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Y&R Mal Young SOD interview

Paul Raven

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His overall vision is to keep it fresh and not fall back on cliches. Make it contemporary,keep viewers guessing etc A better mix of drama and humour. Each week he gathers heads  of various departments to watch tapes and critique what works and doesn't.


In taking over,the first thing he could do was work on the visual look of the show.More location shoots,camera work, lighting etc


He felt the pace,direction and lack of humor were areas that needed fixing.People flipping thru channels should recognise Y&R.The show should be a market leader.


Was happy with the actors and enjoys working with them.They want to be challenged.


He singles out Eileen and Camryn as not getting the storylines they deserved.


Thinks the wardrobe should better define the characters. Devon stopped wearing suits as an example.


The redo of the Chancellor set was something they planned before the fan outcry as it tied in with Jill's return and the belief  she would hate it. He adores Jess and Jill and the character dictated that story.


Loves working with Sally and says Xmas and NY will be firing.


So no real specifics,but interesting nonetheless.Read in tandem with SSM's interview,it seems those in charge have a vision that doesn't rely on SOAP 101 recycling.

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