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I forgot they were related

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Who are some characters that you forget are related?


- I forget that Jen and Lucas are half siblings. I get confused when abby calls lucas "uncle". The Horton is so damn confusing.

- I forget that Julie is Hope's sister. She seems more like her step-mother, which she also is.

- I forget that Victor is Bo's real dad.


The whole cast is basically related so.


- I forget Abby is a newman sometimes.


- I forget Spencer is Kristina/Michael/Morgan's cousin and Sonny's nephew.

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I've been watching DAYS for years (on and off) and I still don't think I remember even 1/3 of the relations. I just let them tell me cos it's way too confusing/complex to figure out.

Don't even get me started on that one! :lol:

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I oftentimes forget that Ciara is first cousins to Sami, Eric, Carrie, Theresa, etc. due to her age being close to Johnny and Allie.

Tony DiMera & Lawrence Alamain being first cousins

Nick Fallon's connection to the Chandler family. They aren't family but his father half-brother was a Chandler

Jack Deveraux is also "brother" Justin's son Alexander.

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