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Big Brother 19

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14 minutes ago, slick jones said:

Cody Josh and Paul are so unlikable. Time to watch tonight's show...


I like Josh. He cries a lot, but he has a good heart. 


I can't stand Cody, and grown to dislike Paul (again). Those 2 fail to see that they are much more alike than they are different. That's why they hate each other. 


Out of the house, the only hamsters I like are: Kevin, Josh, Dominique, Christmas, and Mark. The rest are OK or I don't care for them at all. 

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1 minute ago, slick jones said:

Watching tonight, I'll admit Josh isn't as bad. 


Cody's angry big baby face needs to go, along with his shrew, Jessica. Those two belong together---Outside of the house!



Well players like Cody don't last long in this game. 


I don't pity Jess at all either. She's just young, dumb, and full of you know what. 

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 This showmance won't work at all outside the house. Trust and believe. Cody & Jess live 2 different lives. 



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I grew to like him last season after HATING him at first. I'm back to disliking him. Not hate, yet, but he's getting on my nerves. He yells too much, he looks too serious most of the time ... sigh. He wasn't needed this season though I think he fits better with this cast overall.


I'm so disappointed at the house turning on Dominique. I really thought she could have gone all the way. Paul's clearly threatened by strong women. And Elena's clearly jealous of Dom/Mark.


Really don't know why Alex went after Dom. How is it a "power move" for her? Paul used her and she let him.


Paul wants to be surrounded by players he can control. Like Derrick had full run of his season because of the lackluster idiots he surrounded himself with. Not saying I blame either of them but it makes for a blah season.


This cast has/had a LOT of potential.


I'd hope Cody comes back to shake things up. Can't believe I even want him back. I'd like Dom back but I doubt she wins any competition. I feel bad for Cameron but I'd rather he not come back. We don't need another Steve/Ian. I was glad to see him booted first. I know it sucks he was gone the first day but at least it was a vote, not like he was just randomly chosen to leave. I don't think Jillian coming back would do anything. She'd just go back to being the pawn every week.

1 hour ago, slick jones said:

I didn't like him last season, Don't like him now.  He is just a  never mind....


I hope he gets voted off soon...


I agree. Unfortunately he's lining up his sheep to carry him. Cody and Dom both see through him and look where they ended up. He's basically railroaded the house against Dominique.

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