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DAYS: Synopses 2013

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NBC, as it does from time-to-time, is removing more and more of their official recaps from their web pages. In an effort to save them for posterity, I'm doing my best to begin an archive going back until at least 2010.  This is a test post, to see how things look on the board.
Episode #11992 Tuesday, January 1, 2013 It's New Year's Eve in Salem and there are plenty of "fireworks" to go around. John confronts Kristen about her feelings for Brady and in a stunning moment, she reveals she's been plotting her revenge against John since the day she returned to Salem. John realizes all her claims of being reformed and all those coincidental run-ins were just a deception. Kristen admits she has never gotten over the way he treated her and now she plans to take away something John loves dearly - his son. John comes to the horrifying conclusion that Kristen is just as evil as ever and vows she will never come between him and Brady. After he leaves, Brady comes by and Kristen plays the innocent victim, claiming John was out of control. Brady is immediately sympathetic and assures he will smooth things over with his father. At midnight, Brady and Kristen share a passionate kiss… which is interrupted when a livid John and Marlena come bursting into the room. Earlier, Brady admits to Marlena that he is having a secret affair with Kristen - which John now knows because he walked in on them having sex. Marlena is guilt-ridden, knowing she pushed an unwitting John into that situation and could've spared her husband the shock. Brady asks if Marlena will ever accept Kristen in his life and a vehement Marlena says no. Later, Marlena finds John, and he fills her in regarding Kristen's schemes. While Sami and Rafe prepare for their respective New Year's Eve dates with EJ and Nicole, they can't stop thinking of one another. Despite Rafe's insistence that he is done with Sami, Nicole realizes her friend is in denial, especially when he is unable to hide his upset at seeing EJ and Sami on their date at the town square. When EJ leaves to get Sami a drink, Nicole encourages Rafe to say hello. Eventually, he and Sami connect and at midnight, Rafe gives into his feelings and kisses her passionately. Meanwhile, Nicole pretends to be drunk in order to detain EJ and prevent him from being with Sami at midnight. In a desperate attempt to stall, she pulls a startled EJ into a kiss. Chad makes an excuse to visit Abigail, and Jennifer invites him to celebrate the New Year with them. Sensing the chemistry between her daughter and Chad, Jennifer leaves to visit Daniel, who is working at the hospital. Jennifer and Daniel manage to share a sweet kiss at the stroke of midnight. Meanwhile, back at the house, Chad and Abigail bond and share a surprisingly electric kiss. Earlier, Daniel and Eric formally introduce themselves, and Eric points out they have a mutual friend in Nicole.
Episode #11993 Wednesday, January 2, 2013 An amped John and Marlena try to rescue Brady from Kristen's clutches - but Brady is so enamored with Kristen that it's a tough sell. John speaks to Brady in private and tries to get his son to see the truth - that Kristen is using him to hurt John and Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena and Kristen take the gloves off - and it's clear this is just Round One. Later, Brady finally loses his cool and hits John to defend Kristen's honor - causing the two men to have a full-blown fistfight. A horrified Marlena and gleeful Kristen arrive on the scene. Rafe and Sami break their New Year's kiss, each a bit thrown by how much it rocks them. EJ returns after being intentionally delayed by Nicole and kisses Sami - right in front of Rafe. Rafe plays it cool and later confides to Nicole that Sami still has a hold on him. Meanwhile, EJ surprises Sami with a romantic dinner. Will confronts Nick on his "gay boy" comment - Will won't have his child raised by a bigot. Nick downplays it and apologizes - but makes it clear he will not stand for Will flip-flopping on his decision to renounce his paternity of Gabi's baby. Meanwhile, Gabi approaches Sonny, seeking a truce for the New Year. He agrees to tolerate her place in Will's life - as long as she does nothing to hurt him.
Episode #11994 Thursday, January 3, 2013 In the aftermath of John and Brady's fight, both are hospitalized and treated. Marlena's worried sick and lays into Kristen until Kayla intervenes. Marlena goes in to see John, who still feels remorse for not believing Marlena all along about Kristen's motives. Marlena was right about her, and John was wrong. Guilty Marlena is on the verge of confessing her part in this mess (sending John to Brady's office knowing Brady and Kristen were probably together) but they are interrupted by Sami and Eric. The twins are stunned to learn of their step-brother's affair with Kristen. Meanwhile, Kristen apologizes to Brady for causing so much trouble. Though she's beginning to have the tiniest true feelings for him, she tries to end things between them. However, an upset Brady refuses to let her go. Later, Kristen's demeanor is very different when she talks to EJ, completely unrepentant about the turmoil she's caused for John and Marlena. EJ realizes this could complicate things for him and Sami. Sami arrives and lashes out at Kristen, who feigns remorse for her benefit. EJ drags Sami away, but she refuses to talk to him. She's too upset about what his sister has done to her mother and Brady. Later, an emotional Sami bumps into Rafe… and bursts into tears. Meanwhile, John's alone when Kristen enters. He tells her to get out - they're done. But Kristen smiles slyly, saying they are only just beginning. Earlier, both Sami and Rafe think about the kiss they shared on New Year's Eve. Sami's interrupted by EJ, who makes another move on her… but Eric arrives with the news of John and Brady's fight. Meanwhile, a confident Rafe tells Nicole he believes things are going to work out for him and Sami… and there'll be no more playing games. Rafe asks how Nicole's doing, and she claims she's focused on work, but she's privately troubled by her conflict with Eric (when she accused him of trying to mold her). She heads to the rectory to apologize. She realizes something's not right with him, but Eric won't talk to her about it. Nicole is hurt.
Episode #11995 Friday, January 4, 2013 At the hospital, Marlena warns Brady never to see Kristen again. She forces him to listen to her take on Kristen, rattling off all the times Kristen deliberately manipulated a situation and lorded it over Marlena. Brady counters Marlena has no proof that Kristen ever lied to him or kept anything from him. Marlena privately recalls her huge realization that Kristen never told Brady about Marlena seeing the two of them in bed together…but realizes she must confess that to John first. Meanwhile, Kristen and John have it out over all she's done. She accuses him of being jealous, and he accuses her of still being in love with him. Kristen smirks as she admits maybe you can't ever completely get over a great love - but you can certainly replace it. John thinks she is incapable of love. Kristen hints (without directly incriminating Marlena) that his discovery of her and Brady in his office was not an accident. John remembers Marlena telling him to go. John confronts Marlena, who stammers… and in a huge moment, it finally dawns on John that Marlena knew his son was sleeping with Kristen. Kristen returns to Brady, admitting she can't end things with him. They kiss passionately, and Sami walks in on them, furious. Earlier, Sami rails at Rafe about all Kristen has done to destroy her family. Rafe can't help but call Sami on her hypocrisy - she hasn't exactly been an innocent. Sami gets defensive, and it looks like they might fight, but Rafe shuts her up with a kiss. He leaves her breathless…telling her they will be together. He wants her to think about how she's going to tell EJ. Rafe runs into Kate, both realizing their lives are turning around completely. Kate relishes telling EJ she is finally free of the entire DiMera family. She's about to take a trip to see her various children (including Philip). Kate believes focusing on family is the most important thing. She warns EJ about Sami, but he blows her off. Later, Chad admits to EJ that things are good with Abigail. EJ tells his brother about the latest wrinkle in their family - Kristen's affair with Brady. EJ still has questions about her motives. Earlier, Abigail tracks Chad down, and expresses reservations about going out with him because of Melanie. But Chad reassures her it's over for him and Melanie, so he and Abigail will be seeing each other again. Daniel shows up at Jennifer's, wanting to change their plans. She's disappointed until she finds out he wants some quiet time at home with some non-home cooked food (a humorous reference to their disastrous first date). But more importantly, he wants a chance to spend some quality alone time together. Jennifer's excited about the romantic plans, and Abigail wishes her happiness. Meanwhile, nervous Daniel gets his place ready, wanting everything to be perfect. When there's a knock at the door, he eagerly anticipates Jennifer - but instead finds Chloe!
Episode #11996 Monday, January 7, 2013 Sami comes to Brady, incredulous that he's taken up with Kristen. She tries to make him see what a betrayal this is. But Brady stands his ground, not believing what John and Marlena are claiming about Kristen. Sami has a few choice words with Kristen, who lashes out, reminding Sami she's not exactly been a saint yet expects everyone to forgive her and accept her for who she is. Kristen checks Brady out of the hospital and brings him home. When she sees the real extent of his injuries, she has a brief flash of true affection for this man. Brady tells Kristen he realizes this may be too soon but the truth is… he's falling in love with her. Kristen is unreadable as she tells him those are just the words she's waited to hear. Meanwhile, John is with Marlena, pressing her to come clean: is it true that she knew Brady and Kristen were involved and didn't tell him? Marlena, wracked with guilt, confirms she's known for almost a month. John reels and Marlena tries to explain how she felt she couldn't tell him because Kristen would, as usual, turn it around and make her look bad. It's the game Kristen has played since coming back to Salem. That's not enough for John, who insists he would have believed her… what's the real reason she didn't tell? Marlena privately recalls Kristen's accusation - that Marlena stayed silent because she was relieved it was Brady that Kristen was involved with, not John. Before Marlena can confess this, Sami bursts in, insisting they have to stick together to defeat Kristen - Brady's been sucked in too deeply. Marlena realizes how betrayed John will feel if she confesses and holds back, but it doesn't keep him from deciding he needs to stay in a hotel tonight - alone - to sort things out. Daniel is thrown to find Chloe standing in his doorway, curious what has brought her here. Meanwhile, Jennifer's anxious to get to Daniel's and suffers mishap after mishap, delaying her. Back at Daniel's, Chloe learns he is expecting Jennifer, and she's thrown to hear they're getting back together. Daniel wonders if he and Chloe can meet another time but Chloe says this can't wait. It's wonderful news. Despite what they'd all thought up to now, Parker is actually his son! Meanwhile, Kayla gets a disturbing phone call from Stephanie. Her daughter faxes over some paperwork, and she shares it with Caroline, who can't believe what the papers say.
Episode #11997 Tuesday, January 8, 2013 Daniel is stunned as Chloe reveals Parker is his son, not Philip's. Daniel reacts with anger, hurt and disbelief as Chloe tries to convince him there was a mix-up with the original DNA test. Kayla arrives (having been sent by Stephanie) and backs up Chloe's story. She explains that Stephanie's friend, Ian, tampered with the results without Stephanie's knowledge, hoping to break up her then-relationship with Nathan. But now Ian has confessed the truth - Daniel was Parker's father all along. It takes Daniel a while to process the news, but once he does, he's ecstatic and wants to see his son right away. He goes with Chloe to the Kiriakis mansion where the boy has been left with Victor and Maggie. In a touching moment, Daniel is reunited with his son. Earlier, Victor informs Maggie of Parker's true paternity. While he's devastated over losing his grandson, he takes heart in knowing Parker now has Maggie for a grandmother. Meanwhile, Jennifer flees from her argument with Lucas, determined to get to her date with Daniel. However, in her haste, she trips over a box and hits her head, knocking her unconscious. Once she awakens, Billie and Lucas urge her to get checked out at the hospital. Jennifer puts up a fight, but relents when she gets a text from Daniel that he's tied up at the moment. Billie takes Jennifer to the hospital, where she's given a clean bill of health. Later, an impatient Jennifer rushes over to Daniel's and knocks on his door, eager to begin their date. She's stunned when she's greeted by a somber Kayla instead. Will and Sonny share a moment of romance, then head to Nick's bachelor party, where they are joined by Lucas. Before Nick arrives, they chat with Chad and Cameron. They talk about Gabi and Nick's wedding, and Cameron is twigged to learn exactly when Nick was released from prison. Will takes note and alerts Gabi, who then confronts Cameron at the hospital. Cameron, having figured out Nick can't be the father of her baby because of the timing, assures Gabi he will keep her secret. Gabi is relieved… unaware that someone has been eavesdropping.
Episode #11997 Tuesday, January 8, 2013 Daniel is stunned as Chloe reveals Parker is his son, not Philip's. Daniel reacts with anger, hurt and disbelief as Chloe tries to convince him there was a mix-up with the original DNA test. Kayla arrives (having been sent by Stephanie) and backs up Chloe's story. She explains that Stephanie's friend, Ian, tampered with the results without Stephanie's knowledge, hoping to break up her then-relationship with Nathan. But now Ian has confessed the truth - Daniel was Parker's father all along. It takes Daniel a while to process the news, but once he does, he's ecstatic and wants to see his son right away. He goes with Chloe to the Kiriakis mansion where the boy has been left with Victor and Maggie. In a touching moment, Daniel is reunited with his son. Earlier, Victor informs Maggie of Parker's true paternity. While he's devastated over losing his grandson, he takes heart in knowing Parker now has Maggie for a grandmother. Meanwhile, Jennifer flees from her argument with Lucas, determined to get to her date with Daniel. However, in her haste, she trips over a box and hits her head, knocking her unconscious. Once she awakens, Billie and Lucas urge her to get checked out at the hospital. Jennifer puts up a fight, but relents when she gets a text from Daniel that he's tied up at the moment. Billie takes Jennifer to the hospital, where she's given a clean bill of health. Later, an impatient Jennifer rushes over to Daniel's and knocks on his door, eager to begin their date. She's stunned when she's greeted by a somber Kayla instead. Will and Sonny share a moment of romance, then head to Nick's bachelor party, where they are joined by Lucas. Before Nick arrives, they chat with Chad and Cameron. They talk about Gabi and Nick's wedding, and Cameron is twigged to learn exactly when Nick was released from prison. Will takes note and alerts Gabi, who then confronts Cameron at the hospital. Cameron, having figured out Nick can't be the father of her baby because of the timing, assures Gabi he will keep her secret. Gabi is relieved… unaware that someone has been eavesdropping.
Episode #11998 Wednesday, January 9, 2013 As an overjoyed Daniel spends time with his son, Chloe's agenda to use this twist of fate to get him back quickly becomes apparent. Jennifer - knowing how much Daniel loves Parker - shares in his joy and refuses to complicate his life with worries about what it means for them as a couple. But later, Daniel reassures Jennifer this changes nothing - he wants to build a family with her. Meanwhile, a confident Chloe confides in Nicole she'll win the father of her child back, declaring nothing and nobody will stand in her way. On the eve of Gabi and Nick's wedding, Sami and Rafe get caught up in the romance of the occasion and display their commitment to each other. Meanwhile, Will still worries about the baby secret. He again clashes with Nick. Gabi intervenes, but the hard feelings between the two men lingers. Later, Eric leads the rehearsal and everything is set for the big day to be perfect - but someone watches and waits in the shadows with the knowledge that Nick is not the real father of Gabi's child.
Episode #11999 Thursday, January 10, 2013 It's the day of the wedding and things start out with anxious anticipation from all. Rafe and Sami connect, and he lets her know he wants to be with her once the wedding is over. Later, EJ meets up with Sami. He clears the air about Kristen and Brady, not wanting it to get in the way of what he and Sami have been building together. Sami is ready to let EJ down easy but when they're interrupted, she resolves to tell him about her and Rafe after the wedding. Later, Sami rushes to get ready for the wedding when Rafe shows up and pulls her into a passionate kiss. Earlier, Rafe finds Nick and buries the hatchet over his initial opposition to the marriage and gives Nick a wedding present to share with Gabi - Rafe's paying for the honeymoon. He's behind them now because he sees they really love each other. Over at the Horton house, Abigail is helping Gabi prepare for her big day when Chad arrives. There's tension but Chad tells Gabi he's decided he doesn't want to carry around his anger for her any longer, wishing her and Nick all the best. Gabi's relieved and later tells Abigail she should invite Chad to be her date for the wedding. And over at Sonny's place, Sonny surprises Will by giving him a present: a key to his apartment. He wants Will to move in. Will's overwhelmed and accepts. Rafe fields a call for Gabi from their mother, who gets upset when hearing about the hurried wedding and hangs up on Rafe. Gabi's upset but Rafe assures their mom will come around. Gabi, trying to stay positive, crosses with Will and tells him she's so grateful for everything. She asks him to be her baby's godfather. But when Nick hears this, he has a strong reaction: no way in hell! Daniel observes Chloe with Parker and it's clear his love and fascination for this child is growing by the minute. Chloe tells Daniel she's already found a job, which will allow her to stay in Salem and thereby allow him time to bond with his child. Meanwhile, Kate returns to town on fire after hearing the news about Parker's paternity. She goes to the mansion and confronts Chloe, who is only too happy to let Kate know that things have changed. After a blistering fight, Chloe kicks Kate out on her ear. Outside, Kate wonders how Daniel will feel once he finds out Chloe worked as a prostitute when Parker was a baby. Meanwhile, Victor seeks out Daniel and tries to warn him about Chloe's intentions. Daniel insists it's not an issue: he loves Jennifer. But Victor remains worried because he knows Chloe all too well.
Episode #12000 Friday, January 11, 2013 Kate, fuming over the Parker situation, reveals to Lucas and Billie that Chloe is back and she's shutting Kate out of Parker's life. Lucas sees Chloe's return as an advantage since she might undo the Daniel and Jennifer relationship. But Billie tells her little brother to think about Parker - and Kate overrides, saying that's exactly what she's going to do! Chloe runs into Daniel at the hospital and as she tries to make subtle inroads with him, he informs her about his relationship with Jennifer; how he intends to focus on that and Parker. Chloe says she understands, but in private, she isn't as accepting. After overhearing Anne Milbauer complain about Jennifer, she realizes she might have an ally. Daniel, meanwhile, goes to Jennifer and reassures her, promising they're okay. Daniel heads back to the Kiriakis mansion to see Parker and runs into Chloe, who tells him a part of her always knew Parker was his son. As Daniel promises Parker he will never let him go again, an eavesdropping Chloe mutters she couldn't have said it better herself. Sami and Rafe nearly make love, but are interrupted by Hope. Sami confides in her aunt that she and Rafe are going to give it another try. Hope is happy for Sami and promises a love like theirs will never die. At the same time, Gabi has offered Will the opportunity to be their baby's godfather, but the offer is interrupted by Nick, who declares Will can't be the godfather. Will erupts and Nick explains it's for his own good and eventually Will accepts this. At the church, Rafe brings Gabi some good news, and Caroline confides to Victor that she's happy Daniel is receiving a second chance with Parker. Jennifer confides in Hope about Daniel and Parker, and Hope is glad to hear Daniel is still committed to her cousin. Gabi and Nick's wedding begins but just as Eric is about to conclude the ceremony, someone throws a huge wrench in the proceedings…
Episode #12001 Monday, January 14, 2013 Chad reveals Nick is not the father of Gabi's baby, which sends shockwaves throughout St. Luke's and brings the wedding to a halt. Doug and Julie arrive just in time for the fireworks. Rafe accuses Chad of lying, and the two men come to blows. Hope does her best to keep the peace while Abigail expresses her fury that Chad would cause such a scene. After much hesitation, Will finally comes forward as the baby's father and everyone is shocked - including Chad, who didn't know his friend was the father. Sonny runs off, upset over Will's secret. Will takes off after him, but Lucas stops him and demands answers from his son. Meanwhile, Sami viciously rips into Gabi, believing she and Nick were trying to screw over her son. A livid Rafe warns Sami to get away from his little sister. He points out Will took Gabi to get an abortion and claims Sami's son didn't even want the baby!
Episode #12002 Tuesday, January 15, 2013 Sami tears into Gabi, accusing her and Nick of taking advantage of Will. Rafe then rips into Sami, saying Will didn't even want the baby. Sami and Rafe's fight gets ugly, and later Rafe tells Eric whatever chance he had with Sami is gone. At the same time, EJ comforts Sami and it appears this incident will bring them closer. Nick eavesdrops on Lucas and Will's conversation and learns Lucas went to prison for something Will did. Nick is shocked and later promises Gabi there still might be a way to get exactly what they want. After his talk with Lucas, Will runs into Marlena, who has learned what happened from Abigail and Cameron. Marlena offers her support and urges Will not to push Sonny. Later, Will tries to talk to Sonny, but Sonny is still upset he kept such a huge secret from him. Will insists he loves him, and Sonny admits he loves Will, too, but it doesn't appear to be enough. Earlier, Chad tries to apologize to Sonny, but Sonny is furious. Later, Chad tracks Abigail down and wants to apologize, but she tells him to get lost. Protective Cameron makes sure Chad does as she wishes.
Episode #12003 Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Marlena connects with Hope and tells her how badly things have blown up in her face: John discovered she knew about Brady's affair with Kristen and didn't say anything. He's now furious with her. She tried to explain all her reasons for not telling him the truth but held an important one back. John sensed she was not entirely forthcoming and moved into a hotel. Hope is concerned and asks what Marlena held back. Marlena confesses the real reason she never told John about the affair was that deep down, she was relieved Kristen was sleeping with Brady, not John. Kristen correctly guessed that but if John knew Marlena felt that way, the trust between them would go out the window. Marlena thinks she just needs to make Brady see the truth about Kristen - that would go a long way towards making John forgive her. Hope says she has an idea about how to do that. Meanwhile, Brady connects with Chloe, happy to see her again. She's thrown when she meets Kristen and learns Brady is involved with her. Later, Kristen returns to her hotel room and calls Stefano to tell him her plan to bring down Marlena is bearing fruit. Even Stefano has to concede she's entitled to this revenge. Feeling confident, she answers the door to Marlena, who unbeknownst to Kristen, is wearing a wire courtesy of Hope. Daniel is out with Jennifer, still on a high after learning he's Parker's father. Kate arrives and asks to speak with Daniel privately. She tells him Chloe has cut her off from seeing Parker and wants Daniel's help. He listens sympathetically and agrees to talk to Chloe about getting Kate access. But only after Daniel and Jennifer have gone does Kate confess to Billie that she has a larger agenda at work regarding Chloe. At the mansion, Jennifer has an uncomfortable moment when Parker gets tense around her. Nevertheless, Daniel wants Jennifer to join him on a planned outing with his son and Chloe. Chloe returns and burns when she sees Jennifer and Daniel kissing. Later, Daniel gets Chloe alone and relays his conversation with Kate, saying it might be a good idea to grant her limited access. Chloe reacts strongly, insisting it's a horrible idea… and that as far as Kate is concerned there are things Daniel would be shocked to hear. Meanwhile, Kate tracks down Jennifer. "Distressed," she says there's something important Daniel needs to know about the mother of his son: she was a prostitute!
Episode #12004 Thursday, January 17, 2013 A wired Marlena tries to goad Kristen into gloating over her plan to use Brady to destroy Marlena and John. But instead of incriminating herself, Kristen instead acts weepy and innocent. Kristen then reveals via a note that she is on to Marlena, who storms out. Later, John finds the tape and hears Kristen's revelation that Marlena was happy Brady was sleeping with her because that meant there would be no room for John in her bed. Brady runs into Nicole and later Daniel - both express concern over his physical bruises and worry about him incurring emotional ones. John approaches his son but Brady insists his father must accept his relationship with Kristen. John refuses, and the two men remain estranged. Later, Brady is curious when he finds the torn pieces of Kristen's note to Marlena. Chloe and Nicole cattily clash over their love for Daniel. While Nicole has moved on, Chloe moves forward with her plan to win him back. Meanwhile, Kate presses her agenda to discredit Chloe as a mother - trying to get Jennifer to tell Daniel about Chloe's past as a prostitute. Chloe, wanting to deny Kate access to Parker, decides against telling Daniel herself what Kate did to her, realizing she can score more points with him by "putting Parker first" and allowing Kate supervised visits. Later, Jennifer is poised to tell Daniel about Chloe - while Chloe gets the news from Nicole that Daniel may soon know the truth.
Episode #12005 Friday, January 18, 2013 Nicole informs Chloe that Kate has apparently told Jennifer about Chloe's past as a prostitute. Fearing Jennifer will blab all to Daniel, Chloe races out to find him. Meanwhile, Jennifer contemplates telling Daniel about Chloe's past (for Parker's sake). However, she backs down when Daniel reiterates how much Parker loves his mom. Chloe arrives and quickly realizes Jennifer didn't say anything to Daniel. After getting insight into Jennifer from Nicole, Chloe comes up with a plan and meets with Anne. Chloe goes to the hospital and confesses to Daniel about her call girl past. Daniel is stunned - especially when Chloe mentions that Jennifer knows. Meanwhile, Anne has a candy-striper leave a mysterious slip of paper in Jennifer's office. When Daniel goes to ask Jennifer if she knew about Chloe, he is taken aback to see the paper on her desk - it's a number for Child Services. Protective Daniel asks Jennifer if her having this number has anything to do with Chloe's secret. Meanwhile, Nicole and Eric make amends, and Nicole is shocked to learn Brady is involved with Kristen. She later confesses to Eric that Chloe is trying to win back Daniel at all costs - which she has very mixed feelings about given her own history with him. Brady questions Kristen about the torn up note that reads, "I know what you're doing." Kristen covers - badly - but before Brady can press her further, he gets dizzy and passes out. As he's checked out by Cameron, Kristen is reminded that Brady could still be suffering from injuries he received while saving her from muggers. She privately recalls paying off the muggers - and feels just a twinge of guilt. With her own meaning, she tells Brady she feels terrible that he has suffered due to her actions. Meanwhile, John has listened to Marlena's recording of her confrontation with Kristen and has heard Kristen accuse Marlena of wanting her to be with Brady to keep her away from John. John questions an emotional Marlena, who finally admits it's true. John is disappointed in her for not trusting him. He's leaving town to figure out what to do about Brady - and his marriage. He exits, leaving behind a devastated Marlena. Sami finally sits Will down to talk about him getting Gabi pregnant. Things get tense when Will accuses her of making things worse, and Sami realizes he's been making decisions to avoid some of her own parenting mistakes. She asks Will if he's going to step up and be a father to his child.
Episode #12006 Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Nick approaches Justin, wanting to talk about Gabi's rights regarding her child. Justin quickly surmises the conversation is just as much about Will's rights - or rather, how he might surrender them. Nick points out Will was willing to give up the child and let Nick and Gabi raise it. Nick only wants to make it official. He wants complete custody… and goes a step too far when he asks if there's any way to have Will declared an unfit father. Justin reacts, no longer interested in helping Nick. At the same time, Sami wants to know what Will plans to do about his baby. Will's reluctant to talk to her about it, especially after learning how Sami confronted Gabi. He's ready to end the conversation right then and there but EJ arrives and tells Will he has an experienced child custody attorney on retainer… just in case. Sami goes and Will reveals to EJ that when he told Gabi and Nick he'd give up the baby, it was selfish because he was worried about losing Sonny. EJ advises Will to make his next move very carefully and decide what he really wants. Against all this, Gabi is distressed about how everything blew up and is most concerned about doing what's right for the baby. She makes an emotional confession to Nicole, and then Rafe arrives. He's loving and supportive and still angry over Sami's attack on his sister. Firmly in Gabi's corner, he says he loves her and will stand by her. After Gabi goes, he comes face-to-face with Sami. Things quickly grow tense and when Sami openly wonders if Nick and Gabi are even fit to raise the baby, Rafe loses it. EJ arrives and warns Rafe to back off. Meanwhile, Nick tells Gabi he wants to go ahead and get married at the courthouse. But before this can go further, Will arrives and says it's time for the three of them to talk about what's going to happen with the baby. Daniel is curious about why Jennifer has the number for Child Protective Services on her desk… given what she knows about Chloe's prostitute past. Jennifer, truly bewildered, tells Daniel she doesn't know how that number got there. Daniel's called away to surgery before this can go further and Jennifer's worried he now thinks the worst of her. Meanwhile, Chloe, having set all this up with Jennifer's nemesis Anne, is thrilled to have driven a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer. But Chloe has underestimated Daniel's feelings for Jennifer and has to watch later as he returns and expresses confidence that it was some kind of mix-up - just as Jennifer claimed. Chloe's nauseated watching how devoted he is and resolves to take Jennifer down.
Episode #12007 Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Nick tries to convince Will to give up all legal rights to his baby and let him and Gabi raise the child, just as they'd planned before everything blew up. Will's angry at Nick's presumption, making Nick come on even stronger. Gabi mediates, and Nick finally pulls back, asking his cousin to think it over. Nick stops Gabi from blurting to Will that she has a sonogram today, concerned that being part of that will only increase Will's attachment to his unborn child. Adrienne tries to comfort Sonny, but he reminds her of her earlier disapproval of Will, which is way too painful for him to listen to right now. Will tries once more to get through to Sonny, admitting he was afraid to tell him the truth because he thought he would lose him. Sonny, still hurt and angry about Will's lie, wishes he'd had the chance to see if they might have been able to work this out, but now they'll never know because Will chose to lie repeatedly. Later, Will shows up at the exam room in time to hear Cameron telling Nick and Gabi they are having a girl. Rafe accuses Sami and EJ of manipulating Will and Gabi over the baby situation. Rafe and EJ come close to a physical fight, but EJ decides to take the high road. Rafe asks if Sami wants to repeat her own history with Will with a damaging custody war over her grandchild. Sami's affected by his words. Later, Adrienne confronts Sami about Sonny's heartbreak. Sami blasts her, pointing out what Sonny is going through is nothing compared to Will, who will now have a baby for the rest of his life! EJ takes Sami home to rest. They kiss… and it looks like they might make love. Meanwhile, Nicole is a good friend to Rafe, who believes he saw Sami's true colors when she blasted Gabi. He knows he and Sami are over… and they will be at odds about this baby for a long time. Abigail and Cameron share a nice moment at the hospital. She learns he's no longer seeing Emily. Chad arrives and tries to apologize to Cameron for eavesdropping on his conversation with Gabi, swearing he never meant to hurt Will. Cameron can't forgive him for breaking a medical confidence and being so willfully destructive. Abigail also blasts Chad for what he did. Chad tries to warn her against getting re-involved with Cameron, but she won't listen. Chad's sad he's lost all chance with Abigail.
Episode #12008 Thursday, January 24, 2013 Sami and EJ are about to make love when he pulls back. He doesn't want to take advantage of her when she's so vulnerable. They are interrupted by Lucas, who gets the picture and is disgusted by Sami's bouncing around from man to man. However, he and Sami agree to come together and support their son any way they can. At the hospital, Will is amazed he's having a girl and insists on taking his rightful place next to Gabi for the sonogram. Nick appears to take this graciously and steps aside. But as he watches from the corridor, he's clearly not happy. Will announces he wants to be part of the baby's life, and Gabi agrees. Later, Will apologizes to Rafe for not being honest earlier. Will then goes to Sonny and shares the news about the baby being a girl. They kiss, but Sonny pulls back. Will tells Sonny he's the best thing that ever happened to him and sadly leaves. Meanwhile, Nick seeks out Rafe and expresses concern Will might try to make things difficult for him and Gabi regarding custody. If things get ugly, Nick hopes he can count on Rafe's help. Chad confides in EJ that his life is a disaster, and EJ encourages his brother to keep trying to makes amends. Chad apologizes once more to Cameron, who is somewhat more receptive. Meanwhile, Gabi admits to Abigail that Chad had his reasons for being so cruel to her, but can't get into them now. Abigail confides she and Cameron are starting to get closer again. Gabi knows her grief over Jack was a problem for them last time and hopes things have changed. Abigail admits that wasn't the only obstacle. She was embarrassed about being a virgin. Adrienne and Justin get into the baby situation, and Justin admits he thinks Sami was kind of right about this being harder on Will than Sonny. Lucas overhears and appreciates Justin seeing that. Adrienne's still not sure Will's right for Sonny, but apologizes for criticizing him. Later, Adrienne and Justin agree to support each other throughout this crisis, however it plays out.
Episode #12009 Friday, January 25, 2013 Brady and Kristen show up at the church for a board meeting - only to learn Eric wants them to resign. Once Kristen leaves, Eric and Brady get into a heated argument about Brady's relationship. Later, Nicole sees how pained Eric is by his family's turmoil, and off her conversation with Father Matt, she secretly decides to focus her attention on helping to get Kristen away from Brady… John and Marlena share a tearful goodbye as John leaves Salem to figure out what to do about Brady - and his marriage. Kristen witnesses the goodbye and realizes her revenge has been a complete success. When she reports back to Stefano, he thinks she can now call off her so-called love affair with Brady. But Kristen insists she must keep up the charade to further seek revenge on John and Marlena. Later, hearing a knock at the door, she thinks Brady has come by - but instead she is thrown to come face-to-face with a steely Nicole. Earlier, Nicole pays Daniel a visit and is affected to see him with Parker. Nicole clearly still has lingering feelings for Daniel but is determined to be happy for him. She almost blabs about Chloe's intention to win him away from Jennifer, but she keeps quiet. After she leaves, Daniel spends the rest of the morning bonding with Parker and confiding in Maggie his impatience to make up for lost time with his son. Meanwhile, Chloe pays Jennifer an unexpected visit, asking about her relationship with Daniel under the guise of being concerned about how it will affect Parker. Jennifer catches on, wondering if Chloe truly is okay with Daniel moving on with her. Chloe covers by talking to Jennifer about her past as a prostitute. She slyly accuses Jennifer of having used that info against her. Later, Jennifer confides in Maggie that she is convinced Chloe is playing games and wants Jennifer out of the way to clear a path to Daniel. Meanwhile, Chloe picks up Parker from Daniel and suddenly suggests that Daniel could more easily bond with Parker if she and their son moved in with him!
Episode #12010 Monday, January 28, 2013 Nicole shows up at Kristen's hotel room and blasts Kristen for causing a rift between Brady and his family, specifically Eric. Kristen is anything but intimidated and viciously throws Nicole's own past in her face. Stung Nicole is about to physically attack her, but Brady arrives and pulls her out into the corridor. Nicole tells Brady she hates what this woman is doing to him and his family. Brady appreciates her concern, but promises he's got it covered. Brady returns to Kristen, who plays it up, saying she can't believe Nicole attacked her. Brady asks her to give Nicole a break. This doesn't sit well with Kristen, and Brady wonders if she's jealous. Kristen swears she's not though it's clear there might be some truth to it. Things get sexual but Brady has to leave. Earlier, Brady tries to comfort Marlena, who is distraught over John's departure. He then goes to see Eric and signs his intention to vacate his place on the board. Sad Eric watches his brother walk away. Later, Marlena shows up to see Eric and knows how this is hard for him. Without going into detail about the wire-tapping, Marlena admits she crossed a line and that is why John left. She was only trying to get Brady to see the truth about Kristen. Nicole, who has arrived, overhears and gets an idea how to use a lie to reveal the truth about Kristen. She takes a flash drive and hightails it to see Brady at the Kiriakis mansion. There, she offers her apology to Brady, then feigns ill. Brady exits to get her a drink, and Nicole uses the moment to download some files from his computer. Just as she removes the flash drive, she's caught by Daniel… does he know what she's done? At the same time, Kristen tries to discount her growing feelings for Brady. She runs into Marlena and offers her surprise that John left. Marlena wants to know how long she intends to torture Brady, but Kristen toys with her, saying she hopes and prays she and Brady are forever. Meanwhile, Hope learns from Eric that John left and it was because of something Marlena did. Hope feels guilty, knowing her part in it. Chloe wants to move into Daniel's place with Parker, ostensibly so father and son can bond. Daniel calls her on this, saying he knows she wants to pick up where they left off. Chloe is honest and says a part of her would like that, but her main concern is Parker. Daniel is impressed by her honesty but makes it clear he is moving on with Jennifer. Chloe nods, saying she gets it, but privately she's furious. At the same time, Jennifer confides in Hope about Chloe still wanting Daniel. Jennifer says she can sympathize, but Hope urges her to fight fire with fire and turn her date into something special. Jennifer takes her cousin's advice and sends Daniel a text, saying she wants to make their date a private one at his place. Chloe intercepts the text and decides to create doubt in Jennifer's mind. When Jennifer arrives, instead of Daniel, she finds a wet, fresh from the shower Chloe - in nothing but one of Daniel's shirts.
Episode #12011 Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Nicole hides her flash drive and covers in front of Daniel. He's not quite buying it but she uses Brady's return as an excuse to get out of there fast. She heads to Kristen's place and cleverly manages to find some time alone in the hotel room so she can plant the stolen Titan documents onto Kristen's computer. With part one of her plan done, she next makes sure Brady will have a reason to later look at the computer. But before Nicole can leave, she hears Kristen coming back, and Nicole hides in the bathroom, leaving the documents still up on the laptop. But it's not Kristen who enters; it's Brady! Brady, just coming off a diatribe from Victor about how Kristen can't be trusted, enters the room looking for romance. As he begins to set the mood, Kristen returns and things start to get hot and heavy. Kristen moves to the bathroom to freshen up, and as Nicole is about to be discovered, the Titan documents still go unnoticed… Jennifer is rocked when she shows up at Daniel's place and comes face-to-face with Chloe… wearing only a shirt. For Jennifer, who had arrived intending some romance with Daniel, it's an unnerving moment in more ways than one. She collects herself as Chloe explains the "innocent" reasons she's here alone, without clothes. Jennifer, rattled, gets out quickly. Chloe's confident her stunt had the desired effect but decides to put some relish on top… and just happens to show up at the lunch Daniel and Jennifer planned at the Brady Pub. Daniel's thrown to learn what Jennifer saw and wonders why she didn't say anything. After Chloe goes, Daniel learns Jennifer went to his place with the intention of having some romantic time alone with him. Impulsive - and pretty much pushed into this by unknowing Chloe - Jennifer suggests they instead go out of town for the night… just the two of them. Daniel readily accepts. Meanwhile, a confident Chloe meets up with her ally, Anne, unaware her plans are backfiring. Billie seeks out Kate, who is upset that her gambit to get more time with Parker didn't go as planned. Billie, who's seen and heard enough to know Kate was trying to set up Chloe, tells her mom she's quitting Mad World, not wanting to be a part of Kate's schemes anymore.
Episode #12012 Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Kristen is about to discover a hidden Nicole but Brady suddenly finds sensitive Titan documents on Kristen's computer, and despite himself, is openly suspicious about it. Kristen is offended and storms out. Brady follows and the two slowly come to realize they've been played. Brady seeks out Nicole and after giving her some rope, he lowers the boom and confronts her about what she's done. Caught, Nicole can't deny and Eric is shocked. Livid Brady lets her know this has only brought him and Kristen closer. Nicole struggles to defend herself to Eric… and realizes if Kristen or Brady decide to make legal trouble for her, she could be sunk. Kristen finds Marlena, and fired up off what Nicole tried to do to her, she doesn't pull her punches with her number one nemesis. She calls Marlena on her hypocrisy in not coming clean with Brady about how she wore a wire to spy on Kristen. She's sure Marlena will never confess, but when Marlena runs into Brady, she comes clean about what she did - and though Brady is shocked, he realizes Kristen lied to him after Marlena's stunt. He confronts Kristen, wanting to know why. Gabi and Nick anticipate getting married later in the day but Rafe arrives, having given it a lot of thought, and asks that they postpone. Nick's opposed but Gabi listens to Rafe's reasons and doesn't want to disappoint her brother. Nick, reluctant, goes along. They both cross briefly with Kate, who tells them how Will insisted she allow Nick to keep his job. Gabi is grateful but Nick privately shares his concern that Will's family is going to eventually try to pry them apart over the baby. Gabi insists that's impossible, but motivated now, Nick gets in front of a computer with the information he's been keeping close to the vest, and tries to look up how Lucas went to prison to protect Will. And just as he hits paydirt, Will arrives. Earlier, Will's feeling good about the baby and tells Kate it's going to be a girl. When Billie later crosses with Will, she tells him she's taking a job in Europe. He lets her know that Kate's upset about a fight she had with Billie and hopes his aunt will see her before she goes. Billie seeks Kate out and lets her know she's leaving town - not because she hates her mother but the truth is Kate never makes it easy with her schemes. Kate realizes her plotting against Chloe has cost her Billie... for now. Rafe tries to talk to Hope about what's happening with Bo, knowing his extended absence is weighing on her - but she shuts down and avoids discussing it with him.
Episode #12013 Thursday, January 31, 2013 An upset Brady confronts Kristen about lying to him about the note she wrote to Marlena when his step-mother tried to record their conversation. Kristen covers, and irate at his mistrust, she tries to kick him out. But Brady apologizes and they make love - and Kristen's "feelings" for Brady continue to become more real. Rafe bursts EJ's bubble by revealing Sami had chosen him over EJ and that he and Sami had planned to reunite before the blowup at the wedding. Meanwhile, Sami storms in to Gabi and accuses her of trying to keep the baby from Will. A protective Nick chases Sami off. She heads home to EJ and makes a heartfelt confession. Meanwhile, Nick confides to Rafe about Sami's threats. Furious, Rafe bangs on Sami's door as EJ and Sami are about to finally make love. Will almost catches Nick looking at an article about EJ's shooting - for which Lucas took the fall on Will's behalf - but Nick covers his cruel intentions. Will expresses appreciation for what he thinks is a détente between them. Chad tries to make amends with Abigail and then Will - having a little more success with the latter, who shares his joy of impending fatherhood with his friend. Abigail opens up to Cameron - just a bit - and it seems they may have a future. Meanwhile, Sonny drifts towards Brian, and a crushed Will witnesses a kiss between them.
Episode #12014 Friday, February 1, 2013 Chloe learns of Daniel and Jennifer's plan to go away for the night - and is helpless to stop it. Daniel and Jennifer both confirm their readiness to take this next step. At the resort, they are about to make sweet love when Chloe calls to break the mood with a Parker crisis. Rafe finds EJ with Sami - but declares he couldn't care less. He goes out of his way to say that his only business with Sami now concerns how she treats Gabi and the baby. Sami needs to chill - or else deal with Rafe's wrath. He leaves, and Sami and EJ grow closer. EJ notes Sami no longer seems interested in playing the two men off each other, and she explains she now sees Rafe and EJ for who they really are - and that makes her choice crystal clear. Later, Rafe tells Hope he is through with Sami for good. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ finally make love. After seeing Sonny kiss Brian, Will runs into a compassionate Justin. Meanwhile, Sonny pulls back from having sex with Brian, then gets a hint from his father that maybe he should take a closer look at Will's motives for lying about the baby. At the same time, Brian happily misleads Will into thinking he and Sonny slept together. Will is devastated.

Episode #12015 Monday, February 4, 2013 Chloe interrupts Daniel and Jennifer's romantic evening with a frantic call that Parker won't stop crying. Though Daniel is suspicious the crisis has been manufactured, his concern overrides and he rushes home, cutting short his trip with an understanding Jennifer. Daniel arrives at the mansion to find the boy anything but hysterical. He grills Chloe but she is saved when Parker calls Daniel "Daddy" for the first time, and Daniel turns his attentions to his son. Meanwhile, Jennifer vaguely confides her own suspicions to first Kristen, then Brady. Brady informs Jennifer that Parker was not crying at all when he saw him earlier. Later, Chloe stops by to "apologize" to Jennifer for ruining her date with Daniel. However, Jennifer is on to Chloe and warns she won't give up Daniel without a fight. As John tracks down Stefano in Europe, Kristen runs into Marlena and twists the knife about John leaving town. John and Marlena separately express confidence that Kristen's mental health will eventually bring her down - as it did years ago after John left her at the altar. Marlena's words inspire Kristen to take her revenge to the next level - planning to jilt Brady at their wedding. However, when she later hints at marriage to Brady, he laughs in her face, thinking she's kidding. As Will expresses confidence that he and Nick have found a way to peacefully coexist in his unborn daughter's life, Nick secretly plots to keep Will away from his baby girl. EJ and Sami finally make love - then make love again. Later, they share a warm moment with Johnny, and it's clear what they are building this time is solid.

Episode #12016 Tuesday, February 5, 2013 EJ and Sami fully commit to one another as they bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. They decide to wait to tell the children about their reconciliation. Sami notes while the kids will be happy, their families will be anything but. Later, Kristen runs into EJ and when she hears his news, she's happy for him. Meanwhile, it's a completely different story when Sami tells Brady. He can't believe she's throwing it all away with Rafe for EJ! The two siblings go at it, and Sami asks Brady not to tell Eric or Marlena. Sadly, Brady notes that won't be a problem as he's not exactly communicating with his family right now. At the same time, EJ inquires about Kristen's relationship with Brady and when she says it's right on track, EJ can't help but be suspicious (knowing that's not how a woman in love talks), but he lets it go. Earlier, Kristen brings up the idea of marriage with Brady again, but he explains it's too fast and he wouldn't want to throw that in John and Marlena's face - not while he's trying to reconcile with them. Kristen pretends to understand. She then goes to EJ and realizes she can use his and Sami's new relationship to her advantage. She returns to Brady and casually brings up EJ and Sami's decision to keep their relationship a secret for now. She then gets an "idea" - maybe she and Brady could get married, and John and Marlena would never have to know! Rafe is at the pub and learns (via Johnny) that Sami and EJ must've spent the night together. Caroline tries to talk some sense into Rafe, but he says he can't go back to Sami, not the way she has repeatedly attacked his sister. Later, Gabi - even after the way Sami has been towards her - pushes Rafe not to give up. He insists he and Sami are through. He leaves, and as fate would have it - runs right into Sami. Earlier, Gabi asks Nick about his scar. He claims it's nothing, but later, when Jennifer brings up his attack in prison, Nick has a harrowing memory of his time in the big house. Cameron and Abigail have nice breakfast date and baggage aside, both look forward to a new beginning.

Episode #12017 Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Rafe confronts Sami, saying he knows she slept with EJ. Sami, not giving him any kind of confirmation, asserts it's none of his business. Rafe balks, then claims he wishes he could forget every moment of their time together. Deeply wounded, Sami finally lashes out and admits that yes, she and EJ made love. Their argument then extends to the situation with Will and Gabi, and Sami warns that Will may end up wanting partial custody - and if he decides he wants full custody, she thinks any judge would side with her son since Gabi is about to marry a convicted murderer. Rafe later conveys this to a worried Gabi as Nick privately listens in. Meanwhile, a worked-up Sami urges Will to demand a paternity test from Gabi. Earlier, Julie accidentally blabs to Gabi that Nick was almost murdered in prison. Nick interrupts and insists he doesn't want to talk about his past - he only wants to focus on the future. Once Julie leaves, Gabi asks Nick if his scar is from his stabbing. Nick privately recalls getting stabbed but avoids giving Gabi a direct answer. Will gives Sonny back the key to the apartment. He hopes they can still be friends and insists he just wants him to be happy - even if it's not with Will. Sonny tries to leave the door open to a reconciliation but Will inadvertently cuts him off, saying perhaps them being friends is for the best. Sonny warns Will about not trusting Gabi and Nick regarding the baby and while defending them, Will blurts he was willing to give up his own child in order to hang onto Sonny! Nick sees Sonny comforting Will but quietly slips out before anyone notices. Nicole and Eric are stunned when Hope shows up to question Nicole about the stolen Titan files. Eric calls Brady to help clear things up but Brady and Kristen insist they didn't call the authorities. Everyone is stunned when Victor reveals he's responsible. Hope manages to talk Victor out of pressing charges, and he later questions her about Bo's absence (she gives nothing away). Meanwhile, Kristen suggests she and Nicole call a truce. She also calls Nicole on her attraction to Eric. Nicole is horrified and later tries to put distance between her and Eric… causing Eric to question what's wrong. Earlier, Kristen subtly tries to get Brady on board with the idea of a secret marriage, but Brady declines. Kristen later calls Stefano and swears she will realize her plan of publicly dumping Brady at the altar the way John dumped her all those years ago.

Episode #12018 Thursday, February 7, 2013 Sami urges Will to get a paternity test right away to establish his rights to Gabi's child. Will doesn't see the need because he trusts Nick and Gabi. Sami enlists EJ, who convinces Will to approach them about doing the test. Meanwhile, Nick listens in as Rafe warns Gabi about Sami and how if push came to shove, Nick's past in prison might be used against them if Will ever decided to go for full custody. Gabi trusts Will and doesn't see that happening. But Nick is further motivated to protect Gabi and their future with this child. Nick heads straight to a shop where he buys a surveillance device. When Will later suggests the paternity test, Nick willingly, even cheerfully goes along. But using an untraceable phone, he then texts Lucas with an ominous message: "I know your son shot EJ DiMera." Jennifer tells Daniel she wants to take Brady up on his idea to go out as a foursome with Kristen. They'll drive to Chicago for a night on the town… and then spend the night there. Daniel's more than up for it. While he goes to let Chloe know his plans (and Maggie, too, who is watching Parker tonight), Jennifer seeks out her old nemesis: Nicole. Jennifer wants to know if her suspicions about Chloe are true and if so, what to do about it. Nicole's more than a little thrown by the request, and at first, isn't very inclined to help her. But Jennifer finally asks Nicole if she still cares for Daniel… and if winding up with Chloe is really what's best for him. Nicole pulls herself out of her animosity for Jennifer and offers her some strong advice: don't trust Chloe and don't give her any ammunition to use against you. Against all this, Daniel tells Chloe of his plans and she privately rages, knowing she must stop him and Jennifer from getting together tonight. She goes to Jennifer to try to get the name of the place where they'll be having drinks. With Nicole's advice ringing in her head, Jennifer deliberately lies to Chloe to throw her off track. Nicole, still rattled by Kristen's insight about her budding feelings for Eric, quickly tries to put some distance between her and Eric. He's thrown and, misunderstanding, is a little hurt. Later, she sees him ministering to a sick patient at the hospital and labors to convince herself she can't have feelings for this man. But it's clearly a struggle.

Episode #12019 Friday, February 8, 2013 Chloe comes to Jennifer, fishing about where she's headed with Daniel tonight. Wary of Chloe's motives, Jennifer out and out lies about where they're headed. Though she's nearly caught in this lie by Daniel, she gets away with it and off they head for a fun night in Chicago with Brady and Kristen. True to form, Chloe sets out to come between Jennifer and Daniel, and when she discovers Jennifer lied to her, she's furious. But when she returns home, she finds Parker's developed a high and potentially dangerous fever. All efforts to find Daniel come up empty, not least of which because of Jennifer's lie. Finally, she gets Daniel on the phone and tells him there's an emergency - he has to come immediately! At the club in Chicago, Jennifer gets a moment alone with Kristen and confesses what she's done. More power to you, Kristen says, fully approving of her old friend's strategy. When a drunk guy hits on them both, Kristen gets an idea for her own agenda with Brady. Later, the drunk guy presses things with Jennifer a little too aggressively, and Daniel has to defend her honor - but in the scuffle his phone gets broken. Jennifer and Daniel decide to leave for the evening… and that's when he gets the emergency call from Chloe. Kristen's been frustrated in her not-so-subtle efforts to get Brady to the altar (so she can dump him and get her final revenge), and she sees this night out with Daniel and Jennifer as an important opportunity to push things along. When she encounters the amorous drunk, she's given an idea and immediately starts to act more drunk than she actually is, tossing out her drinks to make it look like she's imbibed too much. She later falls into Brady's lap, hoping to work her agenda. Nick is up to no good as he sends an anonymous text to Lucas saying he knows Lucas covered up for Will in EJ's shooting. As Nick had hoped, Lucas immediately calls Will and says they must talk. Nick has planted a surveillance device on Will, and as Will and Lucas try to figure out who might know the truth, Nick cleverly gets it all on tape. Against this, Sonny is working when Gabi comes by, looking for Nick. Tensions flare between Sonny and Gabi but eventually Nick arrives to interrupt and they go. Meanwhile, anxious Will tracks down T, thinking T might have sent the text. However, Will soon realizes T didn't send it…
Episode #12020 Monday, February 11, 2013 Kristen fakes being drunk so she can get away with saying things to Brady she couldn't say sober. She reveals a more vulnerable side to herself and pulls out all the stops to try to convince him to marry her. However, Brady doesn't take the bait and when he takes her home, Kristen "sobers up" and saves face by blaming it on the booze. Brady is affected by her vulnerability but hints at another reason (aside from John and Marlena) for not wanting to marry her. Alone, Kristen calls Stefano, saying her plan to marry Brady and dump him at the altar isn't going as smoothly as expected. But as she climbs back into bed with sleeping Brady, she vows she will have what she wants. Chloe tells Daniel that Parker is seriously ill, and he and Jennifer race back to Salem. At the hospital, Chloe freaks out when Parker has a seizure, but it turns out to be a febrile convulsion, easily treated and ultimately not serious. In their relief, Daniel and Chloe embrace and bond very closely as parents. Daniel feels truly terrible that Chloe couldn't reach him. Chloe says she tried the club Jennifer said they would be at… but they weren't there. Meanwhile, Jennifer encounters Anne and realizes she and Chloe might be in cahoots. Jennifer then heads back to rejoin Chloe and Daniel just as Chloe tells Daniel Jennifer lied about where they were going… Nicole is upset by a sexual fantasy of Eric, so she decides to get thoughts of him out of her system by heading out on the town for some F-U-N. Eric is disappointed in her when he catches her dressed up in a sexy outfit, and she rips him for being a prude. Eric doesn't understand why she's changed - something must have happened. Why is she creating such an ugly confrontation? Emotional Nicole says she doesn't want to hurt him. Eric misunderstands, thinking she's talking about the legal trouble she almost got into by stealing the Titan documents. Nicole finally insists she's going out, and Eric says if she does, she can't come back. He finally asks what it is she wants… and Nicole is on the verge of telling him. Sami confides to Marlena she's fallen in love with EJ again. Marlena cautions her, especially because of EJ's relationship with Stefano. Meanwhile, EJ confides in his father about Sami, assuring him it's really going to work this time. Back at Sami's apartment, EJ and Sami grow even closer. When EJ steps out of the room, Sami finds a small box in his coat pocket… and inside is a diamond ring. At the same time, Stefano calls Marlena to taunt her about John's visit in Europe. They realize they do agree on one thing - neither is happy about EJ and Sami or Kristen and Brady.

Episode #12021 Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Sami puts the ring box back where she found it and waits expectantly for EJ to propose. But as her expectations reach a fever pitch, he finally surprises her with… a sample bottle of nail polish for their next campaign. Sami is privately disappointed. He later takes her out for a walk and kisses Sami passionately, leaving her more confused than ever. Stefano calls Kate, who left word for him to get in touch. Stefano is somewhat disappointed when he learns the call is only about their taxes and gives Kate a hard time about the state of her life, leaving her in a bitter mood. Rafe has a few too many drinks, working up a head of steam about Sami and EJ. He goes to talk to Eric and finds him with a sexily dressed Nicole. Eric tells Rafe it's not a good time and so Rafe heads off to drink some more… and ends up in an unexpected situation! Nicole can't bring herself to tell Eric the truth - that she's attracted to him. After Rafe's interruption, she's still defiant, insisting on going out on the town, despite the fact that she will never be allowed back to the rectory if she does. Eric finally backs off trying to change her, and sadly says goodbye. No matter what, he still thinks she's a good person. Ultimately, Nicole can't bring herself to go. She wishes she could see herself as Eric sees her. In bed, she has another sexy fantasy of Eric, and helplessly wonders what she is going to do. Chloe insists Daniel ask Jennifer if she lied about where they were tonight, and Jennifer admits it. Kayla interrupts to inform them Parker will have to spend the night at the hospital - just as a precaution. Both parents volunteer to stay. Jennifer's suspicions of Chloe rise a notch when she has another run-in with Anne. Later, Jennifer tells Daniel she is relieved his son is okay but is not 100% sorry for lying to Chloe. Daniel's upset - doesn't she trust him to handle Chloe himself? Does she think he's stupid? Jennifer thinks he's too trusting and the argument escalates until Daniel rejoins Chloe and Parker. Upset Jennifer goes home and later calls Daniel to apologize, leaving a message with a nurse. However, Chloe intercepts the note and destroys it.
Episode #12022 Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Daniel is disappointed he hasn't heard from Jennifer, unaware that Chloe has intercepted Jennifer's message. She asks Daniel to let her come over to his place for a few hours; she isn't ready to be separated from Parker after their scare. Daniel agrees. Meanwhile, Jennifer confides to Hope she made things worse with Daniel by telling him she wasn't sorry about lying to Chloe. She left a message for him apologizing and is upset she hasn't heard back. Hope urges her cousin to try again, and Jennifer goes to see Daniel in person… only he's not home, and Chloe is. The two women finally have it out. Chloe declares Jennifer's not the nice woman everyone thinks she is, and Jennifer blasts her for all the stunts she's pulled to tear her and Daniel apart. Jennifer storms out and encounters Daniel in the hallway. Though both of them want to clear things up, it goes awry. Later, Jennifer confides to Kayla she fears Daniel won't forgive her while Chloe privately vows she is never going to leave Daniel's place. Kristen apologizes to Brady for getting drunk last night, but accuses him of keeping something from her. Brady evades and leaves. He runs into Daniel, who advises him about honest communication. Meanwhile, Stefano calls Kristen, revealing he's coming home soon. Kristen's still determined to find out what Brady's hiding from her. She worked so hard to find out everything about him and is upset she clearly missed something. Brady eventually returns to Kristen and tells her she was right. He has been keeping something from her. And he can't marry her. Rafe must face the consequences of his impulsive behavior the night before… Gabi almost catches Nick listening to the conversation he taped between Will and Lucas but Nick covers. Gabi expresses worry about Will wanting the paternity test. Nick reassures her it will never happen. He promises everything will work out for the two of them and the baby. Later, Nick learns from Hope that if the custody case goes to family court, the standards of evidence are somewhat more lenient… and recorded conversations can be used in evidence. Meanwhile, Will and Lucas speculate about the threatening text, wondering if it was from EJ. Will admits he's rattled. He later opens a mysterious package, while Lucas notices Kate's in a very happy mood.
Episode #12023 Thursday, February 14, 2013 It's Valentine's day in Salem and several couples are put to Cupid's test. Brady won't marry Kristen, and he emotionally confesses it's because he feels culpable for Arianna and Madison's death. He doesn't want the same fate to befall Kristen. Kristen talks him down from his superstitious agony, but it still weighs heavily on Brady's mind. While Brady visits with Maggie, Kristen finds herself truly affected by Brady's pain and wonders if she can destroy this man for his father's "crimes." She later returns to Brady, and they both claim they need to talk. Earlier, Kristen meet up with Chad and offers him advice. Sami confides in Will that she thinks EJ is going to propose. Later, Will opens a mysterious package and discovers it's a touching Valentine's gift from Sonny - an mp3 player with an inscription about their new beginning. Believing Sonny wants to get back together, Will prepares to go see him. He dresses up and writes an emotional card for Sonny. He later greets Sonny at the coffee house, his expectations at an all time high. Earlier, Sonny and Brian reconnect. Gabi and Nick celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic interlude. Later, Gabi runs into Will, who believes Sonny wants to get back together. Though somewhat happy for her friend, Gabi privately worries Sonny will cause problems for her. She meets back up with Nick, who promises neither Will or Sonny will get anywhere near "their" child. Maggie encourages Victor to have lunch with Caroline. Victor has a nice visit with his old love. Sami is once again disappointed when EJ doesn't propose at lunch. However, when she returns to her office, she's delighted to find a ring box on her desk…
Episode #12024 Friday, February 15, 2013 Sami learns that EJ's "proposal" is not that they get married - but rather the concept for an ad campaign for a new product launch. But instead of covering her wild leap of logic, Sami makes a full confession - and the two grow closer. After they make love, EJ hints that a real ring may be in their not too distant future. Rafe meets with Kate for advice on how to derail Sami's over-involvement in the custody of Gabi's baby. Kate warns Sami won't listen to reason. She then calls Rafe on his suspicion of Nick and suggests they speak with him to ensure Will and Gabi get the amicable joint custody arrangement each really wants. Later, Rafe and Kate confront Nick - who worries they are on to his true machinations. Will shows up at the coffee house to reconcile with Sonny - but a mortified Sonny reveals he ordered the mp3 player before they broke up - and forgot to cancel it. But they reconnect over some of the music and just when it looks as if they might kiss, Brian shows up and interrupts the moment. Sonny chooses to keep their date, which devastates Will. Earlier, Nick hints to Gabi that he has something on the Hortons and Bradys that he can use to make sure he and Gabi retain custody of the baby. Gabi presses for details, but in the end defers to Nick - who assures he only wants to protect the baby from Sami and tells her the less she knows, the better. Later, Will shows up to Gabi to cry on her shoulder regarding his misunderstanding with Sonny. But when Will reminds Gabi about the paternity test, she privately wonders if Will is really the friend she thinks he is. Cameron and Abigail share a sweet lunch at her house. He peruses her yearbook and asks about a mysterious club of which she was a member. Abigail drops a plate of dessert in embarrassment but manages to evade and cover without answering. But later at work, Cameron finds out from a nurse that it was a club for people who pledged chastity until marriage - i.e. virgins.
Episode #12025 Monday, February 18, 2013 Nick hides his panic when Rafe tells him he knows exactly what happened to him in prison. He saw Nick's prison record and knows he was beaten up, even stabbed. But as Nick recalls a terrifying memory of being menaced in prison, it's clear there's more Rafe hasn't learned. Rafe and Kate want Nick to delay the wedding until at least the baby is born. Nick says he respects them both but what they're asking isn't fair - and quickly ends the meeting. Later, he vows to himself that Rafe won't find out what really happened in prison. Meanwhile, the man who terrorized him in jail marks his calendar… counting down the days until he's free. Nicole fights the feelings she's having for Eric, who remains confused by her tense behavior. She runs into Jennifer and subtly seeks advice without giving away her secret. When Nicole returns to work, she finds Lucas there and they fight. Eric arrives to break it up and later privately asks Nicole if, deep down, she still has feelings for Lucas. Nicole has to laugh. She has no feelings for Lucas. There's only one person she has feelings for… Daniel confesses to Brady that he and Jennifer are having issues. Brady encourages his friend to work it out with her. At the same time, Jennifer meets up with Maggie, who advises her to find Daniel and reiterate her apology in person. Meanwhile, Chloe takes action and purposely gets herself tossed out of the Kiriakis mansion by trying Victor's patience. She shows up at Daniel's door needing a place to live. She's thrilled when he lets her in, but doesn't realize he plans to move out and get a hotel room for the duration. He goes looking for Jennifer at the same time Jennifer goes hunting for him; he winds up at her home for an angry confrontation with Lucas… while at the same time Jennifer winds up at his door… and it's answered by Chloe, who cheerfully informs her she's moved in. Kristen connects with Stefano, who is planning his return to Salem. He's surprised to learn she's recalibrating her plan and questions her reasons for not continuing to use Brady. She gives her reasons but they ring hollow to him and he advises her to stick with her original plan. Brady arrives, having rethought things… and says he thinks they should move in together.
Episode #12026 Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Nicole, churning inside over her feelings for Eric, nearly blurts to him the truth. She seizes on Hope's arrival to end the uncomfortable conversation. In private, Hope remarks to her how devoted Eric is to helping Nicole. Nicole later runs into Sydney and then EJ. Hit with the knowledge that there really isn't anything left in Salem for her - except for Eric, who she can't be with - she resolves to leave. Meanwhile, Eric kneels down for a prayer and all of a sudden, a gun is stuck in his back. Kristen has rationalized to herself that using Brady will not serve her mission of seeking revenge on John - and she's ready to break up with him just as Brady arrives with an idea for the two of them to move in together. During a brief interruption, Kristen has a fantasy of a gloating John, and later she has an angry confrontation with Marlena. Both instances help Kristen refocus, and she finally accepts Brady's invitation. Daniel comes looking for Jennifer to try to resolve their issues but finds confrontational Abigail instead, who wants assurances that he won't hurt her mom. Daniel insists that's the last thing he wants - but at the same time, Chloe gleefully informs Jennifer she's moved in at Daniel's invitation. When Jennifer and Daniel finally connect, she can't control her emotions and lashes out at him, recalling all she went through at Nicole's hands and refusing to be put through the wringer like that again. Daniel lets her know he is getting a hotel room and had no intention of sharing his place with Chloe, but Jennifer's too angry to see how that makes a difference. When Chloe learns Daniel's made other living arrangements, she knows she must take action and heads off on a mystery mission. Marlena gets a call from John and is hopeful this means he's coming back to Salem but he insists he was only calling to check in… and plans to stay away for some time longer.
Episode #12027 Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Nicole informs Rafe she's decided to move away from Salem. Rafe is sad to see his friend go and wonders what prompted this decision. Nicole keeps quiet about her feelings for Eric and turns the conversation to the news about Sami and EJ getting together. Rafe insists he doesn't care about Sami and is moving on. Meanwhile, at the church, Eric is held at gunpoint by a junkie, who demands the money from the church safe. Eric, calm and compassionate, tries to talk the man out of it, to no avail. The thief is about take off with the money when Nicole arrives. When Nicole refuses to give up her mother's necklace, the man attacks her. Eric quickly jumps in, saving her. But the thief uses a moment of distraction to knock him out and flee. Nicole panics when Eric, bleeding profusely from the head, remains unresponsive, and emotional, she begs him not to die, blurting that she loves him! Sami gets upset when Will informs her that Gabi has not yet gotten a paternity test done. Sami believes Gabi is stalling to somehow screw Will over once again. Julie arrives, having heard about Sami and Will's request from Gabi. She strongly insists Sami needs to back off - her anger is only making things worse for Gabi, Nick and Will. Will agrees with Julie, and Sami finally appears to back down. But as soon as Julie leaves, Sami storms off to confront Gabi. Despite Will's protests, Sami lays into the young woman. Rafe shows up and chews out Sami for once again attacking his sister. Things get heated and Gabi suddenly cries out in pain - it's the baby! Chloe tries to play more mind games with Jennifer. Jennifer informs Chloe that she is never going to win Daniel back. Things turn ugly as Chloe verbally attacks Jennifer, claiming Daniel is sure to choose Chloe in the end - not just because of their sexual attraction but because of their deep bond over Parker. She leaves Jennifer fuming but later, Chloe wonders with Anne if she pushed too far. Meanwhile, Maggie informs Daniel of Jennifer's note of apology, which he never received. He later meets up with Jennifer and they quickly make up. However, Jennifer has a stunning request - she wants Daniel to cut off all direct contact with Chloe! Abigail realizes Cameron has most likely figured out she's a virgin. Mortified, she tracks him down at the hospital and prepares to initiate a very uncomfortable conversation. Earlier, Cameron bonds with Abe and Theo.
Episode #12028 Thursday, February 21, 2013 Rafe, Sami and Will are fearful when Gabi clutches her stomach in pain. However, the episode soon passes, and Gabi insists she and the baby are fine. Nick arrives, and when he learns Sami upset his fiancée, he joins Rafe in asking her to leave. Suddenly, Gabi is hit with more pain and is rushed to the hospital. While they await word, Will lashes out at Sami while Nick vows to protect Gabi. Cameron and Kayla finally inform everyone Gabi and the baby will likely be okay. Sami apologizes to Rafe and Will for her actions and promises to chill out regarding the paternity test. She agrees to go home… but first sneaks into Gabi's room, wanting to apologize in person. Sami assures a startled Gabi she doesn't want to upset her - but their conversation is cut short when Gabi once again experiences terrible pain. Sami rushes out for help, and Rafe, Will and Nick angrily ask her what happened. They're all horrified when they learn Gabi is in labor, knowing it's too soon for the baby to arrive. Daniel continues to reel as Jennifer lays out her request for him to cut all direct ties to Chloe. He will, of course, continue to share custody of Parker but arrangements must be made through a third party. Daniel tries to convince Jennifer she's overreacting but she insists this is the only way their relationship will survive. Otherwise, Chloe will continue to use Parker as a way to interfere in their lives and ultimately destroy their relationship. Frustrated Daniel tells Jennifer he'll give her an answer tomorrow and they part on rocky terms. Meanwhile, Chloe has words with Maggie and later Abigail. Later, Chloe tries to use Parker as an excuse for Daniel to drop by but he refuses. Chloe wonders what Jennifer has said to him and realizes she must come up with a plan to get her rival out of the picture for good. Earlier, with some prompting from Cameron, Abigail finally admits she is a virgin. Before Cameron can fully respond, the uncomfortable moment is interrupted by a medical emergency, and Abigail is left mortified and frustrated. Nicole is relieved when Eric finally regains consciousness - but then worries he may have heard her say that she loves him. She's relieved to learn he did not hear her. Roman arrives to question them about the robbery, and Nicole privately makes the decision to stay in town to help put the thief behind bars (once he's caught). She and Eric bond a bit more, and he notes Nicole is like his guardian angel.
Episode #12029 Friday, February 22, 2013 Tensions run high as Sami, Rafe, Nick and Will await word about Gabi, who has gone into premature labor. Everyone blames Sami for sneaking into Gabi's room and upsetting her but Sami maintains she was only trying to apologize. EJ arrives and ushers Sami away from the group. He comforts her, knowing she would never do anything to intentionally harm Will's baby. Sami calls Lucas with the news, and he rushes over with Kate. Sonny arrives soon after, having overheard. Will is grateful for Sonny's presence, and they grow close. Meanwhile, Cameron and Kayla inject Gabi with a drug to stop the contractions but it doesn't seem to be working. Finally, as night turns to early morning - and after much waiting - Cameron exits Gabi's room and informs everyone they were able to stop the labor. Gabi is resting comfortably. The group rejoices. Cameron reveals the cause of the premature labor was dehydration - and stress. Everyone glares at guilt-ridden Sami. Later, EJ observes an interesting interaction involving Rafe, and he confronts him. Elsewhere, an angry Nick faces off with Sami, saying she blew it - it's over! Sonny and Will retreat to the coffee house, where Sonny stumbles upon Will's undelivered Valentine's Day card. Seeing that it's addressed to him, Sonny reads it and is stunned to learn how Will really feels… just as Will walks back into the room. They lock eyes. Kristen drops a major bomb on Brady - she wants them to move into the DiMera mansion! She explains that her father is coming home and she promised to move back in with him. Stunned Brady balks at his - he would never live with Stefano, especially since it would alienate him from his entire family. Kristen, whose intention is, in fact, to do just that, insists there is no other option. Brady storms out, the state of their relationship up in the air. Furious Kristen wonders if she should just end the charade now and break Brady's heart. She makes a decision and goes to his place, declaring she has something she must tell him.
Episode #12030 Monday, February 25, 2013 Furious Nick warns Sami to stay away from Gabi and offers a thinly veiled threat. Unsettled, Sami conveys what happened to EJ. While Rafe stays with Gabi, Nick leaves the hospital to run a mysterious errand. At the coffee house, Sonny is moved when he read Will's touching Valentine's card. Will is a bit embarrassed, believing Sonny is with Brian now. But Sonny makes clear Will is the man he truly loves. They reconcile and go back to Will's dorm to make love. However, Will first tells Sonny he has something important he needs to tell him. After he confides his secret, the two make love. Later, Nick pounds on the door, demanding to speak with Will. Kristen continues to manipulate Brady in an effort to get him to move into her family's mansion. She weaves a web about Stefano being deathly ill, and Brady finally gives in to her request. However, when she gloats to Stefano over the phone, Brady overhears - and is livid! Shaken by the robbery and assault, Eric pulls Nicole into an emotional hug. Nicole is deeply affected by his touch - which doesn't go unnoticed by an entering Marlena. Marlena is relieved her son is okay. When Eric briefly leaves the room, Marlena gives Nicole a subtle warning. Unnerved that Marlena is on to her feelings for Eric, Nicole later blurts to the priest that she's leaving town. He's thrown and points out she can't - Roman needs her help to ID the robber. Distraught Nicole leaves and asks God to help set her free from Eric. At the same time, it appears her prayers will be answered in an unexpected way when someone starts to strangle Eric!
Episode #12031 Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Kristen is deeply shaken when Brady catches her in a lie - he heard her tell Stefano she exaggerated his illness to convince Brady to move into the mansion. She tries to explain, but Brady wonders if everyone was right about her. She makes a passionate plea that this was the only way to get Stefano to accept him. She has a full blown, genuine anxiety attack as she starts to open up to Brady about her complicated relationship with her father. Brady's still skeptical, but ultimately comforts shaken Kristen, who says it's time she told him what really happened during her time away from Salem. John tracks down Stefano in Rome. Stefano relishes telling him that Kristen and Brady are moving into the DiMera mansion together - and soon he'll be joining them. He gloats that his daughter finally accomplished what he couldn't - total revenge on John and Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena confides to Abe that she fears things are falling apart, not just for her and John, but for her whole family. He convinces her to call her husband. At the same time, John also tries to call Marlena, but can't get through. He then calls his pilot to fire up the jet… he is going back to Salem. The junkie returns to the church and strangles Eric, demanding the money he left behind. Eric manages to get the upper hand and subdue the guy. Distraught, the junkie threatens to harm himself but Eric talks him down. Nicole witnesses and is moved at Eric's skill and compassion. While Roman arrests the junkie, Nicole tells Eric she's amazed he could be so kind to someone who tried to kill him. Their discussion moves to the topic of honesty, and Nicole considers telling him the real reason why she wants to leave town. Nick barges in on Sonny and Will, who have just made love. Despite Will's assurances that he can control Sami, Nick is convinced his mom is still going to hurt Gabi and the baby. Therefore, he wants Will to give up his parental rights. When Will balks, Nick says he'll prove him an unfit father in court. Sonny is horrified by Nick's homophobia. Nick sidesteps the issue, revealing he has concrete evidence that Will shot EJ! He threatens to bring the truth out into the open, putting everyone Will loves in a terrible position. And if Will says a word to Gabi, Nick swears the truth will come out anyway. Will is devastated.
Episode #12032 Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Marlena encounters Kate at the hospital, both there to check up on Gabi. Marlena confesses she's hopeful that sometime soon, Brady will finally see through Kristen and break things off with her. Meanwhile, an honestly emotional Kristen sits down with Brady to tell him about her time in Europe before returning to Salem. Stefano helped her through the lowest point in her life but she always knew there would be a price for his help. Brady's taken with her emotional confession and promises he understands why she lied to him earlier. He agrees to move into the mansion. Later, Kristen tells Stefano the good news. Meanwhile, Brady runs into Marlena and confesses his intentions. She's horrified. Nicole's on the verge of telling Eric her real reasons for wanting to leave Salem but they're interrupted by Rafe's arrival. He's here to follow up on the assault on Eric. Eric's reluctant to do anything that would send his assailant to jail, believing there are other avenues that would benefit the man more. But Nicole is going to do what she can to cooperate with the police and leaves with Rafe. Meanwhile, Eric asks Abe for help in establishing an outreach program to help released prisoners readjust to society. Still debating Jennifer's ultimatum, Daniel warns Chloe she needs to back off from Jennifer or there will be consequences which will affect Parker. Chloe's worried about what he means but Daniel doesn't elaborate. Chloe confers with Anne and decides she needs to know what was said if she's going to combat Jennifer effectively. Meanwhile, Daniel tells Jennifer he isn't sure he can go through with her request. Jennifer, vulnerable, backs away from what she'd asked and says she will learn to trust him. They share a passionate kiss. At the same time, Chloe's gone to Abigail on a fishing expedition. Abigail slips about Jennifer's demands. Chloe flips out and their argument quickly escalates.

Episode #12033 Thursday, February 28, 2013 At the town square, Abigail assures Chloe she's going to get what's coming to her. Chloe lashes out and claims Abigail's support of Jennifer and Daniel's relationship is a stab in the back to Jack. Abigail loses it and soon the two women get into a physical altercation just as a horrified Daniel and Jennifer arrive. Daniel pulls aside Chloe, who claims Abigail was the one who attacked her. He locks eyes with Jennifer, who is trying to calm her daughter. Nicole finds herself still unable to get her feelings for Eric out of her mind - a real problem since she's now staying in town to help the police with the case against Eric's assailant. Father Matt sees she's got a lot on her mind and suggests she come see him when he takes confessions in a little while. It's the last thing she wants to do but she finds herself drawn there, ready to confess her feelings for Eric… not realizing Eric has taken Father Matt's place on the other side of the confessional. Sami worries about Nick's earlier threat to deny her and her family access to Gabi's baby. Confiding in Lucas, she wonders if Nick has something he can use against one of them. Lucas' mind immediately goes to the blackmail threat he got about Will. Not sharing his fears with Sami, he seeks out his son, and Will confirms Nick knows all about him shooting EJ and is prepared to use it against him if he doesn't give up his rights to the baby. Incredulous, he asks Will if he's actually thinking of going along with Nick's demand. Will would clearly love a different solution but right now there doesn't appear to be one. Nick, still fighting disturbing memories from his time in prison, stuffs his unease around Gabi. He waits until Hope is gone to tell Gabi he wants to go back to their original plan and put his name on the baby's birth certificate. She worries about Will but Nick asks her to trust him. Later, Sami comes to the hospital and confronts Nick - but he stands his ground, saying she can't use his time in prison against him: he's done his time. But Sami doesn't intend on raising Nick's past as a way of securing Will's access to the baby… she'll use Gabi's.
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