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Y&R Spoiler for 12/13/17

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JT sees Victoria at the bar GCAC, and she says she did not know he was staying there. They chat and make tentative plans to see Reed together at her house later.

Victoria expresses concern about being involved in the audit. JT took some courses in security audits during his posting, and Paul requested that he help out with the current investigation. Victoria thinks it is a conflict of interest that JT is involved. Paul must have found a loophole.

Billy and Phyllis-Phyllis has work with Lauren and Billy is interested in having some fun. Phyllis begs off. Busy day.

While Phyllis is dealing with a client at GCAC, Billy is at the bar, grinning at her and continually bleeping her phone. Billy sends about three texts to interrupt her work, and Phyllis must have found them racy, since her eyebrows go up and she gives Billy looks at the bar. Phyllis and her client say goodbye at the entry, and Phyllis comes up to Billy to wonder "what the hell..." ? Plans for later.

Billy jogging in Chancellor Park and runs into Nick also doing the same (in the snow) Billy makes some sarcastic comment about how both are enjoying the free and easy life:
which Nick takes exception to, but Billy rapidly covers by congratulating him on the new quest for saving Chancellor Park and Katherine's heritage.

Nick accepts this compliment, but is not wholly agreeing with Billy's philosophy, and runs on the path.

Hilary and Cane at CL-Hilary wants Cane to be on the show to talk about the Chancellor report in the newspaper, and his success being top of the line for 2018.
Cane agrees.

Cane is very much involved with both Chancellor work and being at the hospital with Sam until he comes home.

Lily and Abby on the patio at CL- Lily eagerly asks Abby about her love life and Abby very hesitantly tells her about having sex with Scott in the storage room. Says she has told NO ONE. Lily chokes on her coffee. She tells Abby she should expect more from Scott, since he is supposedly committed to Sharon.

Abby agrees to this. Lily talks a bit about Cane and the baby, and Abby tells her that a divorce is a serious matter that Lily should think about.

Lily goes to the mansion to see Cane, who is very busy with nanny interviews and Chancellor work from home. She congratulates him on his success. He needs to hire a nanny
for Sam, when he comes home. Lily leaves since Cane is very occupied.

Later, Lily is at GCAC, and phone Cane to see if he wants to have dinner, but he takes a rain check due to extremely heavy schedule. Lilly looks despondent.

Lily encounters Hilary at CL, who tells her that Cane was on her show, and that Cane would probably like it if she showed more interest. Lily looks at Hilary wondering why she would say this to her.

Victoria encounters Cane in the Chancellor Park-they talk Sam, and Victoria expresses her care about the baby. When it comes to business-Cane tells her she does not have to
worry about his business anymore- HE is the one on top NOW. He walks away.

Nick at CL and Hilary gets a message about who has bought Chancellor Park-it is not Devon or Victor. Someone else outbid both.
Nick is disturbed.

Billy and Phyllis are about to have another one of their big blowout nights on the town, and Billy finds Phyllis asleep on the bed, exhausted by a days work.

Later at Victoria 's house-JT and Victoria chat about Mack and the two kids- Mac had no problem with him coming to Genoa City. He wants to see Reed, but Reed is not answering
any of Victoria's texts.


JT thinks Reed is ignoring him on purpose, still angry with him for going to Poland. Victoria makes excuses. They drink a little wine, but JT is tense about Reed.


Bell rings at Victoria's house, Billy bearing Christmas gifts for kids. While he is at the tree, JT enters the living room and the two of them see one another. Victoria looks flustered.

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