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Y&R: Sally Sussman and Kay Alden OUT, Mal Young IN

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21 hours ago, Y&R21395 said:

Oh my freaking god, it’s not a mourning period. The show is still on the air. Sally’s success may not have come in numbers, and her tenure sure as hell was nothing mind-blowing, but it sure as hell restored some semblance of dignity that Y&R once had - something that nearly every regime over the last ten years stripped away piece by piece. We are never going to get the real Y&R back, but I was grateful to see a small reminder of what once was while it lasted.


Oh, and speaking of Shelly Altman and co., i’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t first acknowledge that I enjoyed their tenure of Y&R more than LML, MAB, Griffith and Pratt, but allow me to paraphrase something I heard on here once: Y&R on its worst day is still better than GH on its best day.

I agree with everything you have said.Let me say about the last line I put in bold :totally agree! I used to say the same thing about ATWT before Goutman and Passanante  killed the show.

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