WORLD TURNS          Peter Kane           1970-71

LOVE OF LIFE                           Jay Edmiston        1977

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW      Sergeant Brock      1980

DYNASTY                                 Lieutenant Cobb    1982

DALLAS                                     George Hicks         1982-83

ONE LIFE TO LIVE                  Harry O'Neill            1984

DYNASTY                                  Stanley                  1989



DEAR DETECTIVE      Professor Richard Weyland  1979

TRAUMA CENTER    Dr. Charles Sternhauser   1983

DESIGNING WOMEN    Ray Don Simpson 1986; 1988



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GENERAL HOSPITAL             Robert  Xavier Scorpio  1980-92; 1995;2006; 2008; 2012; 2013-14; 2015-16; 2018; 2019-Present

HOTEL                                  Alan Gray         1986

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL         Hunter Jones       1997

GENERAL HOSPITAL:NIGHT SHIFT         Robert Xavier Scorpio    2008

THE BAY                          Commander Lex Martin              2010-19

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS    Colin Atkinson        2010-12; 2014-15; 2016; 2018; 2019




THE LINK MEN    Detective Constable Ray Gamble     1970

NUMBER 96     Cain Carmichael    1974

POWER WITHOUT GLORY    Peter Morton    1976

FAST TRACK      Harry      1997-98

STUDIO CITY     Doc     2019







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THE VERDICT IS YOURS    Unknown Role Unknown Year

THE CLEAR HORIZON          Enid Ross            1960-62

THE YOUNG MARRIEDS       Anne Reynolds        1964

GLITTER                               Unknown Role             1985

HOTEL                                      Adele  Meredith      1985

ALL MY CHILDREN     Ruth Parker Brent Martin        1996-99; 2002; 2003; 2007; 2008; 2009-11

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES         Doris                 2012





THE TIME TUNNEL        Dr. Ann MacGregor                1966-67

BATMAN                         Lisa Carson                              1967

STAR TREK                    Losira                                          1969

BARNABY JONES         Betty Jones                                1973-80

THE MUNSTERS TODAY      Lily Munster                    1988-91


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RYAN'S HOPE                  Obstetrics Nurse              1977

THE DOCTORS                Betsy Match  Manero                    1977

ONE LIFE TO LIVE        Beverly Wilkes                     1979

                           Annabelle, Katrina's hospital roommate       1980

BEVERLY HILLS 90210      Cindy Beaman Walsh      1990-96; 1998

SUNSET BEACH             Joan Cummings              1997-99

PROVIDENCE                    Karen Ashworth            2001

BH90210       Carol Potter       2019


TODAY'S F.B.I.     Maggie Clinton    1981-82







THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS      Cindy Lake       1982-83

HOTEL                      Donna Corry       1983

DAYS OF OUR LIVES           Diane Parker          1984

SANTA BARBARA          Nurse Kathleen MacDougall   (aka THE FOX)  1987-88









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LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING    Spencer Garrison (temporary) Unknown Year

LOVE OF LIFE       Dean Newman        1968

THE GUIDING LIGHT      Lieutenant Wally Campbell   1969

THE DOCTORS               Clinic Patient                 1970

THE SECRET STORM      Frank  Carver   1971

ONE LIFE TO LIVE             Jack Lawson       1972-73

LOVE OF LIFE                    Mark Ferris          1976

AS THE WORLD TURNS       Evan Morgan       1977

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW      Lonnie Garrison       1978

AS THE WORLD TURNS     Mr. Hoyt, James' Attorney     1983

ANOTHER WORLD            Vince McKinnon         1984-85

THE CITY                               Dr. Baker             Unknown Year

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On 8/22/2018 at 9:10 PM, slick jones said:

Thanks, @dc11786.  I fixed them!













MODERN ROMANCES      Unknown Role   week of   11/4/1954

                                             Unknown Role    "The Perfect Wife"  week of 12/6/1954

TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET       Captain Brad Farley     1954

FIRST LOVE      Chuck Gibson       1954-55

MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role   "The Hitch-Hike Murderer" week of 6/20/1955

                                              Unknown Role   "Heat Lightning"        week of 9/5/1955

                                         Unknown Role               week of 5/28/1956

AS THE WORLD TURNS        Unknown Role         Unknown Year

THE DOCTORS     Charles Gray   "A Case of Blackmail"    week of 9/30/963

                                Daniel Grady           1975

ONE LIFE TO LIVE      Lee Chapin       1976

ALL MY CHILDREN      Dr. Charles Tyler    (temporary)    1977

THE EDGE OF NIGHT        Dr. Arthur Featherstone            1981

ANOTHER WORLD             Gibbs      1985


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@jam6242. I was trying to make that pic of Humphrey Davis  for too long!!!!

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An updated list of "Hoppers" we have accumulated. The same list can be found on Page one.


Nick Pryor

Lesley Woods

Ann Williams

Teri Keane

Linda Dano

Lawrence "Larry" Weber

Byron Sanders

Jane Elliott

Augusta Dabney

Joel Crothers

David O'Brien

Barbara Crampton

Robin Mattson

Debbi Morgan

Roscoe Born

Vincent Irizarry

Barbara Berjer

Nick Coster

John Cunningham

Geraldine Court

Joan Copeland

Don Chastain

Jordan Charney

Keith Charles

Carl Lowe

Roy Poole

Mark Pinter

Judith Chapman

Conard Fowkes

Darnell Williams

Genie Francis

Louise Shaffer

Maree Cheatham

Veleka Gray

Beverlee McKinsey

Barbara Rodell

Kin Shriner

Steve Carlson

Judith Barcroft

Robert Gentry

Larkin Malloy

Ariana Muenker

Joan Van Ark

Morgan Fairchild

Warren Burton

Ann Flood

Colleen Dion

Susan Brown

Dorothy Lyman

Gillian Spencer
Lenka Peterson

Rick Hearst

Charles Grant

John Wesley Shipp

Patrick Horgan

Brian Gaskill

Jon Lindstrom

Judith McConnell

A Martinez

Anthony Addabbo

Virginia Dwyer

Bruce Gray

Greg Beecroft 

Marla Adams

Grant Aleksander

Rod Arrants

Jacqueline Courtney

Anna Stuart

Mary K. Wells

John Reilley

Leigh J. McCloskey

Joseph Mascolo

Mariann  Aalda

Millette Alexander

James Douglas

Rita Lloyd

Gwynn Gilliss

Susan Seaforth Hayes

Billy Warlock

John O'Hurley

Ron Harper

Gordon Thompson

Denise Alexander

Clarice Blackburn

Patricia Barry

Nat Polen

Irving Allen Lee

Louise Sorel

Anthony Herrerra

Melinda Plank Cordell

Michael Sabatino

Marj Dusay

Nick Walker

Robin Strasser

Jack Betts

Bibi Besch

Peter Brown

Doris Belack

Tina Sloan

Matthew Ashford

Jed Allan

Jill Larson

Randy Brooks

Catherine Hickland

William Prince

Michael TTylo

Elizabeth Lawrence

Gerald Anthony

Tonya Lee Williams

Stephen Nichols

Susan Walters

Michael Corbett

Nancy Pinkerton Peabody

Darlene Conley

Michael Minor

Sam Behrens

Marcia Cross

John Bolger

Kim Zimmer

Michael Zaslow

Hillary Bailey-Smith

Lee Patterson

Terry Lester

Jacqueline Brookes

Ian Buchanon

Judi Evans

Peter Parros

Constance Towers

Tracey Lindsay Melchior

Jerry Lanning

Daniel Cosgrove

Elizabeth Keifer

Leigh Taylor-Young

Linda Cook

Ernest Graves

Robert Clary

Jeanne Cooper

Tom Hallick

Janice Lynde

Anthony Geary

Jaime Lyn Bauer

Michael Gregory

Jennifer Leak

Jerry Lacy

William Gray Espy

Beau Kayzer

James Houghton

Lilyan Chauvin

John Considine

Donnelly Rhodes

Meg Bennett

Eileen Davidson

Amelia Heinle

Christian J. LeBlanc

Robert Colbert

Julianna McCarthy

H.M. Wynant

Dorothy Adams

Dorothy Green

Robert Clarke

Jodean Russo (Lawrence)

Paul Stevens

Lanna Saunders

Diedre Hall

Tom Selleck

Lee Crawford

Trish Stewart

Lynne Topping

Pamela Peters Solow

Patricia Everly

K.T. Stevens

John McCook

Dennis Cole

David Hasselhoff

Victoria Mallory

Heather Tom

Gina Tognoni

Paul Savior

Jack Stauffer

Jeff Cooper

Joe LaDue

Caleb Stoddard

Jason Thompson

Jess Walton

Ellen Weston

Deborah Adair

Melinda O. Fee

Brenda Dickson

Bond Gideon

wings Hauser

Brian Kerwin

Howard McGillin

Tom Ligon

Carolyn Conwell

Richard Borg

Dick DeCoit

Lori March

Lois Smith

Dack Rambo

Russell Curry

John James

Sharon Case

Lindsay Price

Elizabeth Hubbard 

James Pritchett

Fiona Hutchison

Brody Hutzler

Ricky Paull Goldin

Vivica A. Fox

Lesley Anne Down

Justin Deas

Crystal Chappell

Sarah Joy Brown

Linden Ashby

John H. Martin

Wayne Tippit

Donna Pescow

Joan Pringle

Jacob Young

Humbert Allen Astredo

Kimberlin Brown

Kale Browne

Constance Ford

Jon Hensley

James Horan

Lisa Peluso

Donna Mills

Stephanie E. Williams

Paul Satterfield

Emma Samms

Jack P. Wagner

Fred J. Scollay

Ted LePlat

Marie Masters

Patricia McCormack

Michael Woods

Kathleen Widdoes

Scott Thompson Baker

Frank Runyeon

Alla Korot

Craig Huebing

David Forsyth

Sydney Penny

Anthony Call

Ruth Warrick

John Callahan

Susan Pratt

Kathleen Noone

Robert Hogan

Robert Skip Burton

Richard Backus

Richard Burgi

Lisby Larson

Lewis Arlt

Christine Jones

David CXanary

Caroline Lagerfelt

Jennifer Bassey

Joe Gallison

Jensen Buchanan

Geoffrey Scott

Randolph Mantooth

Alexandra Neil (Diane Thompson Neil)

Ted King

Lesli Kay

Mitchell Ryan

Tonja Walker

Sherilyn Wolter

Barbara Rush

Leslie Charleson

Dax Griffin

Katherine Justice

Michael Dietz

Nancy Addison - Altman

John Sanderford

John Shearin

Roy Thinnes

Brian Patrick Clarke

Geoff Pierson

Charity Rahmer

Vincent Baggetta
Carla Borelli
Sharon Gabet
Robert Hover
Katherine Glass
Cassandra Creech
Andrea Evans
Lois Kibbee
Terrell Tilford
Victoria Wyndham
Douglass Watson
Linda Gibboney
Meg Mundy
Elaine Princi
Stephen Joyce
Elissa Leeds
Ed Kemmer
Irene Yah-Ling Sun
Denny Albee
Dan Hamilton
Kimberly Foster
Bruce Martin
Forrest Compton
Dennis Cooney
Barbara Stanger
Sloane Shelton
Mary Stuart
Debrah Mullowney Farentino
Richard Egan
Mart Hulswit
Larry Haines
William Roerick
Paul Carr
Val Dufour
Christopher Bernau
Steve Fletcher
Nicolette Goulet
Larry Haines
Chandler Hill Harben
Mary Kay Adams
Chip Lucia
Robert Mandan
Robert Milli
Peggy McCay
Michael M. Ryan
Lynn Herring
Josephine "Josie" Nichols
Peter Simon 
Audrey Peters
Hunter Tylo
Tudi Wiggins
Peter Ratray
John Aniston
Courtney Sherman Simon
Ed Nelson
Donna Wandrey
Leslie Denniston
Jada Rowland
Ana Alicia
Christopher Durham
Signy Coleman
Julia Duffy
Grant Show
Wesley Addy
Helen Gallagher 
Sally Gracie
Bernard Grant
David Bailey
Brett Halsey
Julianne Moore 
Ray MacDonnell
Mary Fickett
Terry O'Sullivan 
Norman Parker
Phoebe Dorin 
Rosemary Prinz
Michael Fairman
Jim Storm
Rena Sofer
Mary Alice
Nancy Lee Grahn
Michael Easton
Finola Hughes
Jonathon Hogan
Lisa Brown
Mark Goddard
Shawn Christian
Vera Allen
Joe Campanella
Rebecca Hollen
Pamela Blair
Brooke Bundy
Kathleen Rowe McAllen
Hugo Napier
Todd McKee
Michael Nouri
Caroline McWilliams
Cady McClain
Nancy Marchand
Harley Jane Kozak
Ilene Kristen
Toni Bull Bua
John Gabriel
Farley Granger
Priscilla Garita
Leslie Ann Ray
Chris Robinson
Josh Taylor
Catherine Mary Stewart
Ingo Rademacher
Richard Shoberg
Albert Stratton
Julie Pinson
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Marcus Smythe 
Cynthia Watros
Kathleen Turner
Margaret Mason 
Regina Gleason
W.T. Martin
Taro Meyer
Bernie McInerney
Joe Morton
John Danelle
Lisa Wilkinson
James Mitchell
Ellen Holly
Al Freeman, Jr.
Nancy Franklin
Roni Dengel
Louise Troy 
Eddie Earl Hatch
Peter Bergman 
Dennis Romer
Ann Revere
Peter Reckell
Robert Rockwell
Dino Narizzano
Jeffrey David Pomerantz
Gale Sondergaard
Michael Conforti
James Hong
Konrad Matthaei
Michael Shannon
Barbara Rucker
Joanna Roos
 Lisa Rinna
Neva Small
Natalie Schafer
John Colenback
Susan Scannell
Count Stovall
Stephen Schnetzer
Peter Brandon
Margaret Barker
Quinn Redeker
Jennifer Landon
Eugene Smith
Frank Schoefield
Greg Vaughan
Leon Russom
Michael Swan
Madeleine Sherwood
Kevin Carrigan
Robert LuPone
Pamela Toll 
Carol Roux
Mary Denham
Bob Heitman
Jane Krakowski
Gregory Rozakis
William Griffis
Grace Matthews
Carol Richards
Jay Gregory 
Christopher Marcantel
Kristen Vigard
Jeanna Michaels
Tom Fuccello
Christopher Goutman
Michael Hawkins
Francesca James
Robin Morse
Marilyn McIntyre
Burt Douglas
Joyce Van Patten
Brooks Rogers
Susan Sullivan
Michael Kearney
Mark Kearney
Marie Thomas
Holly Peters 
Richard Niles
Alice Yourman
Jeff Trachta
Michael Landrum
Marie Wallace
Colleen Zenk
Mimi Cozzens
Vasili Bogazianos
Philip Brown
Santos Ortega 
Douglas Marland
Liza Chapman
Katherine Squire
Judi Rolin
Roger  Newman
Lucy Martin 
Lee Lawson
Christopher Pennock
Lee Godart
Glenn Corbett
Kay Campbell
Susan Keith
Thom Christopher
Christopher Cass
Jane Badler
Steve Burton
Real Andrews
Robert Kelker-Kelly
Lisa LoCicero
Robin Christopher
Sean Kanan
Wally Kurth
Don Scardino
Sarah Buxton
Ken Kercheval
Malachy McCourt
Rebecca Staab
Jessica Tuck
Petronia Paley
Burke Moses
James Kiberd
Liliana Komorowska
Georgann Johnson
Debbie McLeod
Maeve McGuire
Sela Ward
Ed Bryce
Peter Galman
Lois Robbins
Lauren Woodland
Marilyn Chris
Dixie Carter
Berkeley Harris
Donald May
Meg Myles
Thaao Penghlis
Philece Sampler
Patsy Pease
Lauren Koslow
Christopher Holder
Peter Haskell
Terry Davis
Lezlie Dalton
Sylvia Miles
Grayson Hall
Alice Hirson
Dorothy Stinnette
Maureen Anderman
Mark Arnold
Stephanie Braxton
Margo McKenna
Jean LeClerc
Charles Cioffi
Sheppard Strudwick
Pat Crowley
Roberta Leighton
Millee Taggart
Delphi Harrington
James Karen
Tom Wiggin
Hillary Edson 
Ronald Drake
Luke Perry
Elizabeth Parrish
Valarie Pettiford
Cec Linder
Katherine Kamhi
Paul Michael Glaser
Luke Reilly
Anna Holbrook
Sandra Ferguson (Reinhardt Robinson)
Ray Wise
Frances Sternhagen
Christopher Cousins
Dennis Parlato
Amelia Marshall
Marie Wilson
Joe Lambie
Patrick Tovatt
Stella Stevens
Martha Scott 
Gil Rogers
Kevin Dobson
Andrew Masset
Nick Benedict
Woody Brown 
Hunt Block
Lane Davies
Steven Culp
Sofia Landon (Geier)
Deanna Lund
Geoffrey Lumb
Gerald Gordon
David Ackroyd
Daniel Pilon
Lenore Kasdorf
Richard Steinmetz
Micki Grant
Dana Delaney
Ellen Wheeler
Maureen Mooney
Trent Dawson
Jordan Clarke
Todd Curtis
Tricia Cast
Kate Charleson
Margarita Cordova
Taina Elg
Terri Eoff
Mary Beth Evans
Stephen Elliott
Christine Ebersole
Julia Campbell
Scott Colomby
Matthew Cowles
Avis McArther
Kim Morgan Greene
Carl Strano
Elizabeth Storm
Jacqueline Schultz
Peter Stong
Carmen Thomas
Stephen McNaughton
Kelli Maroney
Lilia Skala
Philip Sterling
Laurinda Barrett
Stephen Burleigh
Richard Council
Eric Conger
Terrence Mann
Pat Sajak
David Selkirk
George L. Smith
Shannon Eubanks
Kerrie Emerson
Michael Evans
Andrea Moar
Peg Murray
Joanna Miles
Jodie Mann
Patricia Estrin
Gary Tomlin
Sandra Smith
Damion Scheller
Michael J. Stark
Eddie Velez
Robert Elston
Kimberly Beck-Hilton
Stephen Bolster
Audrey Landers
Monti Sharp
Celeste Holm 
Dick LaTessa
Jeff Phillips
James Noble
Martin E. Brooks
Novella Nelson
Nancy Stafford
Robert Sampson
Rue McLanahan
Robin Eisenmann
Roger Edmonds
Kathleen Maguire
David Gautreaux
Walter Brooke
A.C. Weary
Peter White
Breon Gorman
Helen Wagner
Nick Surovy
Robert Newman
Frances Reid
James Rebhorn
Alice Haining
Floy Dean 
Leon Janney
Renee Jones
Barry Jenner
Paul Carr (updated)
James Lipton
Nancy Barrett
Mary Frann
Vana Tribbey
Shelley Taylor Morgan
Mark Tapscott 
Jennifer Taylor
Paul Tulley
Robert Vaughan
Rose Alaio
Mark Andrews
Craig Augustine
Robert Alda
Russ Anderson
Victor Arnold
Gregory Abels
Joan Anderson 
Jack Armstrong
Stan Albers
Marilyn Alex
Sharon Acker
Julie Adams
Aki Aleong
Jill Andre
Jay Acovone
Jone Allison
Cain Devore
Miranda Wilson
James Wleck
Robert Wilson
Richard K. Weber (Rick Ely)
Beverley Owen
Peggy Whitton
Phillip Abbott
Lynn Adams
Elizabeth Allen
Tom Aldredge
Terry Alexander
Armande Assante
David Froman
Susan Flannery
June GGraham
Jennifer Gatti
Beulah Garrick
John Gibson
Billie Lou Watt
Kate Wilkinson
Joel Fabiani
David Wallace
Lisa Trusel
Bernard White
Bruce Weitz
Chuck Walling
Fran Brill
Penny Fuller
Gloria Hoye
Maggie BairdLinda Borgeson
Lee Bryant
Michael Baseleon
George Bamford
Pamela Burrell
John Beal
David Allen Brooks
Bob Hastings
Humphrey Davis
Ginger Gerlach
Ellen Tobie
Reuben Greene
Krista Tesreau
Frank Telfer
Gary Sandy
Michelle Stafford
Arlen Dean Snyder
Tristan Rogers
Lee Meriwether
Carol Potter
Deanna Robbins
Jack Ryland
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31 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

Fantastic effort Slick.

Could we add:

Arthur Roberts

Larry Poindexter

Mark Derwin

Deborah Hobart

Martin West

Stacey Haiduk



I'm also adding :

Lynn Milgrim

Marcia McCabe

Diana Walker

Kathryn Walker

Angela Thornton

Charles "Jay" Hammer

Nancy Sorel

Louis Zorich

Olivia Birkelund

Phyllis Lyons

Susan Batten


Researching the casts of Hawkins Falls, One Man's Family and just wrapped up ATWT's G's, so I'll be posting these Sunday.   I'll work on these Hoppers to be posted by Monday night, time permitting.


If anyone else has any requests, feel free to post them.

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5 minutes ago, P.J. said:

Constance Towers in there somewhere, right? 


Who played Roger Thorpe's father Adam? Robert Milli?

Constance Towers is on page 11. 

Robert Milli played Adam, but Robert Gerringer originated the role in 1972. He's just made the list for my next round of Hoppers.  Milli is on page 20.



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CBS DAYTIME 90 "Legacy of Fear" 2/11/1974

THE EDGE OF NIGHT    Ernie Casper     1975

THE DOCTORS            Dr. Lewis Simmons        1976

                                   George Westley      1978

ANOTHER WORLD     Mr. Petit, Swiss Attorney    1980

RYAN'S HOPE              Lieutenant Oliver Jones        1981

ANOTHER WORLD     Milo Simonelli                1982

ONE LIFE TO LIVE     "Papa"                        Unknown Year

AS THE WORLD TURNS     Mystery Man    Unknown Year

ANOTHER WORLD     Dominick           1987

AS THE WORLD TURNS    Greek Inspector Haniotis    1987-88

ONE LIFE TO LIVE     Rabbi Solomon      Unknown Year

ALL MY CHILDREN   Dr. Karpathy        Unknown Year





BROOKLYN BRIDGE            Jules Berger      1991-93

MAD ABOUT YOU               Burt Buchman   1993-99





IF I HAD A MILLION     12/31/1973








SEARCH FOR TOMORROW        Emily Rogers Hunter      1972-73

ALL MY CHILDREN                      Eileen Littlejohn              1974

BEACON HILL                               Fawne Lassiter                1975

ANOTHER WORLD                       Barbara Weaver               1976

















AS THE WORLD TURNS          Susan Burke Stewart      1967

DARK SHADOWS                     Carolyn Stoddard              1968

WHERE THE HEART IS             Mary ___  Hathaway      1969-73

ANOTHER WORLD                 Alice Matthews Frame   (Temporary) 1974








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GENERAL HOSPITAL        Dr. Phil Brewer        1967-75

AS THE WORLD TURNS    Donald "Don" Hughes   1977-78

DALLAS                               Phil McKenna             1981



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THE SECRET STORM           Melissa Tyson          1967-68

THE DOCTORS                      Lisa Kincaed             1972-73

ONE LIFE TO LIVE                Mrs. Whitmore          1987

ALL MY CHILDREN             Mrs. Livingston           1994

GUIDING LIGHT                    Mrs. Bennett           Unknown Year









HAWKINS FALLS             Unknown Role                   early 1950s

LOVE OF LIFE                  Professor Bruce Sterling      1959-80

RYAN'S HOPE                 Charlie (Allen) Crimmins       1981

DALLAS                           Charles Eccles                         1982

GUIDING LIGHT              Mr. McLerin                              1989













WOMAN TO REMEMBER           Charley Anderson         1949

ONE MAN'S FAMILY                   Cliff Barbour                   1949

TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET      Tom Corbett            1951-55

FIRST LOVE                 Chris, Amy's first husband             1955

LOVE OF LIFE                             Cameraman                   late 1950s

PARADISE BAY      Assistant District Attorney __ Winkler     1965





(Frankie's mother)


CAPTAIN VIDEO AND HIS VIDEO RANGERS Video Ranger's Mother    1949-55

WOMAN TO REMEMBER          Unknown Role                   1949

ONE MAN'S FAMILY                 Mrs. Roberts                      1950-51

THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN    Charlotte Doane              1953

THE BRIGHTER DAY                Aunt  Emily  Potter      1954-62

THE SECRET STORM   Unknown Role   Unknown Year

THE DOCTORS                         Unknown Role               1963

PARADISE BAY                         Judge Ellis                      1965

ANOTHER WORLD                   Emily ____ Hastings       1966








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PORTIA FACES LIFE     Unknown Role




WOMAN TO REMEMBER            Unknown Role            1949

WAY OF THE WORLD    Unknown Role  "Rebound" 9/26-9/30/1955

LOVE OF LIFE         Joshua Garrett  , Vanessa's editor             1953-54

THE BRIGHTER DAY               Adolphe McClure          1960

AS THE WORLD TURNS     Ed Richardson  1961-62 

LOVE OF LIFE             Judson Williams            1963-64

PARADISE BAY            Judge Grayson              1965

Edited by slick jones
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TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET       Cadet Eddie Raddison    1950-55

LOVE OF LIFE    Unknown Role   Unknown Year

THE EDGE OF NIGHT                 Sergeant Fitzsimmons         1957

TRUE STORY    Unknown Role  "The Mountain"    6/8/1957

                              David McCloud   "A Matter of Suspicion"     7/20/1957

                            Unknown Role ""Honest Politics"   11/23/1957 

                             Unknown Role   ""The Operation"  3/15/1958

                             Unknown Role   7/19/1958

THE SECRET STORM              Joe Sullivan    1960-61



GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C.        Sergeant  Vince Carter       1964-69











ALL MY CHILDREN         Taffy                 Unknown Year

ONE LIFE TO LIVE           CoCo Laine        1988-89

GENERATIONS                Monique McCallum Craig    1989-91

BEVERL HILLS 90210    Gloria Richland           1994









GENERAL HOSPITAL         James Duval         1981

KNOTS LANDING              Ralph Causey         1991






MISS SUSAN (MARTINSVILLE, U.S.A.)    Bill Carter         1951

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW  Unknown Role Unknown Year

HAWKINS FALLS      Donald Yates    1953

THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN         Bill Morgan         1953

WAY OF THE WORLD   Unknown Role   "Forbidden Dreams"  7/1-7/15/1955

MODERN ROMANCES    Unknown Role   week of 10/24/1955

 Sergeant John MacGregor    week of 8/18/1958

TRUE STORY  Unknown Role "The Writer"   12/14/1957

                       Unknown Role    "Obsession"    2/22/1958

A DATE WITH LIFE              Tom Bradley      1955-56

DOCTOR HUDSON'S SECRET JOURNAL     Unknown Role      1957

DAY IN COURT      ___   Harris    11/64

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS     Dr. Young          1981

GENERAL HOSPITAL          Charles (Corso) Sutton     1982

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL    Dr. Adams          1987

                                                     Dr. Reston               1987

DYNASTY                     Harry Donalds                 1987







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GUIDING LIGHT       Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding Randall Lewis   2006-09

THE GUIDING LIGHT 70th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL  Zina Bethune as Robin Lang   2007

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS    Abigail "Abby" Newman 2010-13   

GENERAL HOSPITAL              Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer  Falconeri   2013-2020





Edited by slick jones
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