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December 22-26, 2014: GH Hits New Low in Women 18-49 Viewers


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When was the last time Days was #2 in 18-49 demos, that's what shocks me. I'm sure the numbers will get back to "normal" in the coming weeks. New Year's usually has increased viewership.

Well, if B&B didn't count the shelter episode on Wednesday and if DAYS did count Wed & Friday, the ratings would be different. Counting two days is just number manipulation. It's a hollow "victory" for DAYS. They have bigger problems ahead sadly. Once again, let's roll out the annual "The NEW Plan to SAVE DAYS."

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Meh the holiday stuff is an excuse and nothing more. People have a thing called a DVR. Face it, the bad writing is finally starting to wear on people.

Why didn't Wednesday's GH count since was a new episode?

If you look at it objectively, you're wrong. It was outside factors and not the stories. You don't drop that much in a week because a show is bad. You want an example of "bad stories" affecting the ratings? Look at Y&R when they were consistently tieing new lows, or getting new lows, for weeks and weeks. It eventually led to Altman and Passanante's demotion.

It was Christmas eve and abc coded it as a special.

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